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5,000kph and cute

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by incitatus, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. I thought some might be interested in this nice little toy. Its the just 'unsecreted' FA/37, with a top speed in level flight of "at least mach 4", and that's 5,000 kph. Note the test pilot in the second picture... :)



  2. She can bust my bunker.

  3. She can fly under my radar.

  4. Is that a pic of it being carier launched?
  5. i want one! Does she come with it?
  6. She can verb my noun!

  7. Yup, it's the replacement for the FA/18 and primarily a naval aircraft, but it is also being built in 'dry' versions for the USAF.
  8. Umm, those pics are from the movie 'stealth', the hot chick is Jessica Biel as Lt. Kara Wade.

    there still apears to be some confusion as to wether the F/A-37 Talon is an actual 'real' plane

    from http://www.globalsecurity.org a data abase of military hardwear off the tallon page "We would like to build a collection of other fake airplanes that have appeared in movies or on TV. If you can help us build this collection, please contact us with the information."

  9. Woodsy you bastard! I was hoping to get more than one page out of it before someone caught on...... :p
  10. I think you'll find that she is actress Jessica Biel, playing the role of Lt Kara Wade in the movie 'Stealth'.
    I always thought the plane was a Hollywood mockup, but I stand to be corrected.
    Edit: Yeah, dam' you Woodsy! (beat me to it :evil: )
  11. All of Ktulu's previous statements still stand.
  12. Sorry Inci, i've learnt with net information, check, check, check and check again and even then dont believe everything :p

    And besides, theres guys on the flight deck with no hearing protection ir hi vis
  13. Woodsy if you want to research the current 'real' secret military aircraft, look up;

    # Aurora
    # EPA
    # TR-3A
  14. Lt. Kara Wade.

    sounds like asetup....

    ah it is i see.
  15. Loz..go and get moderated, immediately!
  16. Ktulu, Ktulu, Ktulu.... "You can be my wingman anytime :grin: "

  17. she looked better in Blade....if onlt because of all the archery gear!! :twisted:
  18. Agreed.

  19. The Aurora looks interesting, I can see the shape and materials technology being available now however I’m not convinced engine technology is yet up to speed. It looks a bit like a scaled down version that plane the yanks designed to try and compete with concord or a Valkeri without the nose.

    TR-3A looks like a Horton HO229 or YB49 (Jack Northrop what a legend), wonderful thing flying wings

    Cant find info on the EPA, was that the British stealth project?
  20. TR-3A???


    They seem to have a retro design theme happening!