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4WD backed into My bike. then drove off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. thats right, my immaculate silver, never dropped, sv650s got taken out by an A$$#%#$ in a 4WD

    I moved into my new house on saturday. On sunday I hear a weird metal screech outside. I look out the window and theres a black 4WD and a guy looking at my bike. For some weird reason I think nothing of this. I guess because the sound was so weird, very unlike a bike falling over. Anyways he drives off, I figure he must have been checking it out.

    about an hour later I decide to go for a ride, I notice that the pillion seat has huuge grazes right down the side. I turned cold as I suddenly realise what has happened. on closer inspection my clutch lever has been snapped, gear change lever snapped off, mirror bent on to the bikini faring which is also scratched (though minor scratching due to oggy knobs) my disc lock has been forced under the metal arm (technical term?).

    basically the bike is unridable. whats more this guy has cleaned up the scene, he took the gear lever and other bits, obviously having no idea where it came from and what it did and thinking that I might not notice.

    did I mention that this guy is my neighbour?

    so while I'm considering baseball bats and knee caps, another neighbour approaches me and says heres the number plate, I saw it all.

    anybody know the maximum penalty for failing to stop at the scene of an accident?
    while we're at it, where's a good smash repair and what else aside from the cosmetics should I have checked out? I'd hate to not get everything sorted but only find out a coupe of months after I demand money from the fool.

  2. Have you contacted the police?

    If not do it ASAP. Very, very important to do so.
  3. That really sucks Russ :(

    Cowboy is right, contact the police ASAP. You have a witness and it will help with insurance if you have reported it...
  4. I would definately be contacting the police and then my insurance company because you have an independant witness.
    I hate people who do that and do not think people notice.
  5. This happened to a mate of mine in a shopping centre carpark....
    and based on what he did after..I am with scumbag :D

    get the plod involved and then notify your insurance coy...
    provided you can ID the offender, you should NOT have to pay an
    excess or have your insurance rating affected...


  6. At least you have the numberplate of this dumbass, hope you get your bike fixed with out too much trouble
  7. Like everyone else I would call the cops, the insurance company and there is a resonably good bike shop/mechanic in camberwell rd, Camberwell motors, I have been taking my bikes to him for about 3 years now and can recomend him.

    hope this helps
  8. That sux big time russ. Sad to hear what happened to your baby. Yeah I'd do what the others suggested. Good luck in getting everything sorted.
  9. You are very fortunate to have an independent witness. Believe me it could have been worse. A mate of mine came back to his car one day and he saw the front was damaged as someone had most likely reversed into it. Under his wiper was a note. He read it and it said "I am writing this note as some people saw me do this and I need to look like I am leaving my details". Let us know how you get on.
  10. hey folks, got a reply from the guy.

    apparently he was just driving by and he has three witnesses to say so.

    of course, he has talked to his insurance company and he want me to get a quote on the damage.
  11. Is the guy saying that he never touched your bike, that he was just driving by? I hope he isn't going down that route. Did his car leave paint on your bike?
  12. apparently he just saw it lying there on the ground and stopped to pick it up.

    what a joke.
    his three witnesses are mates in his car.

    and no paint that I've found.
  13. you have 3 independent witnesses
    He doesn't
    just put in the claim and police report.
  14. If I found my neighbor's bike lying in the gutter would I:

    A) Pick it up then go on my merry way
    8) knock on his door and tell him

    Bit of a no-brainier really.......
  15. either way its not your problem , its your insurance companys .
    Thats what you pay them for .
    Guive them the details , tell them to fix your bike and its there job to re-coup the costs from the other party
    give them you witness details and let them sort it out while you get your bike fixed.
  16. This also happened to a friend of mine. Fortunately there was a second note next to it that read "I saw the whole thing, the rego of the car that hit yours is..."
  17. Your neighbour doesn't want to be your friend does he. Does your neighbour drive straight by his own house a lot? And is good natured enough to bound out and pick the bike up, and is too nice to disturb you with the distressing news? If only there were more like him! :|
  18. That's a good one, been around for many years. Was your mate really the source for this urban story? I heard it first came from the US in the 70's.
  19. Yup, I agree with Glen. The guy will soon sing teh truth once teh cops are called and take a statement from him. If your witness says otherwise, the cops will charge him for making a false statement to police too :)
  20. But be warned they will charge you an excess and make it your fault until it is sorted. They will refund the excess once someone else takes responsibilty and your no claim will come back at that point. :shock::evil:

    I just went through a claim where the guy claimed he was not at fault even though the cops fined him. Until his insurance company accepted liability I had an at fault claim on my hands. :cry: :cry:

    I guess how you handle it depends on how much the quote comes in at....