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5 day ride from Melb to Adelaide & back

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by GunSlingerAU, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Hey peeps

    You guys helped out so much with my first road trip at the start of the year, that I thought I'd run my second one by you. My brother and I are hitting the road next Friday the 11th for 5 days, and here's what we're planning on doing:

    Day 1. Melbourne to Apollo Bay
    Day 2. Apollo Bay to Mount Gambier
    Day 3. Mt Gambier to Murray Bridge
    Day 4. Murray Bridge to Bendigo
    Day 5. Bendigo to Melbourne

    We're both riding Victory Cruisers, so want to stick to the black stuff - they're not real good off road! They have a 250km range per tank, but I don't think we'll have any issues with not having enough service stations.

    Here's the tentative route we've planned. If you've done this route before, and have any tips, we're all ears. I've booked motels in each town, but can move 'em if you reckon it's necessary. Probably won't get a refund, but they were all pretty dirt cheap. Thanks in advance for any guidance.


  2. Apollo Bay to Mt Gambier will be a long day if you want to take in the scenery of the GOR, may be better to stay in Portland, depending on whether your into views or just riding, Mt Gambier to Murray Bridge isn't a big day and a nice ride along the Coorong.
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  3. Any particular reason to divert up through the Mallee? Don't get me wrong, I like the Mallee but it is pretty flat and featureless. But then so is the Wimmera (Horsham area) until the Grampians.
    You can avoid some highway after Bendigo by going via Redesdale and Mia Mia to take the Burke and Wills Track to Lancefield.
  4. When i was down that way in feb i stayed at Anglesea then took a full day to do the GOR and stayed at a great little pub at Heywood where the publican let you park the bikes in the garage overnight. As above, Apollo bay to Mt Gambier in one hit really takes away the full experience of taking in the scenery and the great little towns along the way and it really deserves a full day.I love riding fast and theres a time and place but im glad i took my time with the GOR and just cruised through it taking it all in.

    Whatever you decide, it's a great place to ride and wish you all the best.
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  5. I like to cross the Murray on the ferry at Wellington. Something a bit different, it is a public road so there is no charge for the ferry. It means you will need to go a bit further west than you had intended.
  6. From Portland to Mt Gambier, I would ride through Nelson to Mt Gambier.
    Leaving Mt Gambier I would ride to Naracoorte to see the caves. Naracoorte to Lucindale to wellington. Cross on the ferry to Strathalbyn. Take the road to Stirling. At Stirling ride a short way down the freeway to the Littlehampton exit. Take the old road to Murray Bridge.
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  7. Thanks for the tip - so you'd suggest we head further south when going between Murray Bridge and Bendigo? Any suggestions on the road to take?
  8. Thanks mate - Google Maps reckons it's only a 4.5 hour ride from Apollo Bay to Mount Gambier, which we thought would give us plenty of time to stop off? We'll be riding out at 8 or 9am each morning, hoping to get to our destination by 5pm - that should give us three or four hours for stops along the way?
  9. Definitely head up over Nelson on your way in to SA. That's a nice road, just keep an eye out for all the emus that tend to hang out along it.
    The ride through the Coorong from Mt Gambier up to Murray Bridge or further is pretty as it follows the coast, but be prepared for flat and straight roads without a lot of traffic. It can get a bit dull after a while, at least that's what I found. There's also very few petrol options along there, so make sure you fill up in Nelson as you don't really get anything between Kingston SE and Meningie. Oh, and while in Kingston, don't miss Larry the Lobster. ;)

    As far as the Mallee and the Wimmera regions, they're both flat and featureless, just like titustitus said (apart from the Grampians though), but hey, if that's your thing, it can be nice up there too.
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  10. Yeah this monster:
    20131203_113127 (2).
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  11. Melbourne to Apollo Bay is a pretty light day. It's a return day trip with a stop for lunch normally.
    I'd be more inclined to at least make Port Fairy for day one, if not Portland as suggested above.
    As for the return trip, if you push on to Kerang you then have some good quiet country roads down through Maldon for the run south.
    I'd stay off the Calder Freeway (windswept and boring) and either head out to the Lancefield Road or go down through the Daylesford/Hepburn area.
    Really, the less you see of the Calder the better.
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  12. Hey guys, thanks for the tips in this thread, sorry I haven't replied back sooner. By far the most enjoyable part of the ride was from Apollo Bay up to Millicent. It was a stunning mix of ocean facing roads, thick lush rainforests and then an hour blat through an eerie, massive pine plantation. To be honest, the ride in the Koorong region was pretty dull - lots of low coastal plants and straight, boring roads. We had heard terrible things about Murray Bridge in South Aus, but it turned out to be a cute little town, with great accomodation options. Murray Bridge to Bendigo saw more straight, quiet country roads through endless paddocks, which was a nice change though a bit repetitive after 6 hours. Still, we managed to clock up some nice records for top speeds on the quieter straights! The final leg from Bendigo to Melbourne was also a little lacklustre.

    I should point out that my Viking Saddle Bag system failed once again - one of the new hardened bolts I'd bought to keep the quick disconnect system in place snapped! Luckily there are lots of mechanics out in the bush, and I'd replaced it in an hour or so. Still, stay the hell away from this crappy brand, have had nothing but problems with them.

    I'm now planning a Melbourne to Sydney ride up the coast for a magazine article, will put the call out for your advice in the very near future. Thanks to all of those who gave us advice, you helped make this one of the best holidays of my life!
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  13. Good to hear that it went well Gunslinger (y)
    (I did give you an option for Bendigo - Melbourne though!)
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    Glad you had a good trip. The Koorong is fairly straight but it has a stark beauty of its own that is worth the effort. Pity about the Bendigo - Melbourne leg but oh well.

    Now Melbourne Sydney, definitely the newly sealed Omeo Highway and couple that with the Bogong High Plains rd. This rd goes above the snow line so is closed during winter. I would suggest:

    Black Spur - Eildon Jamieson Rd - Mansfield to Whitfield - Bright - Tawonga Gap - Mt Beauty - Falls Creek - Mitta Mitta - Granya Gap

    From there I will let some of the NSW contingent suggest routes. :)
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  15. Road trip and no pics?