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4 incidents this morning

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by aaahhh, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. 1st, guy changes lanes on me on Foreshore drive and yells out that I am a fu&%wit.
    2nd, van changes on me after turing into Beauchamp rd and gives me the finger.
    3rd, van almost turns in front of me, gives apologetic wave.
    4th, car cuts coner as I wait at intersection, gives apologetic wave.

    just another normal day commuting to work.
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  2. 4 vehicles and 4 incidents and one bike?

    spot the common denominator......
  3. The number 4
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  4. Yah sydney scares the hell out of me for some reason (lack of knowledge & i learnt to ride on a tar goat track). Gps makes it possible

    Every time i do it ,I find the drivers better ,more patient then drivers around here.Ya just dont pull up at a intersection around here like you own it. sure way to get smacked by a moron@full body roll,cutting the corners cus thats how they drives
  5. Ummm, he was riding a motorcycle on a public road?
  6. Sorry, but too many motorcyclists think that SMIDSY means its the driver's fault. 4 close calls in one morning sounds more like the rider not realising he is putting himself into danger zones.
    I have had zero close calls in the past year, probably like a lot of other riders on here. Just because you're not technically at fault, doesn't mean you couldn't do more for yourself.
  7. Too many couriers/taxis in that area flying around Mascot/Botany all day.
  8. You're really very lucky.

    I have at least one driver do something stupid near me everyday. I know what to expect so it comes as no surprise, and I ride in such a way as to be able to avoid turning a near miss/smidsy into a 'I got hit.

    My wife had someone cut a corner at a T intersection, she was turning right on to the main road they were turning right off the main road, they went on the left hand side of my wifes CAR.
  9. The OP didn't say they were close calls, he said they were "incidents". Didn't sound like he was suprised either - as most of us aren't.

    However, these things ARE done by drivers every day. Don't try to push the blame onto the motorcyclist just because he's on a public road. Yes, he does look out for himself and probably does ride in a way to keep himself safe; that's why these are only 'incidents'.

    We all need to ride to protect ourselves. Doesn't mean that drivers don't do stupid things. Every day. I just came back to Springvale from a rather nice lunch in Port Melbourne with a friend - yes, about 4-5 stupid things witnessed on the way home. Just because they happened near me doesn't mean the drivers aren't f*wits.
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  10. OK OP, here's a question for you: what's your commuting "style"?
    Are you the guy ignoring the speed limit and riding to the conditions, albeit at 10-15Kmh faster than the surrounding traffic? Filtering every light you can?
    Or are you sitting in the queues, waiting to get merged on?

    Be noisy, be seen - don't wait for them, be the "aggressor"...
  11. I would say if you're abused more than once on the commute to work, and don't know why, it's definitely time to have a rethink about how you ride.

    I've certainly been abused by drivers in the past, but I always knew why (even if it was usually just them being pissed off that their attempts to stop me passing them had failed).
  12. hehehe. Usually it's me doing the abusing.
  13. sounds more like an unusual commute. U got a months worth of Aholes on one day but it happens no matter what you do, as long as you make it their and back its all good.
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  14. all this shitting on OP said and done... sometimes there are just shit days w/ a high proportion of shitbags
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  15. Today has been nastier than usual.

    Near Broadway, a long Metrobus patiently waited with indicator on for traffic to give way. None did. About ten vehicles ignored it, with the last one gunning it and barely missing the bus's front right edge.

    At the T-junction, an ambulance came up the wrong side of City Rd with sirens blazing. I was turning left but slowed down just in case [the ambulance wasn't visible at this point], then the cars behind me slammed on their horns, eventually flooring it past me [on City Rd] too fast and too close for comfort, to convey their indignation. Traffic to my right [going straight down Broadway] just kept going through the intersection, ignoring the ambulance.

    Then there was the knob in a black Merc that casually cut me and others off on Eddy Avenue, from lane 3 to lane 2, then proceeded to lane 1 with no head check or display of care. He was fixing his hair, though.

    None of these drivers got further than the next set of lights. Their lack of discipline and planning still dismays me. What will it take to encourage them to Think It Through?
  16. Well at least they got more pleasant as time went on.
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  17. Actually, the chronological order is: 1] Merc; 2] Bus; 3] Ambulance :)

    1 and 3 did not faze me. Had I been less experienced, they would have. However, the bus incident riled me up even though I was watching it unfold from lane 3 [bus in lane 1, trying to pull out into lane 2]. Witnessing stupidity can hurt.
  18. I admire those that never get fazed. I suppose once it wouldn't bother me because I was in an area where I got that sort of thing regularly and would expect it.
    Now I'm not it its me more.
  19. To be fazed is a human trait. Time and experience may certainly render many of us stoic, but this is not necessarily a desirable trait.

    Please don't count me among the stoics yet :) I'm often inclined to be animated -- for example, cursing or pointing at the perpetrator(s). However, I do not lose my head or do stupid shit. It acts as a pressure valve. Once it's out of my system, I'm level-headed again and can concentrate on staying alive.

    It is one thing to be unfazed. It is another to remain clear-headed and able to make rational, life-saving decisions in the heat of the moment. Quite often, the two are confused. The latter is definitely a valuable quality worth working towards.
  20. to all it concerns. due to my riding style I was able to stay safe despite these people failing to look when they change lanes as I expect it to happen and am not surpised when it does, I buffered correctly when I saw the van so I had plenty of room to move if he did continue to turn and I was far enough back at the intersection because I use it a lot and it is notorious for having the corner cut. If what I have done bothers you maybe you should be looking at your own riding style, just sayin.