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5' 1" girl 47kg - nervous about type of pre-L's bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tpcp, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. My height (or lack thereof) is starting to cause me some concern about going for my pre-learners test. I am nervous because I am not sure what kind of bike they will have at the pre-learners. I sat on a couple of bikes in a shop recently and if it is anything other than a Virago that they use at the pre-learners I won't be able to place both feet fully down on the floor (tippytoes only), which would not do much for my confidence, I'll fall off for sure. Can someone tell me - is not being able to touch the floor basically a killer? Also, what bikes do they use at the pre-learner courses? And one final question - if you fall off in the pre-learner test is that a killer?

  2. The bikes used by Stay Upright are CB250's. A reasonably short person managed on our course.

  3. Re: 5' 1" girl 47kg - nervous about type of pre-L's bik


    Alot of us can't get their feet down due to height, tiptoes is sometimes the best we can get. Some tricks are lowering the bike a bit (bit of fiddle with suspension) or shaving some foam from the seat, also getting boots with very very thick soles can give you alot of extra height! ;)

    No you dont fail if you fall off in the pre learner course - apart from in the final 5 minutes 'evaluation' stage, which is just doing what you've done in the last 2 days. I know for a fact that er5s have a very low seat height, my knees are in the sky when I sit/ride that thing! :)

    Good luck, just relax in the prelearner and you wont have any probs. See you out there!
  4. Hi there. As someone at the complete other end of the spectrum, I can't say I've ever had that problem. BUT!!! there are ways around everything. Bikes only become heavy to hold up if you lean them over a long when stationary. You can hold a bike just fine on tippy toes.

    Don't let short height discourage you, and certainly don't talk yourself into falling off. Some of the best racers are TINY and can't flat foot their race bikes. I have trail ridden with a woman who would be shorter than you, and she simply rode in a way that meant she didn't need to touch the ground. On long rides she often put the big blokes to shame because of her balance. Once you are up and running you'll have no problems at all.

    The instructors at the reputable courses will be no strangers to short riders low on confidence, so try to get past being nervous and enjoy it. They are there to help!
  5. Re: 5' 1" girl 47kg - nervous about type of pre-L's bik

    Hi there. I did my pre learners about 2 weeks ago. One of the members of my class was a girl who was also quite short.

    Yes she had difficulty touching the ground. When she mentioned it to the instructor he swapped her bike for another which had most of the padding in the seat removed making the sitting position much lower.

    She had no trouble placing her feet on the ground on the new bike.

    As for falling off, it wont mean you automatically fail. I fell off, she fell off we both passed. :wink:
  6. Don't worry! My girlfriend is around 4'11"-5'0" and she found the L's test (never ridden a bike, and we did the one day thing) absolutely easy. The CB250's that most places test you on are quite low to the ground, they'll even have some that are either lowered or seat shaved so it'll be easy.

    Good luck!
  7. Hi,

    the L's pre learner i did ('ride it right' i think) had daelim 125s and virago looking cruiser things that looked pretty low. a young guy was quite short and did fine on the cruiser.

    good luck :)
  8. :worthlesspics:
    ....no, really, it'll help me come up with good advice.
  9. Just go do the course, it's the perfect way to find out if you can handle a bike or not. And you can drop the course bikes as much as you want without getting in trouble!
  10. 2 inches

    Hi there, I'm 5'3", only 2 inches taller than you and I found the CB250 really light and easy to use. I'm now on a VTR250 which has had the seat lowered and is ideal for me.
  11. One of the girls at work is around your height, she did the pre Ls course at Terry Hills and apparently they had Honda Shadows or something similar which have a low seat on them, she now rides one all the time.
  12. Yeah, you'll be fine. My fiance is only 5'2" and she had no trouble at all on the L's course.

    No need to be nervous either, they'll give you plenty of help if you need it :)
  13. Re: 5' 1" girl 47kg - nervous about type of pre-L's bik

    Good thanks for asking.

    It is actually nicer and more polite if you introduce yourself to all the other members before asking anything else.

    Please fill your profile too. Not that it is of our business as you have stated in your ocupation.

  14. Re: 5' 1" girl 47kg - nervous about type of pre-L's bik

    Hi Will,

    Would have thought that it would also be "nicer and more polite" to actually be nicer and more polite to people especially those of us who are new to the fray.

    I notice that your profile is kind of empty too. Maybe you should fill out yours and/or make it visible to the rest of us.

    Lead by example and others will follow.

    Oh, btw, My name is Tim, I'm a 28 year old Cancerian, I like long walks in the bush and roller skating. Nice to meet you all :)

  15. tpcp & newtone.. WELCOME!!!

    You get a bit of grief here, i know. You should have done your first 10 posts at the welcome thread. Then things would be easier.
    I understand that it is a big leap to post for the first time and it cuts off your enthusiasm if you get back a bit of sarcasm. The thing is that this is not a Wiki, where you can just get info like that. There are wikis and google for that. This kinda of a community... And lots of people just drop in once ask their question and leave, which is a bit rude...

    That's why the welcome thread is there.... So don't be discouraged... Thank you come again... :grin:
  16. Re: 5' 1" girl 47kg - nervous about type of pre-L's bik

    I think your boyfriend has already told us that, and also that you were very upset because he took your handbag to work.

  17. If you think its going to be a huge problem do the course on a scooter. (step through) i assume you can go to a normal bike even after you do the course on a scooter.
  18. I'm 5'2" on a good day and did the pre-learner course on a CB250 which was perfectly fine and I now own a CBR250 which I can put both feet down very easily

    :grin: :grin:
  19. Yep they were using little 125 cruisers when I did the pre learners.
    They are fairly short so you should be alright.