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4 Hour Relay at Wakefield Park on Sun 3 Aug

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by D1300, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Against my better judgement, I've joined a team for this event.

    I see 40 teams entered........so that's at least 40 bikes from 400's and motards to 1000's, A graders to D graders all out on track in a relay race. I've never entered or even watched one before and although it sounds like a dogs breakfast, I'm strangely enough getting very excited even enthusiastic about it. Must see a psychiatrist about that.

    While I like WP a lot, it's a bit of a goat track so passing and being passed should be very exhilarating, I'm looking forwards to being constantly surprised :shock:

    So firstly, if any Netriders will be out as riders or spectators, let me know.

    Secondly, any words of wisdom (apart from the 'go fast' or 'don't crash' type) will be taken on board.

  2. I'm thinking about going down for a squiz. Looks like a good fun race, that one.

    What bike you riding? Just keep it consistent and have fun - gonna be a blast!
  3. AG23, I'm on a KTM Super Duke - Garage 19 if you're inclined to drop in.

  4. Awesome! That bike would be a load of fun around there. Will pop in if I make it down!

  5. Just enjoy yourself, Dean. You will be having more fun than us...
  6. Hey Dean...... You will have an absolute blast....... :grin:

    Start finish straight into the high speed right kink before the tight right hander - Go through flat-out from left to right and when you hit the inside of the kink start braking hard - you will make it..... I hit that on the Motard at 180km/h and then hit the brakes about 50m later before going into the right hander........

    Apart from that be smooth and maintin your line as mich as possible. WP is a flowing track even though some believe it is not......

    Good luck
  7. Rog, I wouldn't have entered if our racing calendar had not been cut back this year but now that I'm in, I'm looking forward to it. It should be a very good time.

    Skuffy, 180 down the straight on a motard is impressive! And you're right about getting that kink (that's a poor excuse for T1) right as it's at the fastest part of the track. So I'll take your advise to hit it hard.

    It just occurred to me that it'd be courteous to mention that the event is run by St George MCC - and that they always put on a well run event.
  8. Yeah, they are a good mob.
  9. Should be a blast and very interesting with all those different speeds on certain sections of the track. :grin:
  10. Garage 19, well theres a start, u have a good number garage :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Good Luck on the weekend, its a bummer i can't make it... :cry:
  11. Yep I reckon it'll be a lot of fun and very interesting. Having said that, the race is a regular round on the St George MCC calendar so it must be reasonably safe. I'd say that the emphasis is on consistency so no one wants to crash or run off.

    NickyDiles19, thanks for the luck.

    I didn't mention that it's a Le Mans start - I've never seen one live. As I'm the slowest rider in our team, I'll have the luxury of having a laugh at 40 blokes in leathers run accross the track. :LOL:
  12. What a terrific day!

    We entered as a team of three riders and bikes - we were never going to be competitive but the nature of the race made that irrelevant. After the first couple of laps no one knew where they stood anyway (except the more serious teams who would have been monitoring the laptops for live timing). All we knew is to ride as hard as possible when your turn came up - we planned to run about 20min stints and stuck pretty close to that.

    A downer for me was noticing that my bike was drinking its water and my oil had changed to white on the Saturday so it was't right to ride. The mighty, unstoppable, bulletproof KTM let me down. But I'm thankful that I still had a ride - sharing a ride was much more fun than missing out! Also thankful that the other two bikes held up fine.

    Some points of differnce that stuck out in my mind:
    1. The Le Mans start looked completely nuts with thankfully only one rider going down, and he managed to lift, restart and re-enter the race.
    2. Vast majority of riders were very sensible - I never had to do more than a minor adjust when I was overtaken. I was very careful when I was passing slower riders too.
    3. Joining the track onto the end of the straight with a race underway is a very special experience.
    4. A safety car in a bike race looks bizzare. It only had to come out once when a couple of guys took each other out in the second or third lap.
    5. 4 hours is not so long after all. Time flew because as there was always a team member on track, we were always interested. In solo races you sometimes tend to ignore other races - not so yesterday.
    6. Never understimate how much fuel you need. We made it, but not by much.

    St George MCC really did an excellent job with the whole show.

    Can't recommend it enough - it was a blast! :grin:
  13. Oh I'm jealous.

    Sorry to hear about the Kato. Hope the water hasn't eaten away at everything.
  14. Dont forget there's been a resurface on the track, so it's not so bad anymore. Few bumps need ironing out but at least Canberra's got something we can race on! The really need to work on the traps though
  15. Devotard also I hope it's not too pricey to fix!

    GS5, I raced at WP a few months ago and hated the resurface, it felt very slippery. But oddly enough the track felt pretty good yesterday even with the cold weather. It's a demanding little track and I've never once felt that I've nailed a proper lap there. Probably why I like it so much.

  16. Dean, you seem to have forgotten to tell us your finishing position.

    Out with it.......
  17. Rog I didn't forget but 5th in class out of 6 teams isn't worth mentioning as a result. The team that came last would also have finished ahead of us if they hadn't DNF'd.

    We completed 188 laps, the team ahead of us (in class) completed 199 laps. The winning team of our class and outright did 202 laps and were on 600's. Worth noting that as they snuck in ahead of some serious competion on 1000's.......but I was only aware of that after checking Natsoft.

    Our result was expected given the team we fielded and it didn't detract from the huge amount of fun we had on the day.
  18. great effort, mate, just to finish. Well done.
    Are we gonna see ya at the 'Hughie Hoare" Meeting in Sept?
  19. Unfortunately the 'Hughie Hoare' coincides with the Masters of MacPark and as they're hosting one of our rounds I'll be there instead. Looking forward to Mt Gambier after the resurface!

    You will see me at PI in November. :)
  20. So it's not like a normal endurance race? All the riders have their own bike rather than swapping between riders on the one bike?

    Mightn't have had a chance to rubber up yet?