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4th Ride on the MT-07

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Simmo W, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Ok, here's an update video of my seemingly rapid progress on the bike compared to the first video!

    After the first nervous day, a good sleep after that had me really excited for more riding, so I immediately noticed my breathing was far more settled on day 2 - an easy thing to say if you watch the first vid!

    So on that day after, I rapidly got bored of the local laps I was doing. I then ventured out a few streets more, did some take off practice, then had enough courage to try some busier roads (Charman and Balcombe Rds, in Mentone way). Even at schoolies peak hour I wasn't that nervous!

    On Saturday I rode all the way from Mentone to Elwood for the learners' practice, via Beach Road. Amazed that I could make it, and ride reasonably confidently with the cagers on the way.

    So here is today's video of my 4th ride down to Brighton (yes, I'm that new I can still count 'em!). Just stoked to be able to make such a trip pretty confidently.

    Like many here, I still have heaps to learn. I need to be more consistent with head checks. I suck at take offs, too slow and inconsistent. Sometimes I change up far too soon. I had one scary moment on the way home where I fixated on the curb at 60 kph and drifted into a (fortunately clear and known to me as clear) lane next to me. That scared the bejesus outta me, enough that I rode perfectly the rest of the way home!

    Today was the fastest I've ridden, just over 60kph and it didn't bother me one bit. Isn't this learning process a hoot? I can see why this past-time is so popular and addictive, and can now appreciate why even the veterans say they are constantly learning.

    As noted in Youtube, I used a specialist audio recorder that I had lying around, it did a great job at picking up all the exterior sounds. Just strapped it to the pillion seat, pressed record. I dubbed my commentary over once home, I certainly don't need any more distractions while riding right now.
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  2. how long have you been riding?
  3. Ooh, since last Thursday.
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  4. Good stuff Simmo, Looking much better. Something that helped me at that stage was to find a nice quite section I could do about 60 on and practice some lazy swerving, helped to loosen up my arms and that's when the whole push right go right thing made sense. Try it out
  5. Thanks Hillsy, will do. It's weird, I was pretty loose for most of the trip, just one section that I think I panicked and stiffened up on.
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  6. You are making a great progress Simmo WSimmo W! For me being nervous was the biggest obstacle to overcome. Most of the other issues(accidental neutrals, stalling, long and clumsy gear shifting etc) were much easier to deal with as long as I managed to stay calm. One more thing: keep your arms and hands relaxed. With stiff arms and hands gripping handlebar too strongly the bike will be harder to steer.

    Here's a bit of advice I found on the internets, works rather nice for me to keep my upper body, arms and hands relaxed: when riding, keep wrists as straight as possible in relation to the forearms. Elbows should be pointing down as much as possible and hang rather than be held up. Shoulders need to be relaxed and dropped rather than suspended or flexed while riding. And don't grip the handlebar too tight, instead squeeze the tank with your hips and knees for extra stability.

    While riding, do a mental check of your body from time to time to see if the tension is building and try to relax if you notice any. BTW, doing a "chicken dance" flapping with your arms is a nice way of helping your arms and shoulders relax a bit while on the move. But if you feel really tense or tired don't push it. Stop, get off the bike and have a rest.
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  7. Thanks, ha I remember our instructor showing us the flappy chicken dance method, gotta do that more often. Relax and enjoy, next lesson methinks
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  8. Your progress looks right on track Simmo WSimmo W , speed off the mark will come with time and increased experience with clutch and throttle control and as for your "gutter scare" well could have been a number of reasons but it's good you had that experience and 100% that will stick in your mind and you'll be conscious of it in the future and it will be perfected. I still remember my first time in traffic and the thing that caught my attention was that cars and other vehicle just seemed a whole lot bigger :wideyed:, also you can never use your mirrors too much, that's a great habit to get into ;).
  9. Good luck with the traffic, I remember the first time I ventured into the city and had a mini freak out everytime a shadow of a car crept up on me.

    These days, and I'm only 9 months in but commute to Brisbane CBD everyday rain, hail or shine......I'm very comfortable in traffic as it doesn't worry me one bit.

    Keep at it, stay confident and don't forget the main thing.....have fun. My daily commute is a hoot while these clowns sit in traffic getting all angry.....hehehehe....
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  10. well done Simmo!.....leaps and bounds! (y)
  11. I'm going to rain on your parade.
    The audio from the onboard mic is annoying and it drowns out the voice over.
    I suggest either lower the level of that ambient noise in post or position the recorder less in the open air.

    Good on you for getting on the bike and making the video. This footage gives you a chance to review your ride and can help you see you do well and where you go wrong.
  12. Did you get as far as the Brighton baths yesterday Simmo? I saw a guy on a white bike with a white helmet heading towards the city, it would have been around 4.15pm'ish.
  13. Beach road brings back memories, me and my brother used it a lot when we got our licenses 10 years ago. Keep up the good work Simmo. As you start riding more often you will get better with gear changes. Do not hold on to the handle bars to stiff and try to have your arms as relaxed as possible.
  14. Ha, not me David, that was too late for moi. Us White Bikers all look the same!
  15. Well done Simmo (y). well done.JPG
  16. Wow, so I don't get a bigger smilie?! Ta
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  17. Shoot mate, I read all the theory! But my brain and hands get disconnected sometimes. So I spose I better re-read after my little event.

    Better yet, put the pdf on an iPad and read it carefully while riding around corners :)
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  18. Hey Simmo! Where's ride No 5?
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