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400 or 600 race bike?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by x5466, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. im looking at biying a bike to fix up as a race bike (most likely a FZR) but ive never raced before

    im just wondering if i should get a 400 or 600, from what i've heard they are very different racing styles
    (400's being less forgiving if you dont hit a corner right or throttle on too late ect...)

    can anyone tell me a bit more about the difference in racing styles or give advice on what to choose and why?

  2. 400s are significantly cheaper to race and you learn technique due to not having an over-abundance of power.
  3. Was told you will learn quickly with the 400s, it isn't as competitive as the 600s (attitude wise), 400 racers tend to be a close bunch, helping each other out on and off the track and as TP said, you will get your techniques right due to lack of power and also rid off any bad habits ;)

    Hope that helps.

    phong =P~
  4. Get a 400, mate. You will be so glad that you did
  5. sounds like the decission is made then fzr 400 it is just gotta find a nice one now
  6. Find one in good mechanical condition, it doesn't have to be 'nice'.
  7. I wouldn't go FZR,
    I don't think many people are on them, the Hondas are probably the best bet, or the Kwakas if you want a bit more grunt, (bit more expensive though).

    It's not following the crowd but you're better off getting the same because parts are going to be more readily available etc.

  8. yeah good mech thats what i ment
    i gotta be honest im not a huge fan of hondas dont mind the kwaks (what do they have in the 400 range?)
    but i think the fizzer would have to be my 1st choice followed by gsxr although parts are even rarer for the gixxer

    250...bit to small to take on phillip island.
  9. Get a kwaka
  10. Plenty big.
  11. Harley davidson

    I wanna suggess you harley davidson
  12. Can you make it up to Broadford 18th/19th April for the Vic Champs?
    Have a look.
    On the Vic happenings page, Vic champs, is a free spectator tix offer from PMCC.
  13. spewin just missed the free tix offer might try to make it anyway dont know about both days though