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445pm on the Friday before Christmas? GREAT time to get a nail in the tyre of your main transport.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. In my mind right now, there is literally nothing bad enough that can happen to the asshole whose nail is in my nearly brand-new rear tyre. if someone out there can grant me the power to destroy him, please do. Also I have no idea who he is so I'll need that info, too.

  2. I suspect it was this guy.


    IIRC he lives in Sunflower valley. Post pics when you beat him up.
  3. :rofl:

    Yeah, I'm arbitrarily blaming some tradie or builder because I can. Someone's laziness is gonna cost me about $350 tomorrow, more if I have take the wheel off and take a taxi to Pablo's or Peter Stevens (apparently the only two places open tomorrow…).

    Hoping it holds pressure well enough for me to limp it to one of 'em… I've got it up on the rear stand at the moment and if it has some sort of pressure in the morning I'll take it to the servo, pump it up, and just stop at every servo on the way to check pressure!
  4. Sorry to hear mate and hope you get it sorted with minimum fuss.
  5. The lesson I've learned from this is that I want to learn how to change a tyre myself, and keep a spare front and rear just in case.
  6. Ditto dude.
    Used to know how to change light a/c ones out in the bush...but that's not the same.
    I got new rubber from PS Ringwood recently. What I should've done is politely ask if I can hang around and watch, making a 30min wait much more productive.
    Lesson for me in future.
  7. You may be able to plug your tyre (it's tubeless isn't it?) using one of those plug kits.

    I'm not suggesting that's a permanent fix but those tyre repair kits are cheap insurance (and it'd be easier to get to a tyre seller with an inflated tyre).
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  8. Yeah, I considered that but it's a fairly enormous chunk of metal. I'm not even 100% convinced it's a screw or nail at this point because of the size, so my current theory is that if I pull it out, the plug might not be big enough :eek: Just went out and had a feel, it's definitely still got quite a bit of air in it, so in the AM I'll probably try and limp it to a shop.

    It annoys the hell out of me that Peter Stevens seems to be the closest shop that's gonna be open tomorrow, but if they're price competitive I'll give 'em a shot I guess.
  9. I got a flat yesterday (Thursday)!
    At least I had an extra day, compared to the OP.
    Got a pretty good boss though. I took the rear wheel off, during work hours & took it down to GT's in the company ute.
    Picked it up an hour later & refitted it to the bike.
  10. Peter Stevens?? price competitive ....... on Xmas eve ??? [​IMG]

    Good luck mate, ;)
  11. I got it covered for you mate....


    Surprise !
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  12. I can scarcely believe I'm saying this, but I went there because they were the closest and I didn't want to push my luck.

    Fantastic service, and a fantastic price!
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  13. Good to hear mate, think of it this way, you're lucky it happened on the 23rd Dec...imagine if it happened today.
  14. i have a plug kit if your around macedon... Failing that I have a can of emergency gunk.