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4 M's Ride. Piccys

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. For all of you that missed it.
    Suffer in silence. Hhahahahahahahaa.

    Meet up at Yea. For the different groups,

    Bottom, regroup and pick up more riders, Mansfield.
    Pulled up out of town as they had some thing on and the main road was closed,

  2. Smoko break, Top of Mt Hotham, That far in front, we could take it easy for a while, Brian And Bryan"s Bikes.

    Omeo fuel stop, Regrouping.

    Bonang Hwy, THAT SIGN,, I near had a coronary with the excitement of seeing it, My tongue was hanging on the ground with gravel on it,
    And the adrenilin was pumping like never before.
    If you think I am happy. Your so right,
    I was even dribbling, Hahahahahaha
  3. What a turn on, that 70 klm's of twisties sign.

    Back of the Imperial Hotel, Bombala.

    Front of Pub ready to leave,

    Bermagui, Top of hill over looking beach.
  4. I recognised one shot only. (Omeo servo)
    Give us an idea where you are please Brian.

    EDIT: Thanks Brian :)
  5. AngelXX and the Moped, With Kimmie giving her blessing to them both. Back of Bombala pub,

    Road going back towards Bega from Bermagui.

    Regroup, just starting Browns Mountain going to Cooma.
  6. Petrol. ?????? who needs Petrol, My strom can go 450 clicks on one tank.
    Sitting on the side of the road waiting for petrol to put in a certain Strom,
    Guess who ran out of PETROL, Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Tawonga gap road look out across Mt Beauty, Me and rdklls. and a certain stuffed chain. Hahahahaha
  7. Action shots, Between Thredbo and Corryong

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  8. AngelXX and ?????

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  9. Guess who. as I dont know.

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  10. More piccys,
  11. Halloween,
    Two of the crowd crossing Mt Hotham.
  12. Nice pics Brian.
  13. Thanks for the pics deadman

    Bugger not being able to attend my third 4M's :(
  14. There were so many places that I wished I could stop for pics... next time I'll make more of an effort. Running up through Pambula was just amazing :)
  15. what was the route taken?