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4 Days off...... Where would you go?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by BoogieMan, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Hey Y'all.

    I've got a rostered 4 day weekend coming up soon and was thinking that I might go for a little trip.... and then I thought.... 4 day round trip, how far would that get me?

    So being based down in melbourne (For those of you how dont know me) Any suggestions as to what might suffice for a 4 day round trip idea?

    would love to hear about it and if anyone has 4 days off bwtween 7th-10th who might want to join/meet along the way once I decide.

    Adios Boogieman
  2. How far do you want to ride per day ? That would give some idea.
  3. Ohh yeah.... long wekend in NSW this weekend, that means I better make up the spare bed for my interstate guest :p

    Why don't you wander on down to Melbourne, via the coast, then do a couple of trips on the spur, black and reefton.
    I'm sure there