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42-year-old LAM to the slaughter

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Immune_Jam, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Howdy.

    Trying to regain a little zest after a tough few years, and I keep looking at the MT-07. I have yet to ride many bikes, and of course will be doing practical research before dropping coin, but my circumstances mean my learners could be a couple of months away.
    Until then, I lurk, and ask if necessary; another bike might catch my eye.


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  2. welome aboard :), nothing wrong with lurking, Ive been known to do a bit myself :)

    Best bit of advice go and sit on some bikes and get a feel for how they suit
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  3. Good luck, so many good bikes on the LAMS market out there, only difficulty is choosing between them.
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  4. Welcome, we like to lurk here :cool:

    As JeffcoJeffco said, go to a showroom and sit on a variety of models and styles.
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  5. Lurkers are always welcome!!!
  6. Welcome Immune_JamImmune_Jam, just about to get off my Ps and have an MT07, great bike to learn on and see you through your restriction but yes ride a bunch if you can.
  7. Thanks guys.

    Choosing the gear might be even tougher! I have made my mind up to be very vigilant on the gear, I need to be comfortable.
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  8. Definitely, plenty of good gear as well, I made a decision to cheap out on the bike and spend up on the gear, and to upgrade bits as I went. For example, bought a jacket that did me well for 8 months, and then bought another for the Winter period
  9. Welcome to the forum mate
  10. Good gear doesn't necessarily mean top coin, check out sales for last seasons models etc, and you can get good stuff for a lot less than the current crop of stuff. Re helmets, you must try on before buying, we all have different noggins and buying without trying is normally an expensive expedition as you often end up having to buy another one lol.

    And welcome! Get down to Saturday practices in Elwood if you want to meet some good folk who can talk bikes/riding/gear etc...
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  11. Enjoy lurking, go to dealers, sit on bikes, browse websites, all good fun, buy something you like.
  12. HillsyHillsy I used to see your name heaps on the forum and feel like I haven't for ages. All good?

    Welcome aboard Immune_JamImmune_Jam. Plenty on offer for the pointy end of the allowable power for LAMS bikes. MT07 is well up there. And nice to ride, I hear
  13. All good Steve, distracted by the other kind of mistress.
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  14. You got a second bike?
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  16. 1m28s. One of the reasons I love their shows is the song count per set ratio!
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  17. have you seen them play?
  18. I have seen them twice. The most recent at Festival Hall was better than when I saw them at an actual music festival in 2010! Milo blew his voice out, but that festival had some awesome acts.
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  19. Welcome to the fun house Immune_JamImmune_Jam and keep us posted on your final choice of wheels. :happy: