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4WD drivers in the cities, are majority evil or saint, compared to other road users? ?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by WobblyDoinkBoink, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    As per title, I am here to find common opinion from our forum members(riding/driving any type of vehicle, including 4WD).
    Don't focus on 'one' specific event or 'one' 4WD driver, or yourself if you're a 4WD driver, just to avoid biased views.
    But from your collective lifetime experience, would you say 4WD Drivers in the cities are majority evil or saint, 'compared to' other road users?

    (OnlyPut a Yes=D> or No[-( in your reply and plus mention if you drive a 4WD)

    If you're having difficulty answering this, try to think about things like :
    -Do they 'normally' keep a safe distance in front of them 'compared to' other road users?
    -Do they, 'in general', avoid using overtaking lane when they are not overtaking anyone, when there is entire free lane next to them?
    -Do they 'easily' move away from overtaking lane(when it's safe to change lane) so others can go their pace?
    -Do they signal and 'make sure' there is enough space in front of you, before changing into your lane?
    -Do they drive at 'normal pace' (or suddenly speed up), when you signal and try to change into their lane?
    -'How often' did you witness a 4WD pulling a right hand turn when on coming vehicle has to brake to avoid running into them or vice versa?
    -Compared to regular vehicles, how often do they give way to the vehicle on their right, when entering round about? or you have to slow down and brake even when you have right of way?
    -Do they signal their intention before entering a round about?
    -How often do you see a 4WD driver actually applying defensive driving? (this time you were in the wrong, but 4WD in the right, but he/she avoided accident by slowing down, braking to avoid you, etc)
    -Do you believe that most of the 4WD drivers are indifferent to any road users, in terms of abiding road rules, sharing the road with others, etc?

    Again, this is not about one specific event or one specific driver, just your collective experience.
    Also, do tell if you drive a 4WD, I'm not targeting you, just trying to find fair public opinion here.
    Remember, this is about 4WD in the cities only, not in rural.

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  2. I wouldnt call them MORE evil then other cagers when im on my bike - all cagers need to suffer the fate depicted.

    When im in my cage and some cagers can be spared the fate (me for example), 4WD's that i cant see around or over are evil and need to suffer the fate depicted...
  3. if you mean banged up bush bashing old jacked up hiluxes, landcruisers etc then no, not so much anyway. often the stereotypical driver has had an interest in riding trail bikes at least and therefore a liking for bikes.
    if you mean expensive late model 4wd wagons that are immaculately clean and were'nt purchased for the purpose of going off road, then guess what purpose they were purchased for. stereotypical driver bought it out of frustration in traffic and wants to be the bullly on the road now. the more expensive they are, say lexus or bmw, then the more dangerous and intimidating you can expect them to be. the worst of the worst are usually black in colour. they want to be alpha dog on public roads, plain and simple as that. and if you understand pack mentality then alpha is a ruthless, selfish prick by nature.
    understand that the drivers of such vehicles have a mindset about as far removed from a rider as you can get. do not ever challenge them for their warped sense of alpha, you will lose. he WILL go through you.
    this is not a joke post, i'm serious, have learnt this from long time spent on a bike in traffic. there are exceptions to the rule of course, but treat them all with extra caution anyway. know your enemy, know how and why he thinks. on the bike you need to think his thoughts before he does.
  4. I love coming across these blinged up black city 4x4's with stupid 20 inch shiny wheels who think they're alpha male when I'm in my ARB bull bar'd, jacked suspension Nissan :)

    If they try that alpha shit on me they're going down :demon:
  5. You example questions sound like they can apply to any vehicle on the road.

    However, now I think about it I see less problems from 4wd owners than most other cars. The rice boys are by far the worst these days.

    BTW. I drive a 4wd.
  6. In the city, majority evil, MONKEYMAN is on the money.

    I don't drive a 4WD.
  7. Mmm, it'd be easy to generalise and say "All 4x4s are evil!", fuelled by the same thing that makes any other minority on the road take all the blame for the world's problems, but I'm not sure actually.

    In 100,000km of motorcycling there haven't been any obvious "evil cars" on the road in my experience. Statistically I've had more problems with taxi drivers (U-turns in front of me in the city, mostly) and white vans (poor visibility, always genuinely apologetic).

    That said, the only time I've had someone consciously, deliberately, forcefully barge their way into my lane with their eyes focussed on me, expecting me to get out of their way or be pushed out of the way, was a female driver in Wollongong in a jacked-up Landcruiser.

    But yeah, I couldn't say with certainty that four-wheel-drives are any worse than any other demographic.
  8. What utter bullshit.
  9. You will not get a common opinion, because 4WDers can be broken down into as many categories of drivers as motorcycle riders can be.

    I drive a 4WD, off road and in the city, because it is my only cage when I need one. I have attended advanced 4WD driver training. My observation is that most members of 4WD clubs have had advanced training, and are good drivers. But there are always exceptions and radical elements in any group. Tray back 4WDs are often used only in the city by tradies, and are definitely in a group of their own.

