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45 minutes has passed!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz V1, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Righto, Im not sure if I should be worried, angry or not concerned.
    I went up the street for odds n ends before, I was gone say about 30 minutes. When I got home I find a note on the kitchen bench.......

    "Gone to scrub ya back tyre in for ya! Won't be long." from my brother.

    That was 45 minutes ago and he's still not back.
    Should I be angry with him?

    He has been riding for 20 years, but still, it is my bike.
    (even if he does do the R&M on it for me)
  2. Jeez, you're a bit harsh there caz, how long do you think it takes to FIND a road on which you can scrub in a back tyre in the first place? :p :LOL:
  3. Just call the cops and report it stolen :p

    That'll teach him not to take your bike :LOL:
  4. LOL Paul, I've been trying to put as many K's in as the weather has permitted since I got the new trye almost 2 weeks back, I did 170K's but I was still having the odd little tail end slide and I mentioned it to my bro the other night and next thing, fist ray of sunshine and he's on the bike and gone, any excuse I reckon.

    I thought of ringing the cops Kraven, but my bro's 6f3 so for my own safety I waited. :LOL:

    Anyway, good news is he's returned and the bikes all in one piece :) with a full tank and he even stopped off at the new supercheap auto and got me a little tyre gauge :p And... the tyre is scrubbed in much better than what it was before.(I'm spoilt I think) :p
  5. Hornet man its a Virago? :shock: You could scrub it in on a straight driveway :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Dude, I'd be pissed. It's not his bike at all.
  7. I'd be pissed and at the same time happy to have the tyre all ready to go :)

  8. Best one of the day, Deano :LOL:
  9. c'mon.. he is your bro... only 1 in a life time..
  10. Nah he did you a favour. Sounds like you got yaself a pretty sweet deal.

    Shout him lunch or something
  11. He was just looking after you.