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400km's today

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cruisin4abruisin, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. So I woke up today, took a look at the sky, figured I'd jump on the bike and ride. What I didn't take into account this morning is just how far I'd go. So I cruised round town for a bit, went a fuelled up and headed to Tatong, from thew I went to Samaria, onto Swanpool before turning left onto the highway and headed towards Mansfield.

    I stopped briefly at Lake Nillahcootie before pressing onto Mansfield where I stopped for lunch. I left Mansfield early afternoon and headed up the range to Tolmie with the thought of heading back home through Tatong via Spring Creek Rd. Didn't happen, I breezed through Tolmie and headed down the range for Whitfield. I had a blast in the twistys, I had started to get a touch cool as I left Tolmie so I had bumped the heated grips to the second stage. By the time I reached Powers Lookout I knew I needed to pull up, I was making errors in corners and I was lucky I had the rd to myself. After warming myself by the fire of a nice young couple I continued on my way.

    I wound my way down the range enjoying the twistys again. I even accelerated down some parts! The counter steering was alive and well and I felt for the first time what all riders talk about. The bike and I moved effortlessly. The trees and twistys made way for green pastures with fat cattle and a road the flattened out and curved and rose with the land as I left the hills. Whitfield rose up and I stopped for fuel for both Bessie and myself.

    With that done, I headed to Wangaratta and did a few things round town. I left and headed out and over the Taminick Gap Rd crossing the Warby ranges. I came back around and into Glenrowan and made a "comfort stop". I rode out for Winton the long way, before arrivarriving back in Benalla.

    Very worn out but extremely satisfied. Pics to follow, thanks to the young couple for allowing me the warmth of their fire. Also huge thanks to all of those good folks here that provide so much time and knowledge for the noon riders, I couldn't have done today without that help and support.

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    Lake Nillahcootie
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  3. Good to see you getting out. Some great roads you travelled today.
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  4. Nice :]
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  6. Nice write up...

    Looks like a perfect day to be out and about..
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    Climbing the range between Tolmie and Mansfield.

    Climbing the range between Tolmie and Mansfield.

    Powers Lookout-a must do if you have never been.

    Whitfield, highly recommend the cafe, very rider friendly.

    Warby Ranges

    At Glenrowan
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  8. Haha nice mate but you're gonna have to start posting all the pics in one post. Just keep loading pics one after another and 'post' once finished...
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  9. chillibuttonchillibutton tried that, pc crashed. lol, Lazy LibranLazy Libran certainly was a top day-thanks for the complement...I can feel a bike review coming on! JeffcoJeffco & cjvfrcjvfr thanks guys, wouldve been awesome to be doing it with some others. Was a couple of groups in Mansfield I was the only solo rider that I saw today. Got plenty of waves and nods from pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and cagers! Sitting here with a grin that would rival that of a just recently no longer virgin if ya get me drift. on a huge high.
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  10. Good to see you're out enjoying the new ride, some great roads you've done there, Mansfield-Whitfield is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing the pics too (y)
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  11. Great post - jealous of your day of fun :)

    Awesome pics too.
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  12. Now that's a ride :D I know what you mean about being cold and the errors creeping in. Glad to hear you're safe and had a great time!
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  13. Thanks guys, had a blast. Really didn't want to stop. Can't wait for next week.
  14. Great pics! Looks like you had a great day for it :)
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  15. Sure did, if I didn't have any commitments today I'd be off again. Haven't woken as sore as I thought. Arrgg! What's wrong with me? I just want to ride!
  16. You are addicted lol
  17. Lol yup guess so. "My name's Rick, and I'm an alcoholic...oh wait! Motorcyclist!"
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  18. Good feeling innit? Gives you the enthusiasm of a kid again....which is priceless as you get older!
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  19. Bit frosty in Wang this morning, Did the Whitfield to Mansfield run on the Black dog ride with my daughter, great roads.
    Would love to ride but waiting for parts to fix rear suspension issues.:(
  20. great report, thanks for sharing
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