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490kms and havn't hit reserve!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [swifty], Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, just thought i'd brag that i managed to get 490kms outta my tank (17 or 18 litres i cant remember) on the gpx... was just shell normal 91 ron stuff... i know i have a big tank but still....
    What about everyone else... how far on how big of a tank?

  2. Hmm... GPX 250 eh? I think the most I've gone is around 250-300 kms and then I filled up the tank because I didn't want to push it... :? That's pretty cool if we gpx riders can get that much out of one tank.
  3. I get 280kms for 9 ltrs on my Virago :grin:
  4. 183kms and its out, well then i flick to reserve.
    12 litres, suzuki across
  5. Wow
    thats excellent
    I had to flick over to reserve on my GPX 250 today at 255km's

    I use Premium

  6. Throttle's on the right there mate. ;)
  7. :rofl:
  8. first few weeks used to push the gs out to 500km's before filling without reserve
    last sunday only got 247k's before reserve what a ride haha
  9. My fuel efficiency has gone steadily downhill since I got the bike.

    Nothing like wringing the shit out of a loud twin coming out of a corner.
  10. LOL
  11. with the smoke to show you are pushing it hard :LOL:
  12. 200 kms max is the best you will get out of a R6 :cry:
  13. I get about 200-220km before I get the light on my CBR 954.
    It uses more fuel than my 6cyl falcon that is 5yrs older.
  14. i used to get between 400 to 450 kms on my Cb250 before hittin reserve.

    ran the Hornet 600 to empty on Monday - got 180kms to the tank.

    that's going to take some getting used to!
    could have something to do with the thrashing I gave it on the weekend.
  15. omg you thrashed that imacculate piece of amchinary shame on you :p
    hmmm not looking forward to my first real trip on the firestorm this weekend, could be very interesting
  16. Remember to go slowly, the petrol tanker following you isn't as fast through the twisties :p
  17. I get around 350-400km out of my FZ6 before the reserve starts to flash. I use shell standard.
  18. Heh how long is your driveway? Will you make it out of it before you hit reserve?
  19. haha i made it out to coffe didnt i? :p wow i have put 81.5 k's on it since filling up, gotta love this weather
  20. I believe Loz's Nanna once got that kind of milage from a tank of fuel. No offence to your Nanna Loz