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40 kph zone...waahhh

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Misty, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. On the way home from work today, going out of the city along Dandy rd.
    Took off from the lights at Chapel St like...well like a handbag mini rocket can.

    Forgot I had left work at 3.30 rather than the usual 4pm and that that section of Dandy Rd is a bloody 40 k zone from 3.30 - 4. :evil:

    Not a kid in sight mind you (plus it's a secondary school there- you'd think they'd know by that age how to cross a road), but it was still 40 kph.
    I didn't realise til I was half way through it, so I hit the anchors and slowed right down. I would have got up to about 65ish? by the time I realised.

    Please somebody tell me there was no speed camera there???? :facepalm:

  2. The aswer is in the mail or not, hope lady luck smiles upon you

    I have two secondary school age kids, the aswer is NO they're too busy texting their friends :) :)
  3. that's an answer misty DIDN'T want to hear!!
  4. Sorry if my post offends but I believe in the 40k around schools
  5. Thats standing beside them know doubt :shock:

    Cheers 8)
  6. No just observation while waiting to pick them up
  7. Your post does not offend because at no point did I state that I had a problem with 40 km zones in general - just that particular one at that particular moment. :?
    I have 2 young children and live across from a school - I fully support 40 km zones, and normally make a point of doing 40k.

    Oh dear...good point.
    Besides, I've just done my homework and realise there is a primary school nearby also, which accounts for the 40kph.
  8. my local school is a 40 zone 24/7 365 days a year :facepalm: ](*,) :facepalm: so evil, so stupid.
  9. Most school zones are a PITA because they are just signed and you need to remember to look at your clock/watch as you approach.

    Misty, if you failed to see the big mofo LED signs that flash 40km/h before you hit that 40 zone you need therapy :)

    I too believe in the 40km/h zones but only during school hours, being forced to do 40km/h past a school at 2am is a crock of shit.
  10. I am a big fan of the 40 zone around school, but like Vic and quite a few others, why have it 24/7. Is it just so they can save money on signs and stuff,.
    I am confused. (Now before anyone else can say it, I know that is a normal state of being for me. :):):))
  11. Well, on Clayton Rd there is a school zone only marked by the signs that say 40km btn certain times with NO big mofo LED signs to state when its a 40 zone....so they aint always there!
  12. Yes, well....that's entirely possible :roll:

    It was one of those days where I may have been better off getting the tram due to diminished brain activity. :oops:
  13. I just wish they'd sign post them better so they are easier to spot.

    PS. I agree with the 40km/h theory.
  14. This is such a bad joke, I can't believe I'm doing it...

    Could we retitled this thread "Pray, Misty, ForTy"?

    with apologies to all Clint Eastwood fans
  15. I can believe you are doing it, it is after 4 pm on any given day.

  16. Hah, ya reckon that's bad, try Traralgon.

    Those boofheads at the Council have 40K, 24/7, past their offices. Straight back to 50 after that.

    Silly thing is that there is more traffic past them, than at them.

    Apparently the Councl people must have the mentality of school children. Hmmm, I think I have just woken up to why the behave the way they do.
  17. Bart might still be on detention at that hour. :)
  18. Thank you but...............

    I was actually referring to the specific section of road that was quoted in the original post. That bit of road has them and they are MOFO sized.

    I know they don't always have them but they should or if lives aren't worth that much they could at least use amber flashing lights above the cheaper signs during the hours that the 40km/h limit comes into play.

  19. Mark, don't you dare EVER come on and complain about someone else's joke after that carefully constructed, but awful, pun!!!

    On the Zones, at least you've GOT flashing lights in Vic, our muddle-headed government doesn't think they would make any difference.......