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45 c With an open helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TAX123, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. riding with an open helmet in 45 deg heat would be enough to cook your face off, Ive been taking my car on extra hot days and using my AC, but i see some poor fools riding away in the heat, with jackets gloves and long pants, how many kg do you loose when you get home?

  2. Rain, Hail or Shine, mate.

    To be honest, I thought about taking the car due to the heat, but parking is so much more convenient in the city that its worth the momentary discomfort.

    Remember that for some people their bike is their sole means of transport. Public transport is probably much worse nowadays.
  3. Long pants and jacket helps stay cool better than t-shirt and shorts as long as you keep moving. I was outside working most of yesterday so jumping on the bike for the ride home was pretty tame.
  4. You're not wrong. I was cursing the sun in my leather jacket the other day and wishing that I'd just had left it at work and ridden home in my tshirt.
    The wind is damn hot when it gets in your eyes, I keep my lid almost closed.

    But this nation is a bunch of sooks if you ask me. "oh heat wave" 2 days of 40 plus weather and the entire country is falling apart, Grids are out, public transport cant cope...what the?
    I was in Saudi Arabia for a month and 40 plus is normal, and they function just fine. But then again they dont wear helmets so i gues they stay much cooler.

    Go figure.
  5. I rodelat saturday where the temp was in the 39s...
    Too bloody hot, couldnt have the visor up cause the air was too hot, felt cooler keeping it closed.
    AND the bikes thermo was on after only a few minutes normal riding..

    I LOVE MY CAR for days like this.
  6. bike is my sole form of transport. heaps of cancellations on my bike in the am so would take me heaps longer to train it + then i would have to wait in the hot sun for the train & tram

    ive just been going into work earlier with the bike.
    last night i left work at 8pm :?
    our work air con doesnt work properly either & its probably only 15 degrees cooler in the office.
  7. Ergh, I rode last Saturday in jeans and T-shirt. I think I would have been cooler in my leather jacket than without it.
    That wind was so disgustingly hot.

    Was not a pleasant temperature at all.

    Tyres were super sticky though!
  8. i find if im moving i dont get hot.. then again i always have my jacket, gloves and at least jeans on so i guess i might be used to it.. and i farken hate days over 40. only get a bit hot if i get stuck in a bit of traffic (stopped) and there's no way out.considering the increase of cars on the road when its hot the bike is a much better option traffic wise.
  9. getting stuck at lights and in traffic definitely sucks but if you are on a freeway or moving along at a decent rate it's bearable. The jacket and pants beats the terminal sunburn that I would get on ride without it.
  10. yeah i went for a ride wed arvo at about 7ish (when it had peaked at 43 or whatever at 5pm!)

    yeah if i had botox/plastic surgery i swear my face would have melted off by now! good thing michael jackson doesnt ride a bike eh!?

    but keeping the lid closed feels alot better, and it's definitely better having long gear on and being protected from the hot wind.

    Also i was getting tripped out with how much the temp feels as you ride through different places. Hot then dies down for a sec, then bang hits you again, then you go down a valley sorta thing in the shade and it's lovely, then out the top and bang hits you again.

    I was just surprised how much it fluctuates...
  11. there is a massive cold well at the bottom of the big dipper on the F3 north of sydney.. can even be chilly in summer.
  12. Tried what others had suggested elsewhere. Soaked my t-shirt in cold water before heading to work last night around 5:30 and within 15mins it was completely dry. That made a helluva difference. Usually I ride with the visor up and that's uncomfortable in this heat.

    My draggins, mesh/textile jacket and mesh/summer gloves were fine. Not sure how'd I'd do with the leather jacket on. Made sure the only times I stopped moving were at the red lights.

  13. That apparently is a good thing to do :LOL:

    Sorry, couldn't resist! :grin:
  14. for the commute, i find that as long as you get to work before the heat, going home i dont mind too much if it is hot. You end up sweating when stopped and then get the effect from wind + water (soaked t shirt effect) anyway.
  15. thermal lined camelback with beer
  16. I got in a cold shower before taking off yesterday, no towel just gear on and go, from vermont to wantirna i was dry.

    Stay Hydrated.

  17. Diddums? As my old mate chopper says, harden the fcukup.

    Vented jacket soaked with water makes the trip quite enjoyable.
  18. :LOL:

    Mate you always have some kind of encouraging input!

  19. Yes it's hot - so what. get a mesh jacket or one of the lightweight kevlar lined Draggin's. A pair of vented summer gloves (the woven kevlar draggin's work well) and summer boots and there's no problem.

    Or get one of the things you soak and put round your neck - most camping shops have them. But unless you're doing any distance they aren't that important.

    If you want to wear an open face then wear goggles or decent sunglasses- keeps the hot air out of your eyes.

    Geez - kids these days, no stamina... :roll: :p
  20. the best thing is to take the best thing Melbourne has to offer, the road to Sydney :grin: :grin: :grin: