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4wd's, my new pet hate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sydneybiker, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. what is it with these 4wheel drives on the road and their owners? they dont stay in their lane, you cant see around them and they are too big for the road...

    riding to work today I saw 6 in a row in one lane of traffic......do mosman mothers* getting the kids to school or going to the shops really need these big vehicles?

    your thoughts/experiences?

    *mosman mothers = nsw version of toorak tractors
  2. Have you ever noticed that 4WD's in the inner city are almost always driven by short haired women who have spawned numerous times? I was almost hit the other day by a lass in a shiny new 4WD who drove through a stop sign not looking because she was turned right around yelling at her kids in the back seat... She probably wouldn't have even noticed the bump if she'd hit my bike, and at least her snot nosed brats would not have been hurt if she'd ploughed through me in that intersection, so I guess that justifies her (husband's) purchase.

    Grr. I hate city-4WD's. Get out in the mud, or buy a pharking hatchback. GRR!
  3. The reason we own and buy 4WD's is to deal with you hooligan motorcyclists.....

    Hangon, thats me also..... Mum always told me I was a contrdiction...
  4. and i have to agree with her!
  5. all 4wds without mud caked on them should be confiscated and turned into beer cans. fark the lot of em, i've nearly been taken out 3 times by toorak tractor soccer mums in shiny new keep up with the jones's mobiles :evil:
  6. Do you know what the funniest thing is..... 4WD's are expensive.. They are also VERY useful in towing things like Bikes, caravans, etc....

    I love them and I also ride. I towed my race bikes and equipment on htese and most trailbike riders and road racers want them for what they are used for.

    As far as the mums, well, it is safer, visibility is better and the kids like it....

    Also, they are great for jumping/rolling over striken motorcycles and other obstacles left on the road.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Here in Brisbane, BMW provides a service that you can nominate as an extra when you buy one of their new SUV's where they spray your shiny behemoth with *mud* every weekend for a year, while your brats are at soccer or you're at the shopping centre, so that come monday it looks like you spent the weekend being a valid human being, rather than just a poser.
  8. 4WDs, the urban tool for the urbane tool (and his wife and sticky-fingered bratts).

    I like them, in the right environment. The city isn't it.
  9. *sniff* I'm nothing but a speedbump to you, aren't I Sir Skuffy? *sob* You're a _monster_!!! *howling girlie crying*
  10. They aren't, they are much more likely to roll given the high centre of gravity and do not handle as well in an emergency situation compared to a sedan. True about the visibility, shame most drivers choose not to make use of it. As for the kids, fcuk 'em! They can have a car they like when they buy one! :p :LOL: .

    Coco, me old nut, don't tell me you are advocating a ban on someone's mode of transport? Like bicycles, those road lice, shouldn't be on our roads? :twisted: :LOL: :LOL:

    Ok, flame suit on, fire away! :wink:
  11. I own a compact 4wd as well as a bike. We didn't opt for the monster fourby as they are too big for a city. But they are useful coping with the mountainous terrain of Sydney. :shock:

    You raise a good point about staying in lanes. Rarely do I see a car stay in its lane when going round a bend. The amount of toots I have had to give both on a bike and in a car to people drifting over toward me. Whats wrong with these people?
  12. I've been in some pretty off-camber situations in the last 20 years and I have never rolled one, s o I have to take exception to that claim.
  13. Bwaaahaaaa...road lice....bwaaaa pffftt Damn coffee won't come off the walls now..bugga
  14. Meh, go ahead, I admit I'm stealing that claim from the telly, was the RACV I think, one of those bodies. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt that they know. Depends on the 4WD etc etc....

    Still, such a dangerouse vehicle :roll: ...yep, after thinking about it I'm with Mr Nuts.

  15. ooooooh dems fiten words biatch :LOL:

    come now, you cant think i was serious? :shock:

    just pointing out my dislike for the bastards of machines and the ppls that drive them. (sorry scuff, i just hate the pharkin things) had 3 of the pricks try and merge into my lane while i was still in it on the bike. better visibility my ass, they just grab these things so they dont have to look. fact is that 80% of whats on the road wont hurt them so why should they bother keeping an eye out?

    turn em all into beer cans i say!!!
  16. Pffffft! stop being such a baby, youre supposed to be made of steel tuff biker type
  17. You've got to wonder whether it's the act of driving a 4wd that makes people crap drivers or whether crap drivers are more likely to choose a 4wd (probably because they've written off every other car they've owned). Yes they're probably safer if you hit a smaller vehicle although two 4wds colliding would probably be more dangerous than two hatchbacks hitting due to the increase in total mass.

    They are also more likely to tip over, I remember watching a british show where they compared the ability of different vehicles to swerve around an obstacle at speed. The Jaguar sedan they used was able to swerve at 80mph before finally losing the tail end and spinning. The Range Rover they tested however flipped and rolled at a much lower speed, I think around 40mph. Personally I reckon there should be a seperate licence for large 4wds, let people drive them only after they've proven they know how.
  18. Did IQ points suddenly drop of late.....

    It is not the vehicle it is the driver. I am a person that has been hit by cars three times in my life and have come to the realisation it is not the car that is dangerous it is the tosser behind the wheel.

    TwinPilot, remember the drive in Bright.... The BIG4x4 handled quite well did it not.

    In any case, when you drive a bigger car, you drive a little slower. My biggest concern are the toss bag kids in their hotted yp 2litre turbo's... They are a bloody menace.
  19. C'mon, that's just not nice now is it? Everyone knows what a menace they horrible, horrible things are to society, don't get me started on the red necks that drive them through Mother Nature's garden destroying wild life willy nilly.......
  20. Why just the tossbag kids (Sir Skuffy) how about the ones with the seats laid back so far that can only just see over the wheel or the ones that are leaning on the centre console and not even sitting in their seats properly, plus the other things you can mention on a daily ride to anywhere.