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4 riders down in 4 days in SA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. hey all,
    no this isn't a 'rider down' thread as such.

    but here in SA we've had 4 riders in serious accidents in the last 4 days. two were single vehicle, two involved a collission with a car.

    One of the single vehicle accident riders has died. The other 3 are all in critical condition.

    Is it a co-incidence that it's a sunny 26 degrees? that spring is here? is it that the people who don't ride during winter are out in droves, and car drivers have gotten used to less bikes on the road from winter?

    I'd like some input from you experienced crew - why do you think we've suddenly had a surge in motorcycle crashes? a combination of the above factors?

  2. If most of the SA riders are anything like the bloke who came over to look at my brothers bike, then you're in a heap of trouble this year. Complete and utter Sunday rider who thought he was King Shit.
  3. yep start of the fine weather see's a lot of people bring there bikes out again.....some are good riders but after not riding for a while, can take you a while to get your mojo back, some take the time, other try and push on as though they only hoped off yesterday and the rusty skills show themselves. :)
  4. Is bangr buying a new bike :rofl: :rofl:

    only kidding Bren :)
    You know I love you :p
  5. Seriously, riding through the whole year keeps what skill levels you have, up. These crashes are undoubtedly from that combination of factors you mentioned, but if you ride all year you'll definitely ride better in spring.
  6. Yep, it's spring and the fair-weather nancies are out to wobble around corners and write themselves off. Mind you, even us all-year riders tend to get overexcited in spring and summertime - and summer accidents are usually higher speed and more serious than winter slip-n-tumbles - so it's a timely reminder to stay focused and take responsibility for getting yourself home in 1 piece.
  7. ahhh spring, I wish i had a link to the country song called first of may to share with you all, its about spring, and F^$%ing outside. Its a pisser. I bet loz has it.
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  9. reading this sort of thing makes me cringe as it reminds us that such things can happen to ones self at anytime.
    i hope the 'surviving' riders of these incidences recover.
    and i will take this oportunity to wish everyone a safe summer on the bike and remember,keep your shit together at all times. :wink:
  10. The only solution is for everyone to ride fast, everywhere, at all times, in all weather.

    That way the incidents will spread out more evenly over a whole year, rather than bunch up at Spring.

    It's like this every year. The moment the weather gets good, all the fair weather riders get out there and write themselves off not even doing anything particularly exciting, and then the rest of us have to deal with the Nanny State hounding us all through the warmer months in response to the spate of drongos who've already finished their run of throwing themselves at the scenery.

    All the rusty wobblers are already in hospital, and all the guys who were never a problem in the first place are made to walk.

    It really reminds you of the bad old days of primary school where the teachers would punish the entire class because one or two kids acted up.
  11. Jeez you're putting up some accurate posts lately Stu :wink:
  12. Plus, you know, anything like this with multiple factors has a fair bit of (bad) luck involved, so the cluster relates to that too. All the factors described above apply, particular just the increase in numbers of bikes on the road, but the 4 in 4 days thing is pretty much a statistical fluke, IMO.
  13. I went out for 2 short trips in my cage today and saw a smorgasbord of stupidity from bike riders who are obviously having their first rides of the season. The amount of L platers on CBR250s i've seen wobbling around squidding it in the last few days is frightening. A guy behind me at the lights stalled it and had to jump off his bike an kick start it :LOL:
  14. Being unable to drive (bung right ankle) I generally ride every day and when it is cold wet and windy you could almost recognize the same riders every day, but come the good weather and the fair weather boys come out in their droves.

    I stay well clear of the crotch rocket bikers who tend to ride in groups in highly revealing clothing and many of whom appear to be approaching puberty but some are great girls and boys who are just a bit weather weary and ride well.

    In every sport/hobby there are those that take it seriously and those that don't and the sun really does herald the silly season for some.

    Take care and don't become a name on a newspaper page.
  15. ya it weird as cookie99 said cumminng from winter where i used to see the same bloke everyday to now wen i go to nod thinking its him an it aint (i still nod to riders but). and with the stupidity i cant say that i do it me self but the amount of riders that are doing is staggering any way my 2 cents
  16. I've definately seen a lot more people on bikes. What's frightened me is the lack of gear they're wearing. I saw 3 people in shorts and tees, 1 on the freeway yesterday. Guess it's not against the law but it's not the safest choice.
  17. yesterday I saw more squids out in the hills than people in gear.
    hope they all got home ok.
  18. Yep, most riders around here are too 'cool' for anything more than shorts and tees, i feel sorry for the skin grafts they are going to require when they come off at low speed :(

  19. I know I haven't been riding for long, but there have only been a couple of days that I haven't been on the bike. For 2 reasons: 1. I figure as a learner, I need practice in all weather. 2. I just love it and can't get enough :LOL:
    Where I live, there has been a big increase in scooter riders and they are the only ones I see regularily not in the safety gear - I guess you don't get hurt on scooters.... :wink:
  20. Call me a fair weather rider, but I prefer not to ride in the wet. Then again that's more to do with knowing ones limits on a new ride, even in the dry, than being afraid of some H20.

    Anywho, before everyone screams young weekend warriors, 2 of the accidents were men aged 71 and 61.

    But having said that, I went for a short squirt along the Adel esplanades this weekend and noticed a lot of riders were wearing the warm weather air jacket....young and old.