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40k limit on Old Rd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zim, May 28, 2009.

  1. There is a report on Adventure Rider about large sections of the speed limit on the Old Pasific Hwy are now 40kph,slippery slope for your favourite riding area

  2. Not large sections. About 3 (maybe 4?) sections of 40 for a few hundred metres or so each time.
  3. The following is from the aforementioned site , to save people asking, mods remove if not appropriate.

    From the Berowra truck stop to Mooney Mooney is was today a mix of 80 and 60, but after crossing the bridge I found this:

    I was going to turn around but when I stopped to take the picture I noticed the sign looked brand new, no dust or grime. So, out of curiosity, I followed the road and a few km. later I found a van installing them.

    Now long sections of the OPH are 40 km/h and the rest 60 km/h. In a couple of places you'll find a sign advising you to take the next turn at 45 km/h. 20 m. after another one with a speed limit of 40 km/h

    It was so difficult driving at 40 km/h (you have to pay more attention to the speedometer than the road) that I guess it will be a long time before I repeat the experience.

    Oh, and I also saw two police radars.

    Careful this weekend if you decide to ride the OPH, where not long ago it was max 80 Km/h you could now loose your license for 3 months, 4 points and $621. And I am sure it is going to be 'collection weekend' for the police.

  4. Thats not what the report on Adventure Riders said,the new signs were installed today and north of the Brisbane Waters its 40kph for 26klm of the road,I have not seen it myself,just read it there,not good.
  5. What the hell is the justification for *halving* the limit.
  6. Zim , i suggest you go back and read the report , not the second post , but what was the original post , which is what I added above.
  7. So that they can raise more revenue. QED !
  8. It will also be double demerit points in a couple of weeks , so watch out.
  9. Grange thanks for posting the whole post from Adventure Rider,my 2nd post was written at the same time as you posted,my comment was directed to Phizog re he thinking its not a big distance,sounds like its 26km long
  10. sections of the road were so shocking you forced to do 40-50 at times but this is overkill.

    i will be cynical and say the only people who will use this road now will be cyclists, and cops can't really book them for doing more than 40 can they? no more motorcyclists.

    as a flow-on effect any businesses there will probably lose a lot of busines leading them to complain ( i dont think there are many though? )
  11. no problem Zim
  12. sections of the road were so shocking you forced to do 40-50 at times. :? :?

    we used to do it at 100kph for its full length more than 45 years ago in a Hillman Minx.....
  13. That is so fcukING STUPID!
  14. Pathetic.
  15. :LOL: :LOL: I call bullsh*t on this claim!

    surely this car cannot do 100km? downhill at more than 45 degree maybe


    mind you the road was the major road then so it was maintained :LOL:
  16. Actually, it was an earlier model than the one that you pictured, evel, but, the car was definitely capable of 60mph, which is equivalent to 100km/h more or less.
  17. Given the relative performance of modern vehicles what's that in adjusted terms? 100mph? I'm glad you're still with us ya hoon! :wink:
  18. Cross ply tyres and drum brakes, too!!! :shock: :shock:
  19. they could be getting it ready for road works :shock:
  20. I have read on another *ahem* forum, that this is probably the reason.