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5 accidents in 6 years

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by taiheung, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. That's right. I have been hit 4 times, and today in the morning I finally caused an accident. Not more than 30seconds after hopping in my car, starting it up and checking the side mirrors did I pull a U-Turn and smack right into a car coming in the opposite direction. I was in a rush and my windscreen was fogged, his car was silver - no chance of seeing it. Infact, even after I hit him I couldn't see his car. Only his face. Just my luck.

    So now I'm thinking, after 5-6 years of driving, I've been involved in 5 accidents, 1 my responsibility, the other 4 not - hell, two of them my car wasn't even being driven... ...just parked...

    My friends say I am a working example of murphy's law - I think they're right. One minute I'll get the best luck, and then sure enough the next I'll do something or something will happen to bugger it up.

    All my accidents have been minor, but should I take this as a sign?
    And is getting on a motorbike with my luck just asking for it?

    Anyone got worse luck than me?

  2. damn.. that's nasty to hear.
    Well as I'm a master of the obvious, I'd have to say that you could very well take this as a sign, but statistically speaking you've had your share of accidents over the course of your driving career, so maybe you've exhausted your "bad luck".
    Mind you, Murphy's law could just as easily apply to logical reasoning like this ](*,)
  3. Or you could tear your licence up. And possibly save someones life
  4. Gee hard luck mate - almost tempting to give up and live in a cave :?
  5. sorry dude, but I don't think thats an excuse !

    Just because your time management was not up to scratch this morning, you should spend that extra time to make sure your field of vision is 100%. I'd hate to think if it was me coming the other way. I think other bike riders here would agree with me on this, i've experienced too many close calls because car drivers have foggy mirrors and windows.
  6. No excuses. Just the facts.

    I know it was my fault and I had been telling myself all week to wipe down the windscreen so I could have better vision, but this morning I was in a massive rush to meet a deadline. In the 2 seconds I skipped to check my surroundings again I cost myself $1700 in excess. So annoyed. Anyway, I am swearing to myself to nanny drive until my rating is back up to 1. I've been good at sticking to my resolutions thus far so hopefully all goes well.

    The funny thing is this morning I was meant to ride my motorbike to work, but I chose the car because this chick wanted a lift home after work... my excuse is the lay-dees :oops: hahaha.
  7. So you were in a rush, perhaps if you had given yourself time you would have defrosted your windows?, having the wrong state of mind on a motorcycle might get you badly hurt... can you learn to adjust your state of mind?
  8. Like they say on your P's course, you shouldn't externalise anything. All accidents can be avoided.

    Honestly mate, you need to reassess things. It sounds like you major observation issues. The thing that disturbs me is if the bloke you u-turned into was a biker, he would have been rooted.

    Stay on a bike and get yourself hurt as bad as you want. Just don't get in a car near me.
  9. ^Yup! Nothing else will inspire you to become a good driver and properly maintain your own vehicle, quite like it ;)
  10. My personal statistics suggest you will hit me 4 times before I hit you. Twice while I'm parked, hahahaha. Infact, if you and I were left alone on an empty road you would collide with me 4 times to every 1 time I collide with you. Hahaha.

    But yes, you're right - don't externalise - and I didn't. I am so frustrated with myself - 2 seconds is all it would've taken. You live, you learn.
  11. let's just say I'm glad I live a long way from you.
  12. Man that is totally externalising.

  13. You should take it as a sign that you shouldn't drive with a fogged windscreen

    Seriously what if instead of a car that had been a motorcycle or kid on a pushbike?
    luck doesn't enter into it. That was sheer idiocy
  14. I reckon he would have seen the head-light that's always on, on most motorcycles... but yes - moving a car when you can't see where you're going is dopey.
  15. Yeah totally my fault. Despite knowing my windows were a bit foggy, thinking about it I don't think the condensation on my windscreen would've made a difference because I checked my mirrors in the wrong order. I hopped in the car, looked forward (I could see but not clearly, THEN checked my side mirrors. This would be okay on a long stretch of road and infact probably more appropriate given visibility, but I live at the end of a T-section...

    He had actually not been there when I first checked, he had just come around the corner.
    Right now I'm just thinking of 1700 good reasons why I should've looked forward again. :oops:

    :roll: :roll:
  16. taiheung,

    Accidents do happen and there is little you can do about it but make sure it is less likely to happen again (sadly you can never eliminate risk entirely)

    Having said that, FFS never assume 'she'll be right' when entering a situation with limited visibility. I have ended up in hospital twice and had two bikes written off because of SMIDSY. As a rider you really should know better.
  17. Thanks mate. I am so cut up about it.
    What is SMIDSY? Or who?
  18. SMIDSY = Sorry Mate I Didn't See You

    If I sounded harsh at the end of my post it was because of my experience. My leg was crushed and right wrist broken when I was collected by a driver doing a right hand turn across my lane. Shortly after my work found out I was retrenched and spent the next few months alternating rehabilitation with finding a new job.

    The kicker is that I got off quite lightly. My injuries healed pretty quickly and because the accident happened before the Workchoices legislation kicked in my former company were still obliged to pay out my redundancy (if it happened today, I would just be fired for not being able to perform my duties)
  19. Nah everyone is fine - I want to defend myself but it was stupid driving.
    That's how accidents happen!

    Yeah I'm a massive car/bike lover and when he told me his 200sx was brand new along with fresh detail and wheels I was beside myself with guilt. One of my previous accos, a lady drove on the wrong side of the road to overtake me while I was turning right. I collided with her rear passenger door which had a 3 year old on the other side. I absolutely freaked. The acco wasn't my fault, and she was an idiot for driving on the wrong side of the road but I just freaked. You couldn't count the amount of times I said sorry to the lady.