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400 Racing!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Paul Kleinberg #64, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. For those who know me I am definitely considered 'too tall' for a 125gp bike and so lately I have had my eyes set on going to the 400 class. )money permitting). Sure 600s would be a better step because of the thrill but I think the 400 class may be a bit cheaper and a better racing experience with all the great riders competing.

    Are there any other 400 riders here who have any valuable words of wisdom to tell me/best bike to get/how much an average rider spends p.a/what rounds to do.........etc.

    Not to sound like a biatch but comments from people who know what they're talking about would be nice just to make sure there are no 5 page arguments on whose opinion is more valid. :):)

    Cheers guys and gals,

    Paul Kleinberg
  2. PM Ian Wiltshire on here, he will be able to answer any questions you have. :wink:
  3. PK64, A scrap is just what we need. Things have been quiet here lately.
  4. /\ No it isn't, that's stupid, my internet alter ego is better than yours!
  5. Look at CBR, VFR, as all spare parts are readily available, though this usually means a hefty price tag.

    A well priced FZR is not to bad, they are well supported by racers and have fairly good sorce of spare parts (internal, engine, barings, etc.), look for ones with modern farings like 03 R6 farings as the originals are hard to source, where as modern R6 farings are readily available. (my pick)

    ZXR again fast in the right hands but as in the FZR look for ones with modern farings as the originals are hard to source, the internals are harder to source than the FZR though.

    Usually the price will reflect the availability of parts for the model.

    As far as speed goes they are all very simular and it really comes down to the rider.

    As long as you are prepared with the right tools and spare parts, like seals, gaskets, engine covers, oils (fork + engine), you should be right.

    Remember most competitors will totally refresh their engine internals every year, and oil every round, tyres every two rounds (depending on circuit), fork oil every other round, main barings every year, so it does get expensive.

    As far as total cost goes, this all depends on how competitve you want to be.
  6. This does look like a very good series, bikes look pretty cheap (well compared to car racing!)

    Anyone run these? What are the realistic running costs? We talking $1500 per weekend here?
  7. It would be less than that.
  8. PK64, if you can, buy the Itchicok" bike from Wayne Forrest. It's a good one.
  9. Fark, it's tempting hey. It's been a few years since I've raced, but that was on 4 wheels. It cost me sh!tloads though, so many hidden costs, like the bike is just the small component, at least they're cheaper than Formula Vees!

    Hmmmm. Anyone run in the series that can tell me how much their yearly costs are? I aint look for front runner costs either!!! :p
  10. I wouldn't mind knowing costs of front and back runners, at least you can see how much is rider input and how much is bike input.
  11. What i would recommend is to buy the bike take it to a couple of track days at a racetrack that is on the 400 series calander, get commfortable with the bike and the bike - track combination, do this nowish to the start of the year. So by the time the series comes around your comfortable, and setled, your first race is deffinitly an eye opener. Theres not many races during the year (up here), and only two-three tracks (i think its the same down there), as far as costs are concerned i cant really talk about what your situation would intale but roughly off the top of my head:

    One off Costs
    Bike: ~ $6000 - $10000 (this should hopefully get you some spare glass, warmers, stands)

    Yearly Costs
    Licences: Depends on State
    Engine overhaul: Depends on Bike

    Round Costs
    Tyres: Depends on track you could get one round or two
    Oils: I change engine oil each round and check each round and repalce as necessary fork, shock, brake fluid.
    Brake System: depends on what pads and system your running but you could be up for pads each round
    Damage: (If your lucky this is minor)
    Track Costs: (depends on your tracks)
    Accomadation: (motel or home) Depends on how close you are to the race cource
    Transport: Ute, Van, mate;
    Fuel: 2 tanks at least
    Filters: I do it every 2 rounds just a clean and re-oil of the air filter
  12. Thanks for that.

    As i said i raced this year and last so atleast i already have gear etc. I hope to get a van or ute when i get my license and i'm lucky enough that my dad and friends have worked up enough contacts over the years to get a hand with things when it's needed. If my plans work out how I want, I will buy a bike mid way through next year, do track days eyc. and then start racing the following year. Or if I get some cash sooner then obviously i will buy it sooner.

  13. Be patient. Something good will come your way.
  14. I know I should be patient sensei but I just wanna ride. Especially after I just sore Ian Wiltshires bike for sale on aus-superbike.com, it would be nice to have the cash to purchase.
  15. Paul, I want everything too.