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45 year old learner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Itchybitz, May 2, 2014.

  1. G'day.
    Just got my L's at 45 and I have a chance to buy a 2008 VSTROM 650 for a great price.
    It fits me really nicely and as I get a bit more confident I want to do the 2 hour highway run to visit family.

    I like sitting up nice and high and my back agrees with the way it makes me sit.

    Any thoughts on this bike from more experienced heads?

  2. Someone once said to me: "if it feels good, do it"......so I did......
  3. Is the 2008 V strom lams approved
  4. Welcome to NR ! V-Strom 650's are great bikes but , sorry to burst your bubble , an '08 model is not learner legal. Lams model has only been recently released this year.
  5. Welcome to Nutrider, @Itchybitz@Itchybitz! How often do you scratch? :p
  6. Welcome.

    There's nothing wrong with L's over 40!
    I just got mine and now on my Pink P's :)

    from what I have seen, the Vstrom 650 LAMS learner legal model was introduced this year so you are looking at a 2014 model.

    I bought a Kawasaki Versys 2012 650cc.
    Versys has a LAMS approved model from 2010. Versys is 20kg lighter than a Vstrom, same upright riding position and is a hoot to ride.
  7. welcome aboard :] never to late never to old
  8. Hi from a 49yo learner!!!!
  9. I'm told you don't look it caz riding that ktm ;)
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