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4000km Service

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Joff, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    just a question on behalf of my brother.

    He has a 2004 Hyosung GV Aquila 250 and its due for its 4,000km service. He had a qoute from A1 (as its still under warranty) for around the $300 mark.

    He is on a budget, so just wondering what you guys reckon he could do himself obviously oil change, but what else?

    Also what do you reckon he should be paying for this service?
  2. take a look in the mechanics, retailers, and dealers section and you'll see some testimonials from netrider members re. good mechanics, $300 sounds like a load of $*@! to me considering barely anything will need to be done and it's a 250.
  3. That sounds about right.....for A1 that is !

    It's usually only an oil change (not even oil-filter) and general check over. Check your owners manual/ warranty booklet for details for what exactly is required.
    It should have a schedule there somewhere...
    All that shouldn't be more than 1hr. work plus oil, generously $100?
  4. OK - advice then please
    Is it better to get bike serviced where you purchasesd it from (has mixed 2nd hand brands) - or a place that deals only in that particular bike ie: Honda, Suzuki etc? Mines up for its 20,000km one?
  5. Best is a place that knows what they're doing...
    Most bikes have 6000km intervalls (yeah, I know about BM's and some Trumpys/ whatever...), yours might be overdue or still a few 1000km off then.
    Doesn't matter who sells what brand, or if they sell any bikes at all, some good repairers/ servicers get mentioned over and over in here.
    At around the 18/24k service the VTR should be up for valve-clearances, too, I guess?
  6. Thanks Pete,
    it was done at 15,000 when I bought it - new chain & back tyre. Was told leave it for another 5,000. I know it needs a new front tyre & clutch lever (is only a little bent!!). Maybe PM me your recommendations of someone local?

  7. sounds like a lot :shock:

    i just had the 12,000 done on my VTR and all up (rear brake pad, oil filter, air filter and oil change and a new spring for the sidestand) was $195.00 :D
  8. get him to come along to spanner day and he can do it all himself :D

    (seems an usual decision to get a brand new 250 if he's on a budget though)
  9. its a hyosung, it cost less than a second hand jap bike :wink: :LOL:
  10. Jeffrey's Honda/ FTG
    Eric at Mojo Cycles in FTG (open 12-5.30/ Sat 9-3)