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4th new tyre i've had gets a flat within 3 weeks

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by evelknievel75, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. of putting it on. always the rear tyre too. lol.

    jesus christ, why? haha.

    I was in the city when i felt it riding a little rough. i pull over, put it on the centrestand and spin the rear wheel. a 6 inch spike is hanging out of my rear tyre at an angle. i limp back to near manly ( 12km's ) past one booze bus and some other coppers. get home, get my tyre puncture kit and go to my local servo to pull the thing out and plug it and pump it up( no bike places open easter sundaym grrr ).

    does this happen to anyone else when they put a new tyre on?

  2. go buy a roadside repair kit, best $50 you'll spend on your bike excluding fuel :)
  3. That is Murphys Law for you. :-({|=
    Yeah, I cannot believe the amount of sharp metal shit on the road. Most of it is probably from the open back of ******** Tradies utes as they speed about spewing their unsecured loads across the highways, as they chat on the mobile about the next job, whilst sipping a half double decaf latte, whilst they scratch their balls.
  4. The same happened to me. A brand new Dunlop GPRA10. 500km in and I picked up a screw, went to get my bike pink slipped and found the tyre was flat. AGH! $25 to get it plugged. Even if i plugged it myself I wasn't going to be able to pump it back up because I managed to pop the tyre off the bead when I sat on bike.
  5. youd be suprised what you can use to put a tyre back on the rim.
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  7. .... it's Sod's Law, I know, but I've NEVER had a nail in an old tyre that I was just about to replace anyway :LOL:
  8. "Our secret recepie...." Must alert the people at the Pie Shop about that :rofl:
  9. funny thing is, that rhino stuff is the same price as a new tyre
  10. Me too, but it's still annoying and expensive if you need to get the bike picked up...

    Best one i've had was this:


    Picked it up at the uni carpark, round end in.
  11. I think what you're looking at IS a NEW tyre which has had the Rhino treatment pre-done before sale.
  12. I think it's because of filtering. You take the bike where no car generally goes, so you pick up the puncture. Left of the car lane or in the middle of lanes is probably full of crap. I'm currently avoiding filtering since getting a nail in my back tyre. (Probably will get the better of me after a few ks though.)
  13. for me ive had 3 rear tyres, all three were punctured within the first 500km. not another puncture for the rest of their lives. (lotsa Kms)

    i think the rubber is softer earlier on in its life.(not based on science or anything just a hunch). im going to try not filtering for the first 1000kms on a new tyre next time round.

    edit: does anybody know how much tyre and rim insurance costs for motorcycles. i know cars can be $7 per tyre for the life of them.
  14. Found a puncture in my rear tyre, it stills holds air but slowly leaks out. Was wondering if anyone knew a place near the Western Suburbs of Melbourne that do internal (mushroom type) tyre plugs, and how much (roughly) would it cost?

    Located in St Albans (Near Sunshine).


    EDIT: Does Bobjane T-Marts on Elizabeth St deal with puncture repair? Has anyone ever had experience with them with puncture repairs and how much does it cost?