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$5,000 Stop SMIDSY War Chest – Now, How to Get Drivers to Look?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Maurice Blackburn, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. We did it! Well done to those involved, I salute you – a truly Olympian effort by all and a watershed moment in grassroots motorcycle advocacy! =D>

    Why We’re Here
    From the off this campaign has been about addressing the role motorists play in rider injuries and fatalities. In every other area of road safety the onus is on shared responsibility – except it appears when it comes to motorcyclists.

    What We’ll Do
    The fund is for anti SMIDSY projects, (i.e. awareness, training, advocacy, etc) and it would be great to hear some ideas people might have.

    A Suggestion
    I’m going to stick my head above the parapet on this one and suggest part of the fund go towards a SMIDSY video aimed at drivers. Given the debate around the TAC’s output perhaps an old adage will ring true – if you want something done right, do it yourself!

    We’ve already had interest from a rider-owned, Melbourne based, creative studio who could potential assist with such an endeavour.

    The floor is open…
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  2. Awesome work. I think a video would be a great idea. We could (hopefully) send it viral. Even if we can't get in on the TV to start with, there's always FB and email etc. Just plaster it everywhere.
  3. I think Chef did a fantastic job in the other thread :-s
    .. now to tailor this to the open public.. however... would be hazardous..

    Especially if it were on billboards.. :grin:
  4. My belief is that you've got to train drivers to look. I would suggest you consult people who have studied the way the eyes and the brain actually work together, and build the creative work on their advice.

    Here's one idea that was put to me by a behavioural psychologist: Someone (TAC?) could offer a prize or reward for correctly identifying a specific item on a motorcycle travelling around the city. Use greed to improve their observational skills.
  5. I'm picturing ziggy style mascots popping up randomly in cities handing out smidsy stickers to people and balloons to kids.

    "In local news tonight, a group of people wearing black SMIDSY t-shirts has caused quite a stir. The group seemed to have spread out all over the city handing out balloons and stickers to passers by in the city of Parramatta this afternoon. But what does SMIDSY actually mean?"
  6. I think the key to a video would be explaining what SMIDSY is.

    Maybe a series of different peoples faces saying "Sorry mate, I didn't see you" seen through a helmet through different positions.

    Say from the side of a car,

    then with a fallen bike in the back ground,

    then coming to, staring at the sky,

    then someone saying "Sorry officer, I didn't see him" with an ambulance in the background.

    Then finish with "Many riders hear these words every day, don't be the one to say it to them"
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  7. "The biggest part of seeing… is looking"
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    Sorta been done here - [media=youtube]r5hxzdwQ7HA[/media]

    If it doesn't work for other car drivers and pedestrians, can't imagine it'd have much hope for a partially disliked minority (motorcyclists)

    ADD - Titus is on the right track, you'd need the help of a psych/marketing guru. But at the end of the day, a great campaign is only as effective as the desire to change (which isn't there). That's why speeding, drink-driving/most traffic safety campaigns aimed at raising awareness don't have a great impact on the stats (frequency)
  9. Clarification - I'm just saying go to the science. Marketing alone won't work because it relies on the target's own motivations (which as you point out, aren't really there, on this issue).
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  10. ...a video called "SMIDSY 2012" in similar fashion to "KONY 2012"? Pointing out that "YOU" as a driver are also responsible for the actions which cause many motorcyclist every day to avoid a fatal collision.
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  11. Titus - that'a about as scientific as it gets (in terms of videos). The large scale behaviour change isn't going to occur.

    Phongus - the SMIDSY 2012 will be off the hook for about one week, until everyone who gets sucked in to those viral vids has seen it, and then it will be attacked because of netrider's lack of accountability and possible alterior motives :p
  12. Does this mean Chef will run around naked masterbating?
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  13. It'd get some attention on the issue!
  14. I'd go for the video. The only problem I perceive is getting TAC to take us seriously and then want to actually air it regularly on tv. Might need a petition to pressure pollies, to pressure them?
    But if supercheap auto can manage a decent crack at, we should be able to, methinks.

    I've seen that old video where the guy hisides in traffic, lately. Maybe they are waking up. (the TAC). It seems odd to play that amidst their 'drivers don't need to care about us' campaign.
  15. make up some of these

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  16. Didn't Cheffie suggest something a while back where a minor smidsy between cars resulted in "surprise" balloons popping out of the air bag locations... however the exact same scenario between a car and a bike resulted in the rider requiring an ambulance?

    Might be worth seeing what creative Film student types from Swinburne or similar might like to do in the SMIDSY vain for a few thousand. The MAFMAD site might provide some leads, which would be a beautiful irony seeing as it's a TAC site.
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    Following on from Rob's uni student idea, what about a comp for students with $$ as prizes? Open to all, entries can be used to promote awareness of SMIDSY as seen fit by MBA (with attribution to creators). It is a cause rather than a commercial venture so could avoid them thinking it's just a cheap way of a company marketing their product.
  18. use the 5k to make more money first. need bigger war chest.

    two ways to get the attention of the greater public.
    boobs or children. either is guaranteed to work.

    i'm going with children > national scale lamington drive. except with cupcakes.

    "what are you raising money for little girl ?"

    "my daddy rides a motorbike" > *hands smidsy flyer

    cupcake drive becomes annual event, generating income to sustain the cause.
    you need images. the little girl selling cupckes at your front door for her daddy's safety is a good one.
    it's aussie and it's wholesome.
    even the sickest anti-motorcycle ****s in the political system cannot refuse her.
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  19. Oh dear you chose little children over boobs.

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  20. My idea for a video is called 'a few seconds off your life can add years to mine'

    The concept is a fully atgatt rider is sitting beside the driver in the car while the driver performs the usual SMIDSY scenarios we know so well.

    The indicate without the head check.
    Rider turns to driver "By head checking before turning you can see my in your blindspots"

    Pull out of side street.
    "By looking twice and scanning the road you can see me approaching"

    The U-turn.
    "By looking over your shoulder and checking your blindspot you can see me approaching"

    Cut to end. Rider to camera.
    "Just a few seconds of your life can add years to mine"

    It's just a concept while we're brain storming, feel free to pick it apart.
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