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400 riders

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ZRX, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Who here rides a 400? Post up some pics/description of your bike.

    I'm racing a tired old '89 VFR400 with PCRA and St George. Best fun ever (y)
  2. Nobody?
  3. Nice (y) I'm a big fan of the RVF.
  4. Banged up the bike a few weeks ago and I'm picking up another one this weekend. Might use one for the track and strip it back.
  5. I thought that most of the ones being raced were actually 440's
  6. Got an RVF400 just over a month ago here. Photo in my display. Havnt uploaded any ive taken of her yet though.
  7. Are you racing at EC this weekend?
  8. The 440's get put with the 600's in NSW.

    I was racing a bloke this year on one, he did alright against the 600's in the retro classes.
  9. I have a VFR 400 race bike which I am fixing up. Still learning heaps, but had heaps of fun on it when it was still in one piece :D. Hoping to get back on it once it is all fixed up.
  10. No, moving house instead. Way more fun than racing :| :p

    Not likely in NSW. A whole heap of them are serviced at the same place, and the head mechanic races in the class so I imagine he would put a stop to any such shenanigans pretty quickly!
  11. Lol, my sympathies to you and good luck with the moving!
  12. I got a street regoed one (NC30) that I've put over 80,000kms on. 90 something 000 at the moment.