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$4 for 43 litres of PULP and 2 packs of Starburst's

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by JoeyPav, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Story goes like this.

    Fill up the car, $49.20 worth of petch (43 litres or something) then i go to pay at a Mobil on Maroondah hwy. Get in and put my $50 down on the bench. The clerk has a 50 already in his hand.

    I ask him "If I spend $2 in-store dont i get 4c off a litre?" he goes "No, its $5". So I grab 2 of the nearest packs of lollies, starburst gummi's (Of course) and he goes "Yep, $55.80 mate"

    I hand him $10 more and he puts it with the $50 he already has in his hand and goes "Here's your change"

    I picked my $50 off the counter thinking I gave him 2 $50's as i had more than 1 in my wallet and asked "Is that my $50 in your hand?" He goes "Yep"... My conscience told me I should ask again to which he replied "Yeah I'm sure"

    I walked out $4.20 poorer and 43 litres and 2 packs of starburst gummi's richer.
  2. god bless poor mathematics
  3. Congratulations on your accidental theft!

    I hope no-one else gets unwittingly screwed by the situation.
  4. why would you spend over $5 on overpriced candy that you probably didn't really want anyway to save $1.72 on the petrol???
  5. lol, who does maths! It makes you feel like your getting a discount.
  6. i know, the guy was really nice too, i really hope he doesnt get fired :(

    and at the time i honestly didnt get what was going on, just took him as his word
  7. I wouldn't feel proud coming on here and posting this type of stuff.
  8. +1

    The guy could lose his job or will have to fork out of his own pocket the difference.
  9. I bet if you go back tomorrow and ask him again he's changed his mind.
  10. Could be the case, every time a new employee jumps on a cash till they balance it out to ensure against the reciepts that all funds are accounted for.

    So with the addition of his probable low wage, the boss is gonna get right up him. he will go home feeling like crap.

    But we can't all be honest :grin:

    Easy to say it now since I wasn't in the situation you were :twisted:
  11. its a servo, there are cameras everywhere, if it is takin that seriously the manager will see it was just an error and the bloke will learn from it....in the meantime, where abouts on maroondah highway, which suburb? im going to fill my car n bike by makin a visit to this good worker :grin: :grin: :twisted:
  12. Pffft, zif a manager would bother with that.

    He'll just do his block at him anyway.
  13. + 1, never understood why people fall for it...... like when they queue for cheap petrol and then they buy ice creams for their family whilst in line! WTF?
  14. Yes but sometimes I like to munch on something or have chocolates as I'm driving towards my destination or when I'm stopped for a break. It's a bit pointless to have to drive to supermarket to buy lollies there....It's a saves a bit of time to buy $5 worth (which I would originally spend) right then and there.
  15. Just keep a 2kg bag of sugar in the glovebox.
  16. :eek: I never thought of that, I wonder if I could also strap it to the Handle Bars :grin:
  17. Open faced helmet and a feed-bag is the solution you need there. :)
  18. And you will have a plentiful supply of free protein from all the ants behind your dashboard :wink: .