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$40,218 bill and 154 demerit points

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by revhead998, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/breaking-new...traffic-offences/story-e6frfku0-1225889836130

    A SYDNEY man has racked up an astonishing 104 alleged traffic offences in six months.

    The 40-year-old from Green Valley is accused of speeding 24 times, using an unregistered vehicle 26 times and using an uninsured vehicle 26 times.

    Other alleged offences include driving contrary to a traffic lane arrow, not lodging or completing a signed application for transfer of a vehicle, and using misleading number plates.

    Police are trying to confiscate the man's Toyota Corolla sedan and have given him a notice to appear at Liverpool Local Court on August 26.

    They estimate that if he was issued with infringement notices for all the offences, he would be facing a $40,218 bill and lose 154 demerit points.

    All the alleged speeding offences happened in Sydney's southwest, police say.

  2. Should we take bets on if he will show up to the court date?
  3. i hope they flay him and spay him, and leave his head on a stick as a message to all the other Camry drivers
  4. but he drives a Toyota Corolla sedan :-s
  5. My first (and still current) is a Toyota vienta... :grin:
  6. Now there's a f'wit who shouldn't be on the road - not you browny, the dude in the op. ;)
  7. Yeah, lock him up and throw away the key.

    And, on the subject, I seem to remember some gargantuan speeding fine in Finlad a few years ago. Here's some more crazy stats for you..

    "The fastest speeding ticket in the world allegedly occurred in May 2003 in Texas. It was supposedly 242mph in a 75mph zone. The car was a Swedish-built Koenigsegg CCX, which was involved in the San Francisco to Miami Gumball 3000 Rally. The fastest convicted speeder in the UK was Daniel Nicks, convicted of 175 mph on a Honda Fireblade motorcycle in 2000. He received six weeks in jail and was banned from driving for two years. The fastest UK speeder in a car was Timothy Brady, caught driving a 3.6-litre Porsche 911 Turbo at 172 mph on the A420 in Oxfordshire in January 2007 and jailed for 10 weeks and banned from driving for 3 years. Also, in the UK visiting from Japan, Kazuhiko "Smokey" Nagata did 324kph (201mph) on the A1M in a RB26DETT powered Toyota Supra tuned by the company he founded, Top Secret. He was arrested, fined, and banned from driving in the UK. Numerous videos on YouTube show the top speed run, which was filmed by Video Option reporters. One of the reporters hid the tape in his jeans to avoid it being confiscated and being used as evidence against Smokey.

    The most expensive speeding ticket ever given is believed to be the one given to Jussi Salonoja in Helsinki, Finland, in 2003. Salonoja, the 27-year-old heir to a company in the meat-industry, was fined £116,000 for driving 80 km/h in a 40 km/h zone. The uncommonly large fine was due to Finnish speeding tickets being relative to the offender's last known income. Salonoja's speeding ticket was not the first ticket given in Finland reaching six figures.
  8. granted, yes, but it's the same thing in my eyes, bro :)
    the stereotpyical South Western Sydney Toyota owner is incapable of driving anything other than FEAR into the hearts of riders.

    I'm possibly considering paying some prison thug to **** him if he scores jailtime. I consider it remuneration for all the times of degrading helplessness I've felt because some Toyota driver couldn't be assed doing a headcheck, let alone learning basic driving skills and Australia's road rules. Nothing against Browny and the minority of safe Camry drivers, and while other car drivers are of course also perpetrators of this crime, in my experiences it's the Camry drivers being extremely over-represented.

    I'd feel safer in the passanger seat of the 164kmh grandmother. but not by much :)
  9. That's settled an arguement I was having with my wife. She has won, and we will be selling the Camry as soon as possible. Tell me is a Liberty alright to be seen in?
  10. So I'm assuming that since he was in a vehicle that the authorities cannot prove was his as it had false number plates on it, they have to identify him for each and every offence for it to count against him?

    I seem to remember that being how it went for the northern beaches guy on the harley.
  11. Liberty is OK, Forester is NOT OK. Forester = Volvo.
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    :LOL: Okay!

    I love toyota's cause they are frikking unbreakable;

    My camry was my first car when I turned 18, and to date;

    7 bonnets
    7 front bumpers
    1 rim
    1 sub-frame
    1 set of struts etc
    9 quarter panels
    2 door panels
    5 side mirrors
    6 headlights
    7 front corner indicators
    3 windscreens
    43kg's of emerald green paint
    839m of mig welding wire
    1 mechanic

    Still runs perfectly, battery is weak and lives on a trickle charger as I don't drive it too often (once a month maybe), suspension is shagged but it's never been replaced in 270,000km's.

    It's ok to look at, multiple dints and dings everywhere from all sorts of shit (mainly my mates in paddocks actually), still has 5 seats, a large boot, a working V6 motor, 4 wheels, AC and CD player and is road worthy. Love it.

    It's name is redrocket!

    W7fLp0dTNRI[/media]]Does mad burnouts too...

    Attached Files:

  13. Oh god no, I wouldn't even consider a Forester, or any other vehicle like it. Apparently my only other choice is a Mondeo.

    Honestly, I don't really care as long as the passenger seat is comfortable because that where I spend 90% of the time in a car.
  14. I've read it several times now, very carefully.



    They missed an opportunity to label this guy a HOON??? I would have expected that term to have been applied at least four times through the article, but no. Hmmm....
  15. You are absolutely correct, I hadn't noticed...
  16. Today Tonight need to do a story on this guy and;

    1. Use slo-mo when he's getting into a car
    2. Put some evil music to help add "character" to the guy.

    Get him off the roads please. I live around there. Better yet, get me an address and I'll go over and fly-kick him Bruce Lee style.
  17. Why did police take this long to "think about" confiscating the car?
  18. the law IS an ass; he should have been locked up after the first couple of offences; he'll go to court in August, and who wants to bet he WON'T get bail???
  19. That 164kph grandmother is my client! looking forward to Monday.
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    [URL="]Smokey Nagata - 197mph In The UK [/URL]