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5 April Ride Report “This was a bad idea or Livinia u suc

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by kazhere, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Went for a ride yesterday to Noojee then Mt Baw Baw

    First mistake – believing the weather forecast. Fine and 20 sounded perfect for a last ride before daylight savings ended. Fine weather before it starts to get really cold and the roads damp yay!

    Left Burnley just after 10 and headed down the M1 to Wellington Rd. going over the new Eastern link overpass thingy Looked longingly at that brand new, empty stretch of road we rode over and thought (again as I had these thoughts a few weeks ago when riding past the same spot) “would they know if we went down that clear Wrong Way go back! ramp and went for a burn? Are there cameras? Should I remove my number plate and go for it? How awesome would that be?? My own private race track – thank you Eastlink you shouldn’t haveâ€. Needless to say I didn’t but dreamin’ is free

    Started to rain then and looked damn grey and overcast. Thinking ugh this is no fun. Got to Emerald and stopped for a coffee and morning pizza at the Bakery – yummo. Then it poured and poured. The slightly lame hip hop demo across the road at the church fete got rained out. We sat there contemplating whether or not to head back. I really, really wanted to be riding so ordered another coffee and waited. After 2 hours it looked clear-ish so we took off. Got to Noojee at 2 after taking it easy on wet roads and being rained on *sigh*. Had a Horacha* at the Red Parrot then it was on to Baw Baw. We both had read on Netrider about the killer corners and were a bit excited – bring it on! We’d also been warned about potholes, roadworks and “its very steep†Started to feel scared even though I’ve ridden Hotham, Falls and Buller – how bad can it be?

    The countryside between Noojee and Baw Baw is stunning, a bit of leaf litter around and some fallen trees but so scenic. Then we hit area with the gum trees. Bits of bark, short twigs and general leafy matter spread randomly across the road. Sometimes there were clear parts where there were tyre tracks and sometimes actually bits of clear road but mostly had to concentrate on the space in front of my tyre and weave in and out to find bitumen. The occasional oncoming car added to the fun – had to take the outside line when there was one and pray when there wasn’t. The sound of popping bark was a bit disconcerting – would that damage my tyre? I heard it a bit so it must have been ok

    The roadworks ended up being about 10 metres of hard packed clay with deep ripples in it from the heavy machinery. I focused on keeping the bike at a consistent speed and straight while out of the corner of my eye I could see gravel and muddy slush just beckoning to end my fun. Luckily it was over quickly and incident free.

    Slowly and carefully rode the 2 x 20kms per hour killer corners, one of which had to be The One. It almost looped back on itself but did have enough of run off to save you. Ha ha we did it! The top of Baw Baw was in clouds and was freezing so we didn’t hang around. I guess there are nice views but will probably have to wait until November now to ride back up there and find out

    It was now 4.15 and time to head back. Picking our way downhill amongst the abundant leaf litter began to get tiring. I got impatient and let a bit of speed build up when bang, the bike hit a slightly bigger twig and flicked sideways. Adrenalin rush proceeding! You know the feeling – it starts in your arms, your eyeballs are out on stalks like in cartoons and then a few seconds later your knees are like jelly. Weird feeling but hey I’m no longer grumpy. Fright is now the feeling. Ok back to taking it slowly and having to even pull over for a cage! On a mountain road!! What the…. And yes a slight touch of shame.

    We had made the call early on to head home straight back via the freeway. I’d studied the map well and knew the turn off to Neerim North was somewhere near Noojee. Got into Noojee itself, more rain, lots of clouds, cold starting to seep in. Saw the sign for Neerim north, slowed down to make sure I read it properly – check. Then the left turn into hell.

    The first bend had not only leaf litter but half a tree across the road. Went around it thinking how strange it hasn’t been moved maybe it just happened. Got a view then of what was ahead and it was like total carnage. Like nature had had a big night and spewed its guts out. Brown leafy matter, bark, green leaf branches, crap everywhere. Spread out evenly across the entire road. Heading up the hill in first gear thinking this is crap and 1) I hope a car doesn’t come and 2) I want out of here but how the f#$% do I turn around? I’m crap at U turns in perfect conditions. (Yes I’ve said ‘crap’ 3 times!) Dodging tree branches everywhere and thinking how freakin lovely the Baw Baw road was by comparison I kept hearing a mantra in my head. This was a bad idea. Oh the irony of the understatement. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.** When will this road end? I don’t want to be here. My friend wasn’t in sight as he had slowed to a crawl from one of those jelly- kneed, bike twitching incidents so I’m thinking great. Now’s he down and I cant freaking go back to check. After an eternity we reached clear bitumen and pulled over. I turned my engine off and sat there shaking my head. How bad was that? Looking behind us I could see the black clouds on the horizon and felt the chill in the air. Livinia Nixon you suck! 20 and clear my ass. Today was a bad idea.

    Anyway I am glad we did Baw Baw and look forward to going back when the roads are clear and the sun is warm on our backs.

    The end

    p.s. we called into Krispy Kreme Narre Warren on the way home – that made me happy again

    * a spice concoction similar to Chai added to hot frothy milk
    ** from Jaws
  2. Kaz, glad you're here to share the story... that was some kind of ride!! :shock:
  3. Hey Kaz,

    that sounded like the ride from hell :shock: You had me on the edge of my seat.

    I'm usually so envious when you guys get to go out for a play and I'm stuck at work....but maybe not in this case.

    Glad you are both ok and managed to get home in one piece. That was some pretty brave riding by the sounds of it.

    Jen :)
  4. Good ride report: mental images are often better (funnier?) than digital pictures :LOL:.
  5. Yup, riding up a mountain 3 days after the most severe storm in a long time, with recent rains.....

    Kaz, glad you survived, Baw Baw is a great ride, even nicer when it's warm! Anyway, you survived and have some tales to tell. :)
  6. Good story, horror ride, hope I can make it along on the next one :)
  7. The weather wasn't really conducive to sports riding pleasure, but you got out there, enjoyed the fresh air and shared your experience on netrider with those who weren't able to be there. Thanks for the diary entry. Good on you!

    Krispy Kreme mmMMhHhH