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40,000kms - 250 questions.....

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by jphanna, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. guys, especially the ones who pull apart mbikes for a living.

    i know the sort of miles a car gets when it needs 'attention', as we know some cars get more attnetion than others, regardless of age. (sigmas, camiras, magnas, EA falcons.......)

    a 250 Honda, VTR with 40,000kms on the clock. what sort of things will be needing attention if its been serviced according to the book?

    engine burning oil
    frame fatigue
    headstem bearings

    i dont have a feel for worn out mbikes, like i do with cars.

    if you bought a high mileage 250, and it was burning oil above the 'norm', how much would it cost to recondition one?
  2. What do you consider above the norm , jp ? Eg how much oil is it using per 1000km ?
  3. I'm also curious about buying bikes with "higher than average" kms. Seems like we might actually be looking at the same bikes ;)
  4. its not for me mate, its my son who is looking. he has his eye on Honda VTR250. like all hondas, they pull big bucks years after their use by date is up.

    a $4000.00 first bike is great.......if you dont start chasing up


    then you lumped with a $5,500 high mileage mbike, that is only a bees ball away from

    suzuki inazuma - 4990 2 years warranty - zero kms
    honda cb250 - 4990 - 2 years warranty - zero kms
    kawasaki 33 - 6600 - 2 years warranty - zero kms

    get the drift?.....all of a sudden the $4000.00 price is not so cheap after 6 months.
  5. We bought a 1999 VTR with ~44000km on the clock. It had been well looked after, serviced regularly and nothing needed attention at all.
  6. thats good to hear. he is HONDA boy, and wont take chances on brands (like i have). in SA the VT250C and VTR are hard to get, and pricey. they both share the same motor....
  7. Yea, I got a 99 VTR with 24000km a year ago and it's now up to 45k, and still working great. I've serviced it regularly and haven't had anything out of the ordinary happen, just normal wear and tear.

    I know I am going to have to sell it pretty cheap though due to mileage.
  8. My sadly deceased VTR250 had 55,000 km on it, of which I did 25,000 in the last 15 months. No engine problems whatsoever, didn't use any oil between services. Beyond the usual consumables (tyres, chain and sprockets, brakes) it had a bunch of minor things needing replacement: fork seals, cables, hoses, light globes, etc, but none of these were expensive.

    I do reckon $4,000 is a bit too expensive for a used VTR considering all of the other LAMS bikes on the market now. $3,000 is more realistic.
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  9. Forget the mileage, go by service history as people keep saying. Just cause it's only a 250 doesn't mean it won't do big mileage. I clocked a single cylinder SR250 in three years. Brought at 18k the dealer sold it three laters showing 19k after it had been right round (100,000km) as a low mileage bike mind you.

    Most of these little LAMS bikes are pretty tough.
  10. At $4000 I'd forget it.
    My (probably mush older) ZR550 had 40,000 and was only $2100. Agreed value for Insurance was $4400.
    I'd regard as consumables.

    In an extra 10,000 km I've needed tyres, exhaust, carb rebuild, fork seals , brake lines, clutch and throttle cables, pads, progressive front springs (a matter of choice) .... New shocks on order.
    I'd consider some of these as just regular consumables.
    Don't use a drop of oil. Need valves soon. Usual primary chain rattle that is "normal" for these bikes.
    Point is you need to be prepared to pay something out regardless of what you get and especially if it used. I wouldn't pay $4000 for a VTR that uses oil. For $4000 I'd expect to do and pay less than what I have done so far.
    I'd also factor in insurance and resale.
  11. Take it to a trustworthy mechanic and have them give it a once over.
    Use what they find to negotiate a lower price.
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  13. VTRback wheel shrink. for people in bottom end of the market, the game has changed. a bike like this was $8500 brand new 5 years ago. they could logically expect $4-5000 today if it was in good nic. this is a barn yard scrubber to me. TODAY......for $990.00 more, can get brand new with warranty.
  14. ours is coming up on 40k... no real problems. forks could use a sevice... we got it cheap and it had obviously spent a lot of time sitting round in someones garage and not being ridden... apparrently started regularly... so we did a few bearings, tyres, chain/sprocket, rear brake disc.... its not showing any signs of dying... not using oil, no funny sounds... i just did the oil and might have been a bit heavy as its taking a little while to warm up and get idling smooth since... but thats my problem not the bike...

  15. This is exactly the equation I was looking at when I decided to get a new GS500F for 6999 ride away instead of a 17 year old BMW F650 with 35K for 6600...

    My GS now has 65K wanna buy it?