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5 deg in FTG this morning - luv them heated grips!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, May 13, 2008.

  1. as the heading says - it was cold this morning in Ferntree Gully.
    Had a set of oxford heated grips installed last week, and today was an ideal day to test em out. Nice and toasty hands all the way to work. And I had em on low.

    I did rewire them on the weekend, as I did not fancy coming out to a bike with a flat battery (1800 twin), and they are now wired thru a relay and the ignition so they turn off when the key is out.

    Woo Hoo.

  2. Something I may consider this winter . :-k
    @ 80km+ the wind chill factor drops the temp even further, and my fingers start getting numb after 15min on the road.
  3. best money you will ever spend imo :wink:
  4. Probably something I should look into, given I'd consider 5 degrees to be a warm morning.
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  6. Yah, I concur!!!!

    Heated Grips are awesome in this weather.

    As is my Heated Vest :grin:
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  8. Are heated grips really that good? In Canberra, 0 degrees at the moment @ 100kmh = -20 degrees!!!

    I have inner liners, rubber dish washing gloves, plus $100- DriRider Winter Gloves. My fingers still seem to snap off. The rest of me is nice and toasty.

    Will heated grips go through the gloves to keep your hands warm considering the 100kmh wind coming from the other side.

    I also saw those big huge mother of mitts that slip over the entire handle bar/lever assembly. Anyone have any feedback about those.

    (PS: I ride a VTR250, so no fairings at all)

  9. Sith, you're thinking of the hippo muffs or some such.

    Heated grips, gloves and muffs will see you with ultra toasty hands.

    Yes, the thicker your gloves, the less heat that get through - mostly to your palms - but a hot palm makes a huge difference when your fingers are cold... it's the difference between being annoyed at cold fingers and not having functional fingers at all.

    You can use summer gloves down to lowish temperatures with grips on maximum and laugh the whole way through... so long as it doesn't rain. lol
  10. Highlander by any chance? I just bought a pair of those but they're still lacking in flexibility. Hopefully they'll break-in but operating the indicator switch etc at the moment is a bit of a chore.
  11. Yeah, the Highlanders. Obviously less flexible than Summer Gloves, but I don't find them too bad. Warmth ok at 5 - 10 degree evenings, but those 0 and -1 mornings here in Canberra are a killer. It's not even Winter yet!

    Thanks robsalvv, I'll have too think about the grips and muffs. $60- a pop each - probably worth it to get to work comfy and toasty.
  12. You've more than likely got this aspect covered but I bought a R-Jays Neck-a-clava...best 20 bucks I've spent in some time.
  13. Yeah they're a ripper aren't they! Except I went looking for mine the other day and can't find it. :cry:
  14. Joel, I've been thinking the same thing all week since I caved in and bought some winter woolies. So soft, in my old age, I've become... I keep convincing myself that the fact I ride in the Snowies is good enough excuse but a younger me would be ashamed. :oops:

    I was even eyeing off a set of heated grips today at the shop but resisted in a final burst of manliness.
  15. Yeh!!! Into a claw shaped hand icicle! :LOL:
  16. i used to ride 10km to the school bus stop, on a kdx200, with no helmet, or gloves and only school attire, in temperatures such as -9.
    i remember laughing at cows in the paddock with ice on their backs.
    man, i am.
  17. Yeah, got the DriRider Neck Sock. With that and my thermal (long) undies I'm all nice and toasty - just not my hands. I can ride with my left hand under my leg. It's a bit tricky putting my right hand under though :LOL:
  18. Joel, that's hard core. rockdouble.

    When I was a lad... my mate and I used to ride our 10 speeds just over 5kms to tech school - me and my mate would arrive some mornings with cold running noses, ice crystals on our eyelids and pretend it didn't hurt to peel our fingers off the handle bars... the thing is, we were huffin and puffin up a steady incline most of the way... so we'd be sweating as well.

    Those were the days, young and often foolish. :grin: