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4 Lamborghinis a Honda CB400 and a few Vespas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ResmeN, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just got back from lunch and had a look in our warehouse and there were 4 bloody brand spanking new Lambos there.

    2 X 2010 model Lamborghini Murcielago (The black is the only one in the world like that, is a special edition, the paint is like matt and feels nice to touch)

    2 X 2010 model Lamborghini Gallardo

    3 X Restored old Vespas

    By the way there's another 2 more Lambos in the yellow box on the side. Pics taken from my iPhone 3GS.



  2. So uh...wheres this warehouse ...

    Very nice cars man, that LP670 is a very beautiful & rare thing :)
  3. Radar avoiding matt black!
  4. that matt black is a treat to the eyes..... :)
  5. how awesome

    why were they there?
  6. You won't be test-driving any of these on behalf of an Indian doctor, now will you?? :rofl:
  7. Nice!!

    That matte black Lambo is awesome!! Try not to scratch it when you take it for a test drive... :p
  8. Edited employment location on request.
  9. Donshe: Can't tell, yes it is a nice car.

    Charoli: The black is very different and easy on the eye too

    shadowwarrior: Sure is man

    Yetta: Pretty good mate.

    andrewd: My company imports them and customs clears them etc on behalf of Lamborghini

    hornet: We would have loved to, though we did get in them when pushing them around.

    In all reality they would be a difficult car to use as a daily driver not that people would want to do them because the scissor doors lift up and the car is so low so you have to slouch bend your back and get in a funny position just to be able to get in the damn thing.

    Though when you put the key in the ignition and half turn it it's like you're in a cockpit or something and you can hear all different systems starting up and it is awesome.
  10. id prefer the white one up the back.

    Matte black doesnt really do anything for me, satin can look ok and to educate you all I have attached a photo of how matte/satin should look

  11. Man thats amazing!!! What do you do ?? How come you have all the luck? want to trade jobs?? COME ON MANN
  12. I'm going to suggest the address might be 441 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    dude are you sure the company you work for wants you to let slip what they have there? I'd wait a week or two after they're gone or something...
  13. Well the cars sure are nice.... But I am REALLY interested in the luggage rack on the CB400 :)

    Can you tell me more about that?
  14. Hey buddy,

    The guy who I bought the bike off told me that he had the rack on from his previous bandit. The bottom part looks like a normal ventura rack but on top of that I put a rjays top box which works a treat.


    Here are some pics:

    Attached Files:

  15. [​IMG]

    So do these things run a second caliper just for the handbrake or something?

    Matt black FTW
  16. Here's a few more

    Attached Files: