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4 wheeled motorcycle booked for being un-registered

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Interesting ... what does "againts policy to register it" mean?

    "A QUADRIPLEGIC man found guilty of driving an unregistered motorised buggy on a highway rode free from court yesterday without a mark against his name.
    Mr Corcoran, of Mt Martha, yesterday pleaded not guilty to the charge on the grounds of discrimination by VicRoads. He said VicRoads refused to help him register the buggy because it was considered a four-wheeled motorbike, did not comply with regulations and that it was against policy to register it."

  2. What's really interesting is that somewhere in Victoria a sensible Magistrate somehow slipped through the selection process........
  3. Should have been fined like anyone else.

    Sick to death of people with ailments using it as an excuse for their behaviour.

    The rest of us have to abide by the rules, why not him. He was taking an off road buggy along a road in front of a car escorting him, as I understand the issue.

    Why can't I register grey bikes/cars, or home made ones without an engineering certificate and complying with the regs? What is special about him. Oh, he has an ailment, so that's ok? Crap.

    What would happen if all home (or prof) made buggys were suddenly allowed to be registered without compliance stickers? What a shambles. Why would Holden/Ford/others go to all the trouble when a piece of junk like he was driving is allowed on the roads. I haven't mentioned what would happen if he hit you regarding insurance. Should have thrown the book at him
  4. Vicroads currently do not allow even for recreational registration of quads (or four-wheeled motorcycles as they call them) since there is still a coroners inquest into their safety - spefically into injuries caused by roll-overs. Pity though, a quad bike with road tyres would make for an interesting commuter :-k . Second thoughts probably just as well they're not registerable.
  5. Can do in the ol U S of A
  6. It didn't say whether or not he had an engineer's certificate. I have to agree that quad bikes should at least get rec rego to ride them on fire trails etc. Vicroads could easily have the legislation changed to allow it if the vehical has a roll cage an appropirate seatbelt.

    The issue is not that he should be able to do what he wants because he's disabled. The issue is that his disability prevents him riding a legal vehical and the policy could be changed to include a vehical he can ride if he can overcome the dangers that currently prevent their registration. Dispite this, Vicroads choose not to.

    On the other hand, he should have been testing it somewhere other than a busy road.
  7. That thing is fantasic! :twisted:
  8. 'Kay, so having actually bothered to read the article here's my 2c...

    He was travelling along at 15kph with a 4WD following with the hazard lights flashing?

    Why the hell didn't he just climb into the 4WD?

    On the other hand, how much safer do you reckon a Mini-Moke is compared that buggy?
  9. There are alternatives for him. No need to take on the law with a vehicle that is clearly made for off-road riding.
  10. Given that my first car was a moke, let me answer that. The buggy looks a shit load safer to me! My moke had a single roll bar behind the seat even though the windsreen pillars are only 1cm thick. It had flat seats that were flush with the side of the car, so nothing to stop sideways movement out of the car except for lap belts. Not even a lap/sash seatbelt in the bloddy thing! Anything with a full cage and a racing harness is heaps safer.
  11. No, there are numerous diabled people driving modified ordinary cars.

    I see several around here with the wheel chair attached and these people are a marvel to watch. They can show you what minor problems the rest of us have.

    I also have a friend who has quite a disability from a stroke. He has learned, in a short time I might add, to drive his car with his disability. he has little control over his left leg and left arm.

    Another friend I have is in his late 70s and has the same problems and was still playing around breaking horses until recently.

    I think this bloke just want to have more rights than the rest. I have no sympathy for him as far as the court case is concerned. He broke the law, so he should have been booked. End of story.
  12. I think he's trying to make the point that there isn't an alternative for a road registered trail capable vehicle that he as a disabled person can follow his mates out on to the dirt track with straight from home (or work for that matter)...

    Makes me unhapy to think that people are so cold in this world they don't want other less fortunate souls live some sort of half assed dream... whatever it may be...

    Id be happy to see him buzzing round in that thing, no skin off my back...
  13. [quote="Brian26146]No, there are numerous diabled people driving modified ordinary cars.[/quote]

    Ever seen them take to fire tracks or takle the odd jump with them?

    Preeching to the converted. I'm a Special Ed teacher. I seen people overcome disabilities every day. :wink:

    I never disagreed that he broke the law. I do in fact think he should cop the ticket. I was simply pointing out that he had a reasonable case for vicroads to change their policy but they decided not to, thus unnecessarily preventing him from taking part in an activity with his able bodied friends. Mostly I guess because they simpley couldn't be arsed.[/quote]
  15. And of course, if he could register it there'd be no insurance problems. So if it's a certified safe vehical and he's going to drive the thing anyway, it would make sense not to prevent him from playing by the rules. Even if it means modifying the rules. We seem to do it for corporate and industrial law all the time, so why not traffic law?

  16. You reckon?

    Me dont think so meself...

    a) I would be more of a danger to him than he to me, im pretty sure he would be a little more forward thinking when it comes to doing silly things that could end up in crashes and injuries... I'm 23 and on my L's i dont do any of that forward thinking stuff

    b) If he did bingle me and there was no insurance, you would find that i still wouldn't care too much anyway. I have a faith in life that everything happens for a reason so why complain and make things worse, thats what kids do... Just be a man and deal with it...

    Besides B wouldnt be a problem if they let him F'in register it. As has been said by all and sundry that thing is safer than other things legally allowed on the road already so whats the F'in issue...

    Maybe if he'd bothered to put mirrors on the thing it might have been a different story...

    I think there's alot more going on here than is disclosed in the article.

    Seriously though, I don't think you can blame Vicroads. If you were the person behind the counter that day...

    Quadraplegic rolls on in, comes up to your teller, you lean forward and over the counter just to be able to see him... He then asks if he can register a dune buggy because he's disabled? No Way!!!

    I appreciate that this bloke has a 'zest' for life, but discrimination? No.

    Sorry, but should a bloke who can't use his legs at all and has 'limited' use of his arms be allowed to take a couple of hundred kilo's of steel onto a public road? What happens when he does crash, flips over, there's petrol spilling everywhere, and he can't get out in time because he's a quad? No doubt the family will be blaming Vicroads for letting him ont he roads in the first place.

    And another thing, the guy injured himself in a skiing accident. Obviously a bit of an adrenaline junkie if you ask me... Skiing, dirtbiking, probably bungie jumps as well...

    Nah, no sympathy from me.

  18. agree with you pete , he went the wrong way about it .
    why didnt he just buy a trike
  19. I can top that, my old man has a '72 Moke with NO rollbar and a set of seats out of a Gemini which actually sit HIGHER than the sides of the vehicle (still with lap belts too). Still damn fun to drive though.