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4-stroke to 2-stroke

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by amoore46, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. am thinking of getting rid of my VTR250 and getting a aprilia rs125, i understand the maintance requirements that come with 2 strokes.
    i just think for the type of riding i do ( which is mainly weekend rides thru the hills, i barely ever use bike for commuting) the aprilia would suit better. my old man think im a idoit, but nothing new there hahaha, just wondering what your guys opinions on the idea are.

    cheers ALEX
  2. If you are any bigger than a jockey, forget it.
    And you will have just as much fun on a lot of other bikes that are "easier" to own.
  3. Sounds like you've already made up your mind.

    I can't imagine that it'd do anything better than a 250 4-stroke apart from attacking corners. If cornering is your thing then get one!

    I prefer the look of the Mito, but are pricier as they tend to hold their value better than the Aprilia. If you're not restricted then get a 250 2-stroke, twice the fun!
  4. Since your in Vic, you can ride the 2 stroke 250's even on your learners.

    I can assure you the Aprilia rs250 is a big framed bike, im 6'4'' and found it bigger than any other brand 250 sports bike so it is suitable for the non-jockey inclined out there.

    The aprilia is fantastic in the twisty stuff and will teach you alot about throttle control with its peaky nature.

    That said, if you are off your restrictions, a 600 4 stroke will probably be alot easier to live with and still quite fun - and also several $$$$ less..


  5. yeah im still on my L's
    the only reason i was thinking the rs 125 over the rs 250 is price
  6. Get an RGV, it will last longer (not by much!) than the 125, and there are still plenty around in good condition if you look in the right places. Cheaper too for one in comparable condition.

    I really don't think that moving from the vtr to the rs125 is an upgrade, but each to their own (you'll soon find out!).
  7. Go the RS250, I got mine and have never looked back, absolutely love the 2 stroke power curve. Like Lotus7 said, it's a pretty big framed bike, a lot of people have actually asked me if it's a 600 judging by the size.
    If price is an issue though then get urself an rgv250 as basically same engine without the aprillia price tag
  8. Can a two stroke 250 compare with top of the range 600's these days??

    I was considering getting a 2 stroke 250 after a few months on the zx2r and wanting a bit more power but the aprillia is only 70hp compared with 130hp for a 2006 ZX6R (which is a contender for my next bike and an example of a nice 600 ... well 636) so figured not worth it if you are off restrictions. The weight difference is not that substantial (20kg's maybe)

  9. get a rgv they are so much fun and go like nothing else!!!!!
    once you ride a 2 stroke road bike you never want a ride a diesel again!!!! :LOL:
  10. If an RS250 is at the limit of your price range then I wouldn't recommend you try and go there. Lots of RS250 owners don't run into mechanical problems but if you do you'll end up paying an Italian bike premium. Plus if it's an ex-track bike (and the seller probably won't mention that) your more likely to have problems.

    The RGV might be a good options though. Given their common history they shouldn't be that different. I suspect a well set up/maintained RGV would be a better bike than a poorly set up/maintained RS250 and much cheaper.

    Havn't ridden an RS125 but I would question whether it could offer more than a VTR250.
  11. RGV is a great bike but they're getting very old now. Most will have little to no nickasil left on the bores, which means $450 for each bore (there are 2). They'll probably also have aging bearings and suspensions which will need replacement or rebuilding. They will also be getting close to the time in their life where the bottom end needs a rebuild. This will empty your wallet of a thousand or two quick smart.
    RS125 doesn't have the power to pull the skin off a custard. Don't bother. Ditto the Mito125.
    Stick with the vtr250 till you get off restrictions. It will be easier to sell and shouldn't give you any headaches.
  12. Probably good advice
  13. keep these comments coming because i was thinking about doing the same thing. (spada -> rs125) reason being people with 2 strokes cant get enough of them