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4 months ago, I had no plans to get my motorcycle license

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ClueClue, May 25, 2009.

  1. Well I've been on here for a couple of weeks now, I should probably make one of these introduction threads.

    I decided to get into bikes on a bit of a whim. I don't think I was that interested in motorcycles growing up, to be honest and even up until 4 months ago, I had no plans to get my motorcycle license.

    The main change in that time was moving from Adelaide to a much smaller place in Sydney. With no room for my own car, and seeing so many bikes around (it’s a shock coming from Adelaide where I rarely saw any), I joked that the only thing that I could fit here would be a motorcycle.

    Later that night, I thought, “Maybe that’s not so silly...†and started to do a bit of research and discovered that it’s extremely cheap to get your license here. $73 compared to $300+ in Adelaide. So even if I didn’t like it, it’s a cheap little exercise.

    So I started looking in to bikes. Again, 3 months ago I knew there were cruisers, dirt bikes and sports bikes but that was about the extent of my knowledge. Then I started searching and discovered naked bikes and fell in love =P~

    So after about a few weeks of looking at bikes and soaking up all that knowledge (“oh, that stuff is called fairingâ€, “wow, café racers look awesomeâ€, “yes, crashing without the gear on would be like taking a belt sander to your skinâ€), I decided to book in for the training.

    The soonest I could book in was about 2 months after that and in that time, I got my dad back in to riding (he hadn’t owned a bike in about 10 years, but picked up a nice GS500 and has been loving it), and managed to find a VTR250 for myself (colours are more flamboyant than I would have liked, but the price was too good to say no).

    Anyway, got my Ls a week and a half ago, on the 15th. Reading all the tips and people sharing their experiences on here, I knew what to expect and it wasn't too much trouble - so, thanks!

    Had a couple of short rides that weekend and this weekend just passed. Today I was feeling a more confident and had my first trip up to Pie in the Sky. Getting better at cornering now, but need to work on my take off. I stalled it about 5 times trying to leave from Pie in the Sky, because I was on a slope :facepalm:

    I’ll have to try and make it down to one of the Sydney Learner sessions one Sunday... I don’t think I’m comfortable enough to ride through that much traffic just yet, though.

    Anyway, here's a shot from my first non-just-around-the-block ride, down to the Berowra Waters ferry.

  2. You'll NEVER fit in on Netrider; your spelling, grammar and punctuation is perfect, way too high a standard :LOL:

    Seriously, welcome to the joy of two wheels. As we often say, in a few month's time you'll be laughing at your false starts and enjoying your riding even more than you are now.
  3. welcome!

    i usually cannot be bothered with spelling etc, frivolous things :p

    on bikes... i was similar... didnt intend on it till it sort of came up on a whim, and my old man came n did it all with me and we share the gpx we have :) (need another bike... )

    enjoy your rides, stay rubber down and enjoy yourself :grin:
  4. Welcome mate, and good choice in your chosen transport, i am 1 of those out at Homebush learner sessions and we would love to have u along, bring your old man also for a chat with a few other riders as there are us so called older people to, see u around 1 day
  5. Hey welcome!

    When you feel you're ready come on over to the Ls Session thread .. there may be others coming from the same direction you can ride down with, though the group changes so quickly :grin: