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4th Jan Marysville-Cambarville-Reefton-Warburton

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Hi all.
    Heres the deal.
    A mate of mine Phill (we did the Snowy Ride together) is organising a little jaunt this coming Sunday through the above on what looks like a B E A utiful day!!
    Meet point opp Peter Stevens Ringwood for a 9am depart
    I've got 3 others coming and they are meeting me at Morno, so if there are any interested parties then please message me should you wish to meet down Mornington way then we can all go together.
    Becasue the numbers should be fairly limited? at present there will be no corner marking.
    Having said that we will make the decision at the Ringwood meet point.
    This will be a pretty casual ride but a couple of the guys will most likely let loose (at there own leisure)
    I'm on the Viffer with the wife, Catherine and it is her first time on the VFR now that she is all kitted up. (thanks Santa) So needless to say we won't be canning it!!
    Managed to get my Mum to babysit the boyz, so you family guys should be able to feel the excitement that is now sweeping over me, What What??
    All bikes welcome.
    As before, any Penninsular riders want to meet at mine for an 8am kickoff PM ME!!

    Over and out.

    Peace :biker:

  2.  Top
  3. Getting them off for............?

    Looking to get away by 9am

    As for lunch, we'll eat when we're hungry.

    How about that. I'll see when we get the numbers.
    Anyone know somewhere nice.
    Poss Cambarville.

    I dunno!!

  4. Is there anything at Cambarville, other than cold.
  5. Ahh!

    Prehaps Marysville then?
  6. Ok, I think I should be clear.

    Get the leathers off my shoulders to go to the toilet! Then need help putting them back on... yes, they are that tight! :wink:
  7. If your female, then I will volunteer,
    If your male, then your on your own.
  8. Be careful with new leathers. I took my new ones out for a ride and found that although they were form-fitting they were also too short. In the end my shoulders were aching like a fcukermother.
    Had to get the next size up. Felt like someone was pressing down on my shoulders all day!!

  9. Hmm, I really hope I'll be ok. Hopefully they will stretch a little an soften up.

    My legs are a little short, but top is ok.

    And i'm male. Just need help getting the shoulder part over my shoulder, that's all. Not much to ask really.

  10. Leather usually shrinks when wet.
  11. I will wait for you in Lilydale, If it is not raining, but it is supposed to be sunny and hot.
  12. Longtime lurker, first time poster here. Is it ok if I tag along? My usual riding buddies are letting me down on Sunday and it looks like too good a day to waste! I have only been riding for eight months and am taking it easy, but what I am lacking in experience, I make up with having a ball. I have been to Buxton a couple of times now and really enjoyed the ride.
  13. Ragusa ey?

    i lived there for 6 months... cool place
  14. could I meet you guys in healy? need some warm up for whitfield next weeke
  15. You're more than welcome dude.

  16. Sure, we could make a stop. PM me your moby no and name bro

  17. Hi guys,

    Haven't been out for a ride in a long while (besides the odd commute)...so will see you at PS :grin:

  18. Howdy.
    I too might be able to get some time free for this ride tomorrow and Lilydale would be where I could meet you all.
  19. Fantastic, I'll catch up with you in Ringwood then...And JoeyPav, Ragusa actually refers to the chocolate, not the location (long story).
  20. Another interested lurker here...sounds like fun.

    C you at Ringwood. Should be a great day for it...looks like we should have a few bikes too.