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450yzf VS 1000GSXR

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by nightgash, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. #1 nightgash, Apr 21, 2007
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    Pretty good video, was it just that the guy on the GSXR was not leaning it over enough?


  2. Go to any trackday and you can almost always find someone slow enough to carve up. Someone who will be a Gibernau bunny to your Rossi skillz. The only exception being if you're the slowest on the track, in which case you're just everyone's bunny.

    The guy on the GSXR was braking too early, was slow into corners, slow through corners, and slow to get on the gas to get out of corners. It just goes to show: if you can't ride well, then it doesn't matter how good your bike is, the limiting factor is still your ability.
  3. Probably sold the bike after that :oops:
  4. Hehehehehe. You might just change your view if you ever happen across a certain KTM up round Reefton or Lake Mountain Stewy :wink:
  5. :wink: Hey - I did say that the limiting factor was the rider's ability, and not the bike. :grin:

    Outside of a race-track, more than 50hp is rarely ever needed (but sure nice to have). Heck, even at a track like PI, a good rider on a 400cc bike will get around in 1m47s, and that's faster than 95% of what most track-day attendees can do, regardless of what bike they're on.
  6. As many times as I see this video I never get sick of it!
  7. Heheheh. Buy or build yourself a motard & you can experience it any time you feel like it :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Motards are alot easier to turn into corers at speed, hence catching him at every corner.
  9. DUH - I must be slow tonight. :( You're saying to me that someone on a GSXR-1000 would have no hope against a certain KTM, regardless of how good the gixxer rider is?

    Cheeky bugger! :LOL:
  10. Maybe if you were racing around a tight Go-Cart track!!!
  11. You could say that. :LOL:
  12. Thats a good question Stewy. All joking & bullsh!t aside, I have a suspicion that a motard would probably clean up a sportbike -even with equal riders, if the corner speed did not get up over say about 120-130.
    Reasoning behind this -wieght, or lack there of. The latest 450 motocrossers are making as close to dammit around 60hp. And weigh just over the 100kg mark. Using the same tyres, or tyres with the same grip level, physics should dictate the motard will be able to carry more speed, brake later & harder & the rider should be able to get on the gas earlier & harder than the sporty.
    After riding mine a few times and discovering how deceptively quick a big high performance single is (600cc+) and at the rate I seem to be easily reel in the sport bikes in the tight stuff, I reckon it is definately quicker than my 400. Time will tell :wink:
  13. Heh to having metallica song for sound track
  14. nice clip...
  15. Cool little clip!

    If you stuck me on a GSXR1000 I'd still get cleaned up by a rider who knew what he was doing on a bloody Virago.