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$5.4 Million biker safety drive

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeffco, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Page seven herald sun has story about Alpine roads upgrade.

    Package includes protective rails, signposts, and road resealing.

    cant link story.
  2. Great! Hopefully "protective rails" don't mean cheese graters :)
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  3. Article states protective barriers at base of guard rails so riders don't slide beneath them and get cut
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    The barriers are most likely Armco with rub rails.

    Armco with rubrails is better than WRSB's, but not by much since if you slide along the top of the Armco, you are going to get massively damaged by the stanchions and the top of the W rail can slice and dice.


    Solid smooth surfaces like jersey barriers or similar are the least worst barrier to hit as a rider.
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  5. It doesn't sound too bad. If this is adding rub rails to existing w barriers, I'll take it without further complaint. I wouldn't accept that adding more barriers per se is a benefit for motorcyclists (ie. to be paid for out of the levy). The signpost cushions and gravel removal sound worthwhile.
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  6. this seems to be inconsistent with the oft trotted out line that the government was to remove motorcyclists from the road completely???

    confusing :p
  7. Hopefully the resealing doesn't end up being a layer of gravel left on the road for 6 months like some previous efforts.
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  8. just wear all the gear;)
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  9. Yes, there are some quarters who take every opportunity to shout that government wants to wipe motorcycling off the map... despite the evidence to the contrary.
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  10. I agree. But I think it's a bit rich to use the motorcycle levy fund to resurface the roads. We do the least damage, and now we are paying for something the wider system should be paying for and every road user benefits from, and also causes more damage so it needs to be resurfaced again. Probably with our funds again.
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  11. i guess motorcyclists benefit the most from the resurfacing though, i dont even slow down when i see gravel or some crap on the road in my forester...
  12. Typical cager doesnt care about risk.
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  13. if riders cared about risk... surely they wouldn't be riding :p
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  14. They will probably do the work on the roads during the "riding season" so less people will use them, less will crash, and they will pat each other on the back for reducing accidents.......
  15. Otherwise known as the Kinglake approach.
  16. think you might have missed the point there champ :p but hey dont let me interrupt your soapbox rant
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  17. In fairness, an awful lot of the users (and most of the crashers) on the Omeo highway since it was sealed have been motorcyclists. In summer we outnumber cars by a fair amount.
  18. Glad to see some of the money from the MSL is being spent rather than sitting in the govt bank. Although road resurfacing benefits all I tend to agree that we benefit the most from a good surface with proper gravel traps, drainage and cambers. I'll be riding up there in early December so hopefully there won't be road works everywhere as that will spoil the fun.
  19. The important revelation in the article by Ian Royall is that the Roads Minister has cut through the veil of secrecy that has surrounded the MSL and released the $$ figures. Even the PIMS had to force the then bureaucracy to acknowledge what had been spent from the MSL but dollars still unspent was obfuscated.

    Now we know that there is nearly $23 million unused there is better 'ammunition' to be used to encourage true motorcycle safety spends.

    Don't forget, 1st July your $70 will increase by the CPI to ~$72, as it has done every year from when it started at (only) $50 :mad:
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