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44 degrees Ouch!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. 4 days in a row over 40, the roads are melting. Good day to stay indoors and keep an eye on you lot :)

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  2. What beer are you planning to drink while doing this tough job??

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  3. I went for an early morning ride.Now I am toughing it out under the AC.
  4. Asahi.
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  5. Good choice.
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  6. Same conditions just across the border. Went for an early ride to the Gramps before retreating back home by 9.40 to wait it out under the aircon. Thank god for good supply of frosties in the fridge, fingers crossed the power will stay on!
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  7. You're in the Grampians so much Fr33dmFr33dm, hope you don't wear them down to merely bumps.
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  8. Adelaide's a stinking hot hole in summer: our last summer there was 1959 and we had ten days straight over 100F and the last day before the heatwave broke was 110.5F......
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  9. Fairly frigging nuclear isn't it...

    My solution much like some above:

    Inside = aircon+beer
    Outside = pool+beer

    Beer this weekend is White Rabbit Dark Ale :hungry:
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  10. 43C out at TABCorp Park, checking the Toy Run route for tomorrow. Walking into the aircon bar was blissful!

    Best decision was waking at 0130 to a northerly wind blasting 28C into the bedroom, closing up the house and cranking on the aircon. Very nice to come home to...... :D
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  11. Bastid :shifty::shifty: I'm on call for our local fire brigade as driver so no beer for me :sour::sour:
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  12. Summers are definitely cooler since moving north. Adelaide has killer heatwaves.

    Locals here always say "it must have been really cold down there".

    Ha! Central West NSW has been fcuking freezing in winter so far.
  13. I will be downing a few of James Boags finest :)

    Edit Should have done it bond style

    Boag James Boag
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  14. It was nasty out there today in Melbourne this morning too. Coming down the freeway back home in that wind got a little interesting, but I don't mind riding in the wind. Although there's not many bikes out there today, let me tell you. It's vicious windy and air con and drinks seem like a very logical thing to do. Still.....I did have some fun this morning battling the conditions.
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  15. You are permitted to down 3 cold ones on the to after shift ends!
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  16. Was that you I went past?
  17. It may have been but to be honest, I had my head down and didn't notice HeliHeli. Still too busy sticking my tongue out in newbie concentration especially in this wind! :wideyed:
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  18. Haha, I thought I was the only one to do that!
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  19. Nope, Fr33dmFr33dm and I'm sure there's a few more of us who do this as well! :happy:
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  20. #20 BitSar, Dec 19, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2015
    Speaking of weather - take care of your animals people.
    My two dogs are in AC comfort.

    Went for a quick walk to the corner store - found an old Labrador wandering around. Not in a good way.
    Bloody useless council - message bank
    RSPCA - put through to same message bank
    Emergency VET - same message bank.

    Last resort was Police - undetermined wait.
    Meanwhile I'm on a random doorstep with a poor old dog really struggling.

    Long story short - secured the dog, did a door knock, found its home.
    Yeah, the last 1.5 hours have been not so fun.
    At least poor old mate is home.
    Time for a Beer.
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