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400-650cc Bike for a short fat dude with short arms

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doc dogg, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. I have decided it is time I got back on two wheels after a break of 5 years and I'm having a shocking time deciding which bike to get. Most of my riding has been done on dirt bikes (RM80, XR250, WR250) and my fav ol' girl a TW200...the original version with drums front and back.

    I like a nice relaxed upright position and the current lot of bikes I've sat on and ridden have been a bit awkward (CB400 VTR250, ER6-n). I liked the CB400 and the VTR250 but the tanks seemed a bit long and it was a reach for the bars (plus my guts was sitting on the tank). The ER6-n felt like the bars were too low and it was a stretch to reach as well. The only bike I've ridden lately that was half comfy was a Hyosung 650 cruiser, but I've seen a few second hand ones and they are faded and looking worse for wear.

    Any recommendations for other bikes to look at? I would be using it for the occasional commute to work and for a weekend blast through the hills. My missus may want to ride on the back as well so a comfy passenger spot would be good as well. I seem to like a lighter bike or something with the weight a little lower as my legs aren't long enough to get decent leverage (I was on tippy toes on the VTR250).

    If all else fails I may consider a big engine, small profile scooter like the Honda 300cc thingo...but that will be as a last resort ;)

    Cheers guys
  2. What about a different brand cruiser? The Honda VT400 is much the same dimensions as the Hyo, if not a bit smaller, and the build quality would smash it out of the park.
  3. The GS500 is worth a look. Bars might be a bit of a stretch but definitely worth sitting on one... nice upright position, tank didn't get in the way of my gut... all good :)

    I've read some really good things about the big-arse scooters too. Based on hyosung's reputation personally I would go the scooter over the hyo cruiser.
  4. The Yamaha XVS650 cruisers are very nice as well (if you like that sort of thing) with a low seat height, enough grunt and so on. Worth a look.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I think I might have to ride a few more cruisers, I did enjoy the hyo for the 30 mins I rode it through city traffic, but as the_blacke mentioned I was put off by the longevity worries. If I do end up buying a jap cruiser I'll be ridiculed by my Harley riding mates but I'm sure they will still let me ride with them :D The XVS650 looks the goods, cheers for pointing it out Bravus, now I just have to wait until I have time to go and check them out in the shops...
  6. This is a bit out of left field but the BMW G650GS fits shorter riders (with shorter arms) well generally.

    Yes it's a bit more expensive (around $13.2K ride away) but for the price you get ABS and heated grips plus BMW's generally hold their value better than Japanese bikes (other things being equal).
  7. My best mates dad rides a BMW and reckons they are heaven on wheels, I'll add it to the list of bike to throw a leg over. Whilst price is an issue, I'll happily pay more for a quality ride...it is only money after all.
  8. Im short and fat and like the Suzuki Volusia (Boulevard C50) its a little bigger at 800cc but it rides sweet =D>
  9. I've ridden my XVS650 custom with a lot of harley riders and never had even a barb thrown my way, it's a great cruiser.. of course they might just be being nice cause of the other stuff in the stable. But I find myself on the 650 more then the others these days it's just very comfy around town and the odd lap about the place.
  10. Thanks, those suzuki's look like a nice bike when I've seen them on the road.
  11. Metric cruisers > HD :)
  12. They'll get over it, especially when they see the quality of the bike at a third of their cost!

    I was down the NSW south coast last weekend, go lots of nods from harley riders. They didn't care what I was riding, they're not all snobs :D
  13. I'm sure my mates will still give me a ribbing anyway, it will all be in good fun though. These are the guys who taught me to ride when we were growing up, it takes a good friend to let you ride his pride and joy when you are learning and have a high chance of crashing.

    I've hit a slight road block in that my missus has suddenly decided that getting a bike is too dangerous after a weekend at her parents in Vic. I think it might be those awful vicroads bike safety adverts that give the message "Ride a bike, Die a horrible death". I'll convince her otherwise though eventually :D
  14. Do what I did, go buy the bike and say sorry later lol
    Mine wasnt even registered, and 3 years and 4 bikes later, well it's no longer classified as mid life crisis!!