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4WD spalshed me by hitting a big puddle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Faramir, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Today, a 4WD deliberately aimed for the puddle to splash me with water whilst driving in the opposite direction. I tried to create a buffer zone but the 4WD made a massive splash and I could not avoid it. Luckily, I was wearing my wet gear. The water actually went up under my helmet.

    My helmet vision was covered with water for a brief moment. I saw just water at that instant. I rotated my head and let all the water drain off quickly.

    (PS: My trivia contribution for the day)

  2. Haha, he got you good.
  3. Should have pulled over and picked up a brick or rock of large size, caught up to them and smashed a window, before riding off.
  4. There were no bricks around and I was running a bit late. I was just glad that my visor cleared up very quickly.
  5. Some of those puddles and splashes of water can sometimes be a sheet of solid water and knock you off your bike,
    I got hit years ago with what I thought was just a splash of water, it was like hitting a brick wall, and near took me out, Just hang on tight when you see it coming.

    Carry a brick in your pocket, Hahahahahahahaha

  6. They need to make an egg storage pocket in jackets for moments like that :p
  7. now theres a new word
  8. An old spark plug is a good missile. A bit hard to get out, while you are riding.
  9. I had that in the car once. Windows had fogged up so I had to wind them down. 4b, puddle, me in the car so no wet weather gear. I got wet.

    Moral of the story. Always wear your wet weather gear, ALWAYS.
  10. If you ride an Italian bike you either carry them as spares, or are so used to running on one cylinder that you can easily spare one for the occasion.
  11. +1
  12. Poke your tongue out at him, they hate that.
  13. this thread belongs in Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent. that 4wd coulda killed u.
  14. Fixed that for ya
  15. It might have been Doctor Foster.
  16. If it was at least you know he wont be back.
  17. Hey Cleo,
    I think we just found out who has the SPLAT number plate.
  18. LOL

    An old biker friend told me to carry a small bit of road base in my pocket, " It wasn't me, musta flicked up from the road :twisted: "
  19. Yeah last time I was on that Icy Creek Rd that everyone is banging on about in the other thread, some motherfcuker in a ute chucked an empty VB tin at us. He was coming the other way. What a ****. 8am too, must have been a big night for the drunk hick.

    Ah well, his karma is that he's a complete tool, whilst I myself am really ace :LOL:
  20. OMFG!!...that brought back childhood memories for me!!! :p