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4th bike drop

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Billsy, May 5, 2007.

  1. Well, i`ve had a bike now for around 2 and a half months and have dropped it 4 times...all on the right side and ( which is my unstable side) and all at very low speed...1st I was pushing it under the house and lost it...2nd was trying a u turn...3rd was a cab done a u turn in front of me with no indicators or tell tales he was going to....I musta fish tailed 10 metres before a perfect stop, lost control and dropped it...lol...felt like a right goose and 4th was after watching bike vids on u tube and getting hyped up and jumping on over confident....since then I been practising tight right handers at very low speeds....s`ppose you live and learn eh?

  2. As long as you keep doing the living bit, all is good :)
  3. What sorta bike you ride?

    Also, it might be worth investing in a rider training/cornering course?
  4. And at least some right hand side crash bars :wink:
  5. suzuki gs500....yep...might just invest in a cornering course
  6. Now where's all the people who suggets riders never need to go throguh this while elarning and never crash.

    Good to see you and bike are ok, and yes you do live and learn.
  7. Probably the important thing here is to work out why you are dropping it and go about correcting that. Getting some more instruction and subsequent practice sounds like the go. Buying a private lesson or two sounds like it might pay for itself very quickly by reducing your repair and clothing expenses..
  8. You start life/riding with an empty bag of experience and a full bag of luck. The trick is to fill the bag full of experience before you empty your bag of luck - how d'ya reckon you're going so far :LOL:

    Good to hear you've been practicing the low speed right-handers, it all will help along the way.
  9. Take some comfort....I was averaging a drop every 6 months with the Duc (my fourth bike :roll: ), all silly things mostly in the backyard :oops:
  10. If you're fishtailing under brakes then you're using way too much rear brake mate. Get out and do an intermediate level riding course, it'll teach you loads.
  11. when i think of it i was feeling pretty inconfident at the times ( especially after nearly wiping out both me and the taxi)... he turned in front of me pretty damn quick n admitted he mistook his accelerator for the brake...at least he stopped i s`ppose...which reminds me last night at the Valley, a cab tried to round up a few pedestrians that were too slow and got his roof bashed in....what`s this world coming to!!??...
  12. Do they sell oggy nobs one at a time? Just one on the right hand side :grin:

    Honestly, some rider training might be the go. Is the bike a little on the heavy side?
  13. oggy knobs sounds like a good investment

    also be predictable(constant speed) and mindful of the other lane. if they cramp up/1 of the cars unexpectedly slowing down, that's a sign a car may change lane
  14. Attach a side car onto your bike, its the only way!
  15. not too heavy maybe 180kg?? normal for a 500? just been out carparking and feel a bit more confident at tight turns maybe a harley sportster`d do the trick :wink:
  16. You need quite a few more drops to catch up with me in my first year.
    Oggy's were my best friend!
    Doing more courses and working out (with the help of others) what I was doing wrong all helped me to improve my riding.
  17. I think I had maybe 8 drops in my first year - on a 130kg 20 hp bike.

    Black magic can tell you how crap a rider I still am..... maybe some people should give up and shouldnt ride. :p

    Pink slips anyone?
  18. Get the oggy knobs....you'd be surprised at how you'll stop dropping the bike then.. :grin: The most important rule of life: when you have contingency plan, you won't need it. When you don't, sh!t will hit the fan.

    I've only dropped my GS500 once....ironically it was whilst on the way to the bike shop to get the Oggy Knobs fitted... :oops:

  19. Youre a hazard as long as youre on the roads. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Best bet for you is to take up walking or start
    using public transport instead.
  20. Slow_suzuki is telling porkies.....
    after 8 drops in his first year (which was many moons ago) he is an excellent rider.
    See there is hope for all of us! :wink: