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4 Wheels Moves the Body, 2 Wheels Move Soul (Long with pics)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by stewy, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Well 2 years ago the soul was almost lost. Almost left parted by the roadside there was a twisted and stunned body laying almost lifeless. Over the 2 years that followed, the body healed as best it could, but as fate would have it, was now moved by 4 wheels.

    As time ticked by, there were many nights spent sitting around drinking with friends, listening to their stories of wonderful, winding twisting roads.
    There were various trips to the track, only to sit, watch, and listen. And then to see those 2 wheeled wonders scream off into the distance, and later see their photos, bikes leaned over to the edge of the tyres, and wonder what might have been.

    Stirring deep within the depths of the recovering body a flame was flickering with a deadly passion that could never be put out. At least not without one more go.

    So it was on. The epic search, high and low, for this crusade of passion had to be fulfilled. It came by the way of a youtube clip of another who lusted after this once known feeling. This clip was to be the start of a journey to rekindle a spark almost lost. The clip showed how to get on and off the mighty beast, and no time was wasted in trialling this process. It was awkward but not impossible.

    Well time passed by, and with every story, every photo, and every passing bike, this desire increased. Thoughts and ideas of how to make it a reality were under way. It was going to happen, whether it would be as pillion or rider. It was something the soul just needed. Now the task was to turn it into a reality, and the largest obstacle was finding a way to pillion someone with little balance, and no ability to keep their feet on the pillion pegs. Now this might seem hard enough, but to add to the issue, was the fact that a way had to be found to stick Lenna’s feet down well enough to hold on while things are going smoothly, but at the same time if things went pair shaped (which can happen very quickly on the these 2 wheeled beasties, as most of us can attest), that it would still allow her to come free.

    Much talk and many ideas were thrown around. It was agreed velcro was going to be the key, so it was back onto the bike for some measuring and checking and further discussions between all parties, to decide when, where, and how, until all were happy.

    The time was now right, we knew how we were going to do it (whether it would work was another matter). We knew we were going to start on a long straight road and we were ready to make it a reality about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately nobody informed the weather that we agreed we would only do it in dry. Well the weeks and weekends passed by slowly, and due to one reason or another, a couple of ok days slipped by.
    But as it turned out, mid last week had the weather gods smiling on us, and the outlook for Saturday was fine and sunny. This was our chance. A phone call to a Deb’s (Flipper), and an offer from our flat mate Stu (Mad Stu), and we had all the help and support needed to pull off this crazy plan.

    The morning had now arrived.
    Lenna, all suited in boots and pants (jacket in lap), eyes now glowing and the fire and passion clearly visible as we made our way to the bike. A little time spent getting jacket on and comfy, and onto the bike. No Lenna, not the rider seat this time. You have the one on the back. With a slight look of disgust, and a helping hand from Deb’s and Stu, we moved her into position. Next it was time to see if the plan of putting velcro across the pillion pegs and on the bottom of the of the boots, with a small strap round the ankles would work. All done, set, and checked. It was time for me to quickly suit up and jump on for a few quick happy snaps.

    All set. Deb’s in the car with Lenna’s wheel chair, spare straps, velcro and anything else we thought might have been required if things turned pear shaped. Mad Stu on his ride to basically shepherd the traffic away from the side, and to move around us and keep an eye on the straps and make sure feet where firmly planted on foot pegs.

    I took what was to be my last breath for about 15mins, as Lenna wrapped her arms around me (as I had suggested, but fark me, I didn’t realise just how tightly she was planning on hugging me). Away we went down the driveway and into the court, left at the end and up the road slowly to the traffic lights.

    A quick stop to ask how she felt and all was fine, though nervous. Down Stud Road, with a bike and car escort, onto the freeway, and up to 100km/hr (I don’t speed :p). Cruising along nicely, all going well, thumbs up from her.

    Well down the freeway we travel, heading for Hastings, just taking in the scenery, then a few roundabouts, trying not to wheelie on exit. Then finally a quick stop before we turn around. The grin on her face was just amazing, and then she came out with the comment “I want you to make it feel like I’m really on a bike!†(ie. pull your finger out and rider faster). This was after I was given very strict instructions before we left - not to yahoo, no wheelies, or peg scraping action.

    How quickly you forget sweetie, I knew straight away that any doubt she had before we left was now well and truly gone. I quickly set her straight that I couldn’t accelerate any harder, as the front was right at the point of barely having tread touching the ground, and any harder would have given us both a nice view of the sky.

    Back home via the freeway again. All in all, it was a success. The grin and passion was well and truly back in her. She loved it, I loved it, and it was just a top day. Never thought I would enjoy riding down a freeway so much in all my life, but Saturday was the exception.
    Well of course like after all good rides, a beer was required for all, and a bit of a sit in the afternoon sun in bike gear, all being able to share in bike stories and feel like part of the group again instead of listening to others talk of their tales.

    Not only to get back on a motorcycle again after everything that happened, but I know you had a major fear of being pillion after being scared shitless in your younger days. Yet to hop on scared, you did a wonderful job.

    So never was a saying more true imo, she may move via 4 wheels everywhere now, but only 2 wheels ignite the real her.

    oh and of course a thread wouldn't be complete without photos


  2. Welcome back Lenna and well done Stu..... :)
  3. :grin: heartwarming
  4. :applause:

    Great story, and well done.
  5. I still think yer both f*cking crackers, but good on ya!
  6. Way to go Lenna !! \:D/

    Stewy ... Deb .. & Stu You guys are awesome, Well done on helping make it a reality.

    A Heartwarming Story of determination & passion. :)
  7. thats coming from Mr Captain Sensible :LOL:

    yep it was amazing how both deb and stu gave up basically an entire day (of beautiful riding weather) to help us out.

    Thanks again. :)
  8. fkn beautiful :)
  9. YAY!

    I don't think I need to tell anyone how AWESOME it was to be on a bike again, seems like it was pretty obvious... :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I know I don't need to tell anyone how AWESOME Stewy is, that's pretty obvious too :)

    This kinda describes the process:

    :-k ~ Hmmm... Pillion... Maaaybe...

    [-o< ~ Oh please, please, pleeease...

    :biker: ~ Yep! Off we go...

    :eek:hno: ~ Eeep! Was this my idea??

    [-o< ~ Some more please, please, pleases...

    8-[ ~ Oh... Hey... Actually, this isn't so bad...

    :) ~ This is actually as good as I'd hoped...

    :grin: ~ Woah! Maybe even better!!

    :applause: ~ Yeah!

    \:D/ ~ YEEEAH!!!!!!

    :cry: ~ Ohhh, home already... Do I have to get off?

    :beer: ~ Beer o'clock... Oh ok then!

    I gotta thank the Papparazzi - Flipper, it's great to have some pictures from the day... And thanks for being my 'tail end charlie' too :woot:

    And thanks, Mad Stu, for all your help, and for shepherding us, and keeping an eye on my feet :woot:

    And finally, thanks Stewy, for bringing me back in one very happy piece - you made my day! :woot:

  10. what an awesome story.

    Congrats to all involved
  11. And the winner is.......

  12. Absolutely brilliant!!! Well done Adam, Mad Stu and Flipper :cool: :grin:

    Lenna, I'm so stoked for you! :applause:
  13. Well done Stewy and Lenna. :grin:
  14. Wow Lenna, when you and Stewy were discussing getting you back on the bike I thought you were both somewhat nuts. I wondered if it was really possible, but the more you both went through the process of getting it organised it quickly becane clear that if anyone had the determination and drive to get it done, you would be the ones to do it. On Saturday it was fantastic to see your nervousness grow into sheer delight.

    I'm glad I could be of some help on the day.

    I have no doubt we'll now see you on the back of the bike on a very regular basis. Have fun out there.

  15. Fantastic! Great to see you back on a bike after everything, alot of committment there, well done :)

    Also if you click on the freshriders link in my sig you will possibly recognise the background pic if you strain hard enough :grin:
  16. Great story

    Congrats on making it all happen :cool:
  17. :applause: Farking fabulous and brilliant!!!!! :) :) :)
  18. Yay Lenna.

    You only got one bit wrong.

    Stewy is NOT awesome.

  19. *Thinking*

    :-k Ummm...

    :-k Hmmm...

    :-k Ahhhh...

    Nope, you're wrong.

    He most definately IS awesome.

  20. simply fantastic !

    The soul triumphs, the good guys win! Only 1 thing to say:

    "Aint no mountain high enough, aint no valley low enough, aint no river wide enough, to keep me from gettin' to you !"