    Personally, the group of drivers that I most fear are young female P platers in small city cars, such as Barinas. They are often texting or on the phone, hand held. They just want to get where they want to go, and whether they see you or not, they are going there. The is no reason that they shouldn't be excellent drivers, but they don't want to be, or care. I've seen an awful lot of them who seem to be incapacitated in some way: drink, high, or simply incapable drivers.

    A 4WD can be driven using the "might is right" philosophy. But they can also be driven like limousines, which is the way I drive mine most of the time. Oh, mine is a Lexus. But it is dirty, heavily accessorised for offroad use, and has been taken where no other type of vehicle would survive.

    So, how about being a little less negative, huh?
  10. RGI,
    There is a lot of 'truth' in your post. P platers(either gender) in general still kids in learning, and some of them will learn the hard way unfortunately.
    My personal observation is few 4WD drivers, like yourself, are into actual 4WD, while many others(including my own blood brother) have bully mentality, and they end up buying a 4WD as they serve their purpose, most don't actually use it for 4WDriving for entire life of the vehicle.
    There is entirely no negativity against you or 4WDrivng, just giving forum members an opportunity to vent their experiences, and that will collectively form members' opinion so, anyone one person(whether you or me) cannot dictate their opinion either way.
    Many off road destinations, but not all of course, are still reachable by a normal car, and agree few places will actually need a mighty 4WD.
    As an experienced 4WDriver and a Lexus owner do you think 4WD is an absolute must to reach Cameron Corner in NSW?(where QLD NSW SA borders meet), how would you rate the terrain, say, between Broken Hill and Cameron Corner?(Is that absolute 100% 4WD territory?)
  11. Very insightful post indeed, and thank you for being honest and 'say' what you actually 'believe'. There is alot of truth in your post also. 4WD in the bush is never ever a problem.
    But,expensive and shiny 4WD like Lexus and BMW, are unlikely to run into accident, as they most probably don't want to dent their cars, some might even accuse it's for selfish reasons rather than being a good driver, so I personally disagree with you on that point, though many might agree with you, which is fine by me, as this is forming a majority opinion. But if driven by bullish drivers, they probably would still block the overtaken lane unnecessarily, so you're still not entirely wrong.

    Black colours, there is something about them, this is very interesting quote and I have to agree with you on this. I have an advice for you. Drive a black car/bike and be a good driver, no one will mess with you because they 'think' you are bad and might come back at them!
    I once drove white cars and almost always bullied by others, then I bought a fully black car, and my 'being bullied days' are over, though I haven't changed in any other way except the colour of my car, this sounds strange but true. Then my bike is black ofcourse, just somehow deters bad behaviour from others atleast to some extent.
  12. So, are you saying, other 4WD drivers are bad and you also don't practice defensive driving while on a 4WD?
    That's no bull, honest opinion and I appreciate that.
  13. Indeed they can be applied to any vehicle on the road, that's why I use the phrase "compared to other vehicles"

    Clarify, do you see less problems from other 4WDs while you are also behind a 4WD or while riding or driving a normal car?

    My own personal experience so far with rice boys are they are painfully gentle and slow on their cars, as if they are squeezing their mother-in-law's boobs, don't want to hurt them at all costs. Majority(not all) of them don't bully, but rather gentle but excessively annoying at times.
  14. Short and sweet, I personally have the same experience, they have "licensed to kill" attitude, though few experienced ones are very considerate.
  15. What a nice, honest and unbiased post, bravo. I have to agree with you on all points, including taxis and vans, and female driver on 4WD, probably late for her school run.

    I personally have very similar experience about 2 weeks ago. One female driver driving Pajero(shiny black pajero, if you're reading it) on motorway tail-gated(within 5metres) my bike for about 5km, while I stuck to the exact speed limit of 90km/h on Sydney M4(speed camera area and being a P-plater) and I was all the time on the left-most lane, and other lanes are free for overtaking. When she finally exits the motorway, she maintained that horrible evil eye-contact with me as long as she can see me, and while I continued on the motorway. That is my 'one' personal experience with one evil 4WDriver, ofcourse there are tons of really nice 4WDrivers and I wonder where they are, I wonder, probably in the bush somewhere I guess.
  16. There is nothing bullshit except your own post, which has no context, edit it or don't bother coming.
  17. This thread is utter bullshit and completely pointless. You may as well ask soccer mums what they think of motorcyclists [-(. "Evil or saint" Try some good some bad most normal. ](*,)
  18. I guess you own a 4WD while at the same time you probably are one of those few bullies, did I guess right?
    Otherwise, why are you so defensive though you pretend you have no opinion either way?
  19. Just yesterday I was given a "please pass me" indication going down Galston Gorge by of all things... a BMW X5. The only evilness I've really encountered on the road was by beige Camry driven by a pensioner of all things.

    So my answer would be NO to 4WD being evil.

    I used to own a SUV and my g/friend has a Ford Territory which I drive from time to time.
  20. So you still drive a 4WD, why did you sell yours?
    What did the old dude on a camry did to you? elaborate.
    (damn, I'm distracted by your avatar again ;-p)