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5 days till my r-date test & the cops pull me over.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. On your L's in SA, you have 1 demerit point.

    riding to work this morning, traffic was pretty backed up. got to the intersection of portrush & payneham rd (for those in adelaide), heading along payneham to the city. 2 lanes are backed up & not moving. So, i sneak along the left side of the left lane, knowing it turns into a bus lane ahead....open the throttle, the light is green & no busses in sight so I head through. I get to the other side of the intersection & a lady cop is waving at me to pull over.

    "fcuk - fcuk - i have 5 days till my test - please don't take my licence!!" I think to myself as I turn in. I take off my gloves & helmet, quickly tucking my headphones from my ipod (i wear one in my right ear only) down my jacket in the hope she doesn't see them.

    Cop"Hi - how you doing?"
    Me" honestly, I was doing fine till you waved me over. what did I do?"
    Cop "Are you aware that's a bus lane between 7am and 9am?"
    Me" sort of, I thought that if the lane was clear, and the lights were green you could go through since you're not obstructing any busses...i see cars going through here all the time so I thought it was ok"
    Cop "no sorry, no vehicles can use a bus lane unless they're a bus. I'm afraid there's a fine for this.."
    Me "Please don't tell me I've lost my licence, I only have 5 days till my test!"
    Cop "don't worry, there are no demerit points associated with this offence, you haven't lost your licence. the fine's $152.."
    Cop" actually that's one of the smaller fines. I've pulled over about 6 cars so far this morning so my advice is don't follow other people. You have a month to pay as well. "
    Me" so are all vehicles prohibited from using a bus lane then?"
    Cop" actually taxis & bicycles are exempt"
    I stare at my motorbike...look at her....she says "sorry, bicycles. not motorbikes"

    So I thank her & go on my way. as I'm leaving she pulls over a car for the same offence.

    I'm not pissed at her - she was obviously given the job of sitting on that corner & pulling over as many cars as she can. She probably raised about $2000 in revenue today. but I'm pissed at myself, for getting done after being sooooo careful all this time to NOT get pulled over then 5 days before my test..........

    oh well - lesson learned today. don't use the bus lane at that intersection. sit in traffic like a cage instead
  2. Expensive lesson!

    At least you've still got your licence...

    I liked the way that you didn't have a go at the cop...

  3. well i guess i wont be using the bus lane again
    does that rule apply in melb as well??
  4. Woohoo! Do the "no demerits" dance and move along!

  5. Everytime i have been pulled over i have always talked my way out of it, best bet is to be nice to the cop, act remorsefull, and sometimes scared and they will normally let you off :)
  6. F#$%^$%^ bastards!!! Coz of course its safer for a bike to use that lane and slow down cars when he merges back in rather than a motorbike that can use it and not slow down anyone when merging back in...

    Sorry to hear Edgelett, but things aren't all that bad... I almost couldnt ride in to work today because of my weekend (which is also why i missed the ride Sunday)... I saw a harley hit a car in a fatal accident on Friday night, then on Saturday went past within a couple minutes of the double fatal motorbive vs lancer accident on tapleys hill rd, saw a drunk crash a bicycle later on that night and stop breathing for a bit (then come back to and abuse us for calling an ambulance, and then finally a friend wrote of his car and got hospitalized Saturday night...

    I woulda been happier if I just got a $152 "no using bus lane" fine and none of that happened :(
  7. It doesn't hurt to stand your ground, even add a little sarcasm if necessary, this will get their back up initially but they will also feel stupid for pulling you over for lame offences.

    Last time I was pulled over for doing a crazy 110 in a 100 zone it ended up in a stand up argument with the TOG and I was amazed when he brought my license back with the 'take it easy' advice, it was even better because the wife and kids had to eat humble pie after telling me I was a smart arse and would deserve everything I got.
  8. yeah i thought it was wierd that cyclists can use that lane but I couldn't - i'm LESS likely to hold up a bus than a bicycle is. But to be quite honest, I was so relieved the fine had no demerit points (and that she didn't say anything about my headphones) I nearly kissed her (which would have been wierd) and decided to just head on my way & accept the fine.

    Holy shit mate!!!!!!! suprised you went to work at all, I'd need a day to recover from seeing all that....watching accidents can be pretty traumatic.
  9. ^^^^^ Hahaha... done that a few times??

    Also I reckon the restricted demerit points is a good idea for L platers & platers alike. Not just for bikes either... cars aswell.

    Shame about the fine, but really lucky to still have the lic.
  10. <Makes note to self> Never ever go anywhere near Fluffy
  11. I've been pulled over for lame offences before & gotten off - once I was pulled over cause my P plate had fallen down. Cop just said "hey, you probably didn't notice, thought I'd let you know so you don't get pulled over by a cop having a bad day - i'll stick it back up for you"

    Was pulled over once for soing 80 in the right hand lane of an 80 zone. Cop said you must keep left at all times unless you're overtaking, you can't just do the speed limit in the right lane. I said sorry I thought that only applied when you see those signs that say "keep left unless overtaking". cop let me off, turns out he actually wanted to see what was in the garbage bags in the back seat of my car. He thought it was drugs - it was my washing.

    I think in this instance though the cop was there with the purpose of actually fining as many people as possible. just doing her job I guess. just beware people in adelaide using that intersection!! She said I can use that lane after 9am and on weekends though without worry.
  12. Was she hot?

    But the thing is to just be courteous to a cop. I've got a mate who is a cop in Darwin, the first thing he does when he pulls someone over is give them the attitude test. If they pass said attitude test he'll give you a warning and let you go. If you fail you get all the fines.

    Attitude test in Darwin though is if you don't throw beer cans at the cop car and threaten to **** the dog then you pass.
  13. I dunno - maybe to a male, but I'm a straight female so it's hard for me to say.
  14. Motorbikes are allowed in bus lanes in QLD, aren't they? Or is just the Tx lanes?
  15. LOL that is like the WORST advice you can give anyone for dealing with cops, esp traffic cops. They LOVE cutting people down to size.

    Sure way to get a fine - pull up, start being sarcastic.

    2 of my neighbors are cops and constantly telling funnies about how they were just going to do a license check until some one gets smart and ends up with a Canary.

    Cops dont feel stupid for pulling you over, they fine you and then fcuk off..and you feel stupid.
  16. Must be different in Adelaide. The rule here in NSW is motorcyclist, hire cars, taxis, and cyclists are allowed to use BUS LANES, but not BUS ONLY lanes.

    My advice check the rulling, as the ticket may be a dud.
  17. Well she probably would've kissed you back... a lot of female cops are gay!! :p
  18. Why can't you do the speed limit in the right hand lane? If your doing the speed limit then anyone wanting to take over is speeding aren't they?
  19. Sounds a bit like an episode of the bill.
  20. I have NO idea at all. like I said, I think he must have thought I was transporting drugs & used that as an excuse. he seemed embarrased when he said "so what's in here then?" & pulled out bra.