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4 Minutes of Giggles – Sachs MadAss 125 pillion ride

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. My initial thought on these bikes was “they are the Man scooterâ€. Cheap, simple, small, light and easy to buzz around the city on. They have no purpose but to commute and be used as a run about, and generally look like a mountain bike on steroids. At $3500 a pop including on roads, that is on par with some of the beefed up mountain and road push bikes out there.

    My service shop which I regularly attend on two wheels has, on the occasion I have needed, picked me up from the local train station. The first time was in their shop’s run-about car. The second was on the back of a Gixxer Thou. Yesterday was a little different. The first time on the Gixxer Thou, as pillion, two days ago was pretty basic; helmet with no jacket as I was leaving my gear at the shop, and my work bag had to be squashed between myself and Dan (the bike pilot) as it was not a backpack. As a result, there was no playing around, soft acceleration etc, fairly straight forward and easy.

    However, as I said, yesterday was a little different. Picture this, I am waiting at the train station and I know what direction Dan will approach from. I wait around 10 minutes as I know they are busy with customers and I’m calmly sitting on the kerb watching the traffic go by. Then I see it... and instantly burst out laughing.

    A bright yellow Sachs MadAss, with a moderate height Dan, full black helmet with tinted visor, dirty workshop jeans and black t-shirt, looking directly at me with what would you would have to call 'the most serious look one can muster whilst riding a bright yellow BMX powered by bees'.
    As he rounded the corner into the train station car park I noted a decent lean angle, followed by a brilliant 6 inch stoppie!! I am laughing so hard at this point I am struggling to stand on my feet, only to see Dan flick his visor up and notice that he is enjoying this as much as I am. I remove my helmet from the back pack, and put it on while Dan turned his backpack backwards so it was on the front of his body. I must add also, my work bag was not ideal today as I had to pick up a new bike battery for a friend. Add to that a full bag of gym clothes and it becomes quite fat and heavy. I manage to suppress my laughter for a minute to ask, “Does this thing even have pillion pegs?†The response was one of standard Dan assurance; “That’s not my problem!â€. A quick check noted the pegs quite far forward from any sports bike I have been a pillion on. This however was the least of my issues. Two words: "seat length".

    After propping the pegs down and climbing on the back I was handed my bag which squashed between us. Immediately I discovered a an interesting challenge: there is no tank to brace myself on. That's ok, Dan is mature enough to take it easy. I hope.

    My arms at full reach only just made it around my bag, Dan and his crumpled backpack. We set off. First realisation: I have sweet f^&k all seat actually under me, so much less that I could feel where the seat ended - right between my date and lolly bag. After the seat was a flimsy looking exhaust then the asphalt, with no jacket. ATGATT is screaming in my head about this stage, but there is a time and a place when you must just shut up and hang on and enjoy the ride as best as possible.

    We set off through the car park, the almighty buzz from the bike’s single cylinder roars into life where suddenly the seat gets a little shorter underneath me. It appears gear changes help my ever increasing (or decreasing?) problem of seat area, and bumps certainly do not. We fly out of the car park on a 3 lane clear road, lean angle something similar to what I achieve on my 250 when taking the twisties in the wet. However we are not in the twisties and we are not on a 250 and the fact we are we, and not just I, is an eye opener. The 'brutal' acceleration reminds me of something similar to a steady cargo ship drag race, except for the bumps in the road which would ever so slightly draw the miniature clown seat from under my arse with each bounce.

    My grip was tight around Dan as I had nothing else to hold onto, no tank, nothing. The seat was so short I was literally leaning back off the bike to accomodate my bag. While buzzing down the empty 3 lane road, the wind increased and my eyes began to act as a speedo. I only usually notice the wind at around 100km/h and I was starting to notice it now. All the time I was thinking about how I’ve been riding for a year, done some fairly insane shit on my 250, pulled through against all odds on a few crazy occurrences including jumping a round-about at 90km/h (with tank slap landing and continuing on for 20 minutes before the carbs said no more) and dozens of close calls with Melbourne Taxis. Yet I was picturing myself at the Alfred hospital missing half my skin due to a pillion ride on a Sachs MadAss 125. I had no choice but to hold on. Adding to the fear of the unknown, we were taking a different road so I had no idea how long the journey was to last.

    Amidst of all the chaos, and to my shock, I could not stop giggling my arse off. Dan knew I was laughing, and I assume was simply smiling away in his visor. For a moment I attempted to picture what we would look like, a beefed up yellow mountain bike with two guys squeezed and barely fitting on top, buzzing down the road at 100km/h. If I was to pick a sound track, Benny Hill would come to mind.

    Approaching the next intersection was more like a slip lane left corner, I thought, 'Great, when he brakes I’ll be able to move forward on the seat’. Wrong. We had a green arrow, which suited Dan just fine at 100km/h. The bumps in the intersection then made my lollybag work harder then it has ever had to in it’s entire life, it was the only thing that had purchase on the seat. I was convinced it wasn’t long before I would look like a tumble weed behind a bank robbery get-away, set in the 1960’s.

    We approach a roundabout with traffic, braking to slide me forward. Fail. The roundabout has more bumps than a cheap hookers package. At this point I decided I had to have more seat, however the pegs were so far away I could not stand on them to lift my bum and move forward. So, I tried what seemed like a good idea. I lifted my foot and tried to hook it over the peg to pull myself forward. Fail. The peg folded up.

    Just hang on just hang on we are on the home straight. Why the hell can’t I stop laughing??? All the while I was fearing the temporary loss of my skin (but looking forward to a TAC holiday) yet I could not stop laughing. Maybe it was the buzz underneath me, or the mental picture of two elephants trying to ride a circus bike, whichever it was I was somehow enjoying this ride. It must of been great customer PR, because on arrival, Dan was sporting a cheeky grin and I was still cackling when I jumped off the thing. A quick inspection of the shop sealed the deal, the delivery Van, a car and multiple bikes to choose from indicated this little MadAss wasn’t chosen out of ‘bottom of the barrel’ fate, but ‘lets make this pick up interesting!’. Which turned out to be, I agreed, the best 4 minute pillion ride of my life. I will never look at one of those things the same way again!


  2. hah, what a fantastic read
    i've always wanted to give one of these a shot
    with the distributor going into receivership, might be a while yet
  3. Brilliant writeup :LOL: .

    Made me remember my younger days, hanging around with various mates with a collection of sadly abused C50/70/90 variants and the stuff we got up to.
  4. Good read. Now I'll probably get a 2nd hand one just for the lolz.
  5. Good read, thanks mate! :grin:
  6. just dink on the front next time, not the back :p
  7. Bloody funny. Thanks for that.

    I don't want to hijack the thread but I can relate to what you are saying.

    One day my friend and I were going to ride to school on our pushies. He said he would meet me at my house because it is on the way to school.
    He saidt that he would ride the new pushy that his dad bought to go to and from work. He said it cost about $1500, so being pretty expensive I wanted to see it.
    Anyway waited for 10 min or so, walk out the front and I could see him coming down the road. He finally reached my house on a custom built pushy with a motor on it. I nearly fell down laughing.
    So we got to school and I asked him were he was going to put it for the day. Without even speaking a word he relased the brakes and proceeded towards the bike racks. Bloody classic. We still remind him of that.


  8. I always thought those things looked like brilliant simple fun, but I'm a nervous pillion at the best of times.
    Reminds me of:
    Good stuff, thanks for the write-up (as opposed to write-off, I guess :LOL: )
  9. This thread would have been gold even if that's all you wrote. LMAO!
  10. When I see people write LOL, I rarely believe them but that has just had my girlfriend and I absolutely pissing ourselves laughing! What a gold post and fantastic sense of humour on Dan's behalf :D

    "lollybag and date" hahahahaaa!!
  11. I ride a slightly modded Madass as my daily commute.
    They are a tonne of fun and handle the occasional mono with grace.

    Great read, glad your lollybag was so reliable :p
    I could never imagine putting a pillion on mine, there is barely seat for the rider :p
  12. Under the NRNR policy, ALL pillions get put on some riders' lollybags.
  13. AHAHAHA Fantastic read Dan, brilliant!
  14. Dan informs me that they can be brought out to a 190cc, which in my mind over that size and weight would be pretty sweet. He also informs me leaning right back revving its tits off and dumping the clutch at full flick gives a mono also :)

    hehe, i'm brownyy, Dan was steering the thing...

    Glad everyone enjoyed the read...
  15. Mine is at 150cc at the moment. The biggest thing holding them back is the catalytic converter in the pipe. As soon as OORacing have their new exhausts available I am going to order one in.
  16. Brilliant write-up. Thanks for the great read. :)
  17. Haha, sorry man, I got called to dinner halfway through, muddled up names.
  18. Thanks Browny, you made me smile. Can't believe you both fitted on that thing.
  19. Hilarious!