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400 over 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Clayt0nB, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. I've heard that if your doing a little more motorway riding at 100kph then your better off on a 400 over a 250 (LAM's) because the engine wouldn't have to work as hard to sustain that speed; lower revs, better overall for the bike fuel/energy/overheating wise.

    Was just curious what sort of 400cc Learner's bikes you guys would suggest? Any that stand out from the crowd?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Rvf 400 / cb 400
  3. I guess the cb400 is the big one around eh?

    Does look like quite a nice bike
  4. cb400 over the vtr250
  5. rvf400. IIRC sits on about 6.5k or 7k at 100. Great bike.
  6. I've got one, take it from me - they rock. best 400 sports bike in my opinion
  7. Plenty of people ride 250s at highway speed.
  8. What Vert C said is so true and then also, why limit your self to just 250cc or 400cc. There are 500cc, 600cc, 650cc and 660cc bikes that are all still lams.

    a 250 like a VTR or the Ninja or the new CBR will all cruse along at 100 or 110. It is like saying that a Toyota Yarris wont sit on 100 very well because holden sell big V8 cars.

    Were the 400 and any other bigger bike will be better is generally physical size of the bike as 250's are often small, easier overtaking and the bigger the bike the more power and the more power the more fun. But a 250 has plenty of power to site at 110kmh two up with gear if you want to and it will not hurt the bike.

    I used to do up to around 4 hour long trips on my old DT175. It hit red line at 7000rpm and I would sit it at 100kmh for as long as the speed limit was 100. At 100, it would be reving at about 6750rpm. makes it challenging for overtaking!
  9. re physical size, not really. The 400's are barely bigger than 250's, they truly are very small motorcycles. The 500's and above are significantly bigger and I wouldn't hesitate to say slower than the 400's.
  10. Well if you are not going to limit yourself to 400, get the dr650, the rest of the big bikes are too heavy.
  11. Mainly because I don't want something too powerful for LAM's but I don't want to get bored of it too quickly, which I doubt would happen anyway.

    + I would much prefer a small bike (physically)
  12. RVF 400 you can't bet them for handling and unlike LAM's 600 bikes they are unrestricted
    Very easy to ride
  13. +1 to RVF400.

    They handle great, have plenty of oomph and physical size is pretty close to that of a 250. Comparing my VFR400 (older model of the RVF...but for some reason not LAMS approved) with my Suzuki Across, the Across is bigger in size (but lighter)...in saying that the Across is one of the larger 250s out there, if not the largest and heaviest. One down side to the RVF400 would be parts...since they weren't sold in Australia, parts are usually hard to come by and due to supply and demand, can be expensive (eg. $25 per spark plug...you'll need 4). There is a solution, buying stuff from UK/Japan can work out cheaper as I have found...all you need is time.

    In saying all of the above, I ride my Suzuki Across on the road and do at least 40km a day on the freeway. It seems to do it just fine but as mentioned before, over taking is a challenge at times.
  14. I wanted a CB400 but couldn't afford them so went with VTR250.

    The extra overtaking power would be nice, my VTR250 tops out at about 140 with my 75KG on it and it takes a long time to get there. 3rd gear ends at about 105Km/hr (10500RPM) so overtaking on highways has to be done in 4th which if course has less torque at the wheels.

    3rd is good for onramps though.
  15. My 250 would sit at about 10,000rpm at 110 in top gear. Redline was 16k. Overtook fine as peak power was made at 11 so I was right in the power band. It was a naked though so the wind noise was the worst part and its weight caused wind to blow you around a bit.