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40,000km service / charge

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Banana Fred, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. My GPX is closing in on 40,000 km's and when I was passing through Floyd Parkes Kawasaki in FTG a couple of weeks ago for some anti-fog gear, I decided to ask their service department what they charge for a service to get an idea of what I'd be up for.
    The fellow there said about $350, primarily because 40,000km's is an important service interval. I asked what is done for that kind of money and a couple of things he mentioned were valve clearance check / adjustment and carby synchronization.
    I'm unfamiliar with service charges for a bike and was wondering what other riders thought of this service price - reasonable or not?
    Also, is there a Kawasaki dealer out here in Melbourne where you wouldn't hesitate to bring your bike?

  2. Okay then -for all those that question the price of a major service, try something.
    Firstly, chase down all the relevant service manuals for your bike. Then track down all the special tools required to perform the work that is required.
    Get prices for all relevant items required.
    Set aside a full day, pull all the fairings etc off your bike, & if you're still feeling confidant, perform all the required service work.
    Now add up all the hours you spent d!cking around, multiply it by about 70, add in the cost of all the consumables, manuals & tools and there you have it. The cost of a major service. Does that still sound expensive to you? The mechanic & the shop he works for do have to eat as well you know.
    If you're serious about doing your own work & keeping your bike for any length of time then the cost of any special tools etc will average out over time to a reasonable amount.
    It's all up to you really. How keen are you to get your hands dirty & take responsibility for your own mistakes :wink:
  3. Sounds like a very reasonable charge to me, especially if they do what he mentioned.
  4. Ah okay, this would be the first service for my bike so I'm quite keen on finding out other people's experiences.

    All I asked about was price and who has a good name. You're answering a phantom question that I never asked and from your lengthy response, I must have offended you.
    Sorry for ruining your day.
  5. Hey you always pay double and go to Dynoverks. :p

    Try PTR in Knox, they charge a bit but their service is brilliant ;)
  6. According to that argument you'd be willing to spend $1000 per service?
    People specialise in fields to make a living by providing services at a reasonable price......otherwise you'd spend a lifetime studying mechanics/electrics/law/medicine.

    Anyhow i think that quote sounds reasonable to me.
  7. Thanks Vic, my anxiety knows no bounds.
    P.S. Knox as in Knox City?
  8. yup, or knoxfield, they are on stud road, pretty sure they are in the links directory
  9. well depending how familiar you are with serviceing bikes in general you will need a feeler gauge, valve adjusting tool, carb syncer, screw drivers, hex/allen L wrenches, and rachet / open ender set.

    as mentioned above if you wanna give it a go and think you can do it, do it.

    but also as mentioned people have professions for a reason etc and also if your're lazy dont do it.

    some of the above tools can be skipped but u probably shouldn't if it's your first major service.
  10. I believe one of the major services (20k? 30k? 40k?) of the VFR800 with vtec costs almost that - around $850. I can't remember the details, but either the valve adjustment is very complicated, or you have to take the engine out to do it (or probably both).

    So yeah to do a major service, you may have to spend near on $1000...
  11. NQR

    Major (24000km) does cost a bit as the vtec valve set do require a bit of work to adjust etc.
    Anyone who tells you the motor needs to be dropped isn't using those "specialist" tools (you know the ones that justify them charging you $95/hr) as provided by Honda so that the job can be done with the motor in-situ. Yes costs a fair bit but shouldn't be more than @ $600-650.

    $300-$400 for a major service seems quite reasonable in my opinion. Having said that, I guess it's worth copping the cost to have the manufacturers warranty covered by workshop servicing. After that, well, I'd be having a bash at it myself, especially basici oil/filter/plugs. I'm not paying someone $30/hr let alone $95 to do something that you could train a monkey to do. ......

    :grin: :grin:
  12. If you are doing it yourself you could check out the forums at http://www.ninja250.info/index.htm (yes, that's your bike with mods, which they call a zx2r...or ex250r) since they do this stuff all the time and seem happy to pass on info/help. You could also check out their faq which goes into tools/tips and such.
  13. Where did you get the idea you offended me?
    Phantom question?
    Just in case you haven't managed to figure it -even though I spent a little bit of time explaining the amount of time involved, then yes, thats not a bad price if everything is done in a tradesman like fashion.

    Ummm -not sure you you came to that conclusion. I just happen to realise that time costs money. And that happens to make up quite a significant percentage of the cost of a service. And I have worked on a number of bikes in my time -enough to realise that some jobs are worth every cent you pay someone else to do. Plus some.
    Oh -and by the way, I do all the work on all my own bikes -not because I'm a tight @rse, but more because I actually get satisfaction from keeping my bikes in excellent mechanical condition. And if something farks up -then I only have myself to b!tch about :LOL: