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400 Motard as a cure for speeding woes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. This is a very idle speculation, of which nothing will probably come, but...

    I'm kinda hanging onto my license with my teeth at the moment, 2 points left... I know, I know, a middle-aged Dad should be a bit more responsible...

    But the Bandit definitely makes going fast feel like going slow - and going the speed limit feel like I could get off and walk.

    Having the old GT550 loaner, which was a complete POS, still got me thinking, because it made going slow feel like going fast.

    So I got thinking about what else would do that, and still be reliable, respectable and fun. And thought maybe something like the DRZ400SM or a similar smallish motard might fill the bill.

  2. I dont think a Motard slows you down (well a DRZ400 will :p ) - I think of it more along the lines that a tard will provide more fun at slower speeds, and thus eliminating the need to go fast for fun.
  3. Buy one of these old man!

    [​IMG] :LOL:
  4. Hiya, I have spent a bit of time on a DRZ400 here in Japan.

    My thoughts are this.
    *Suspension, is okay if just a little bit soft.
    *Reasonably tall seat height. (I am 5ft11inch ish.).
    *Brakes are awesome, rolling stoppies are very easy to do.
    *Power is okay, but take note this engine has been detuned in comparision to the off road version. it has a smaller carb & smaller header plus more I am led to believe. It is still capable of wheelies though, with just the right amount of encouragement from the clutch.

    I reckon they are a good purchase and apprently 2nd prices are quite reasonable in Oz.

    Just a warning though, every time I hop on a motard bike, I turn into a instant dick head on the road. I just can`t help myself.
  5. It probably will work, to some extent. The sheer effort (both mechanical and biomechanical) in sustaining high speed will probably work for you.
    Beware anything with a motor that insists on being revved before it works properly, however. The DRZ probably copes OK in that regard but there are others (single cylinder 'tards) that will demand that you flog them, and that will result in just as many points off as creeping over on a big missile of a bike. Plus, you'll get slammed hard for wheelies (accidental or not).

    You really want a bit of a lazy motor and not a temperamental buzz-saw if you need to keep your points, IMHO. Any chance of running two bikes?
  6. Bravus, the new DRZ is fuel injected and to me screams motard
  7. You can lose your license on anything, even a DRZ400, it'll just be in different places. i.e. being a hooligan around town, rather than on 100+ jaunts through the countryside.

    The fix it all solution is to buy a POS car, take the rego off your bikes, and head trackside. The Govt. got greedy and lost. I give them considerably less money these days.
  8. Err, no it `s not.
  9. Two bikes would be nice - the Bandit is still luvverly for the longer trips and for pillioning. As I said, doubt anything will happen soon, especially as I just spent a grand getting the Bandit serviced.

    I guess that the fact that a DRZ does something like 130 top speed is just contrasted with the fact that the Bandit will hit a lazy 150 on a simple overtake without even breathing heavy... both would definitely require self-discipline, but as I say, lower speeds will feel faster on a motard due to being (even more) upright as well as revvy and such.

    I realise there are heaps of slower bikes out there - the point, though, is something slower but still a heap of fun.
  10. I do like the track idea, though I'd be just doing it easy on my road bike, which would have its risks... Might have to look into it, get a bit of it out of me system.
  11. Correct. RM is :oops:
  12. RMZ450 is! RMZ250 is still carb.
  13. start stunt riding
    a 60T sprocket makes you feel like you're doing 100k/h at 70k/h.
  14. Yes, it will stop you from speeding excessively. I know what you mean about not feeling the speed on the bigger, smoother bike. A 1cyl relatively low powered bike - you'll feel the speed alot more which will slow you down, probably just the ticket - but still enough fun and power to hoon in the corners.
  15. mate get a DRZ400e. I ride mine every day to work and on weekends. Starts reving too hard round 130 so it should keep ya doing the limits still powerful enough though to pop it up in 3rd with power only
  16. Getting a motard to preserve your license? Heh heh. It might help with the speeding fines dude, but you can expect a few more "fail to maintain proper control" fines for all your whooliez, stoppeez and back wheel slidey slidey.
  17. Tis true, but there are no cameras for those, they require actual cops, which are pretty rare around here...
  18. Go the motard. Other than using it as it was origionally intended (as a dirty bike) it will be the mostest fun you can have under 140 on a bike. I've worn 1/2 the footpegs off on my KTM, absolutely lacerated nuffies on their litre plus bikes, learnt how to pull kilometre + long wheelies and stoppies on mine :LOL: :LOL: When you get bored on the road just pull off onto the verge and start jumping the spoon drains :) :) Just do it.
  19. mines for sale on bike sales.... :) yoshi pipe etc ...
  20. Man, i was behind a cbr 125 today. get one of those, screaming its guts out and going absofugginlutely nowhere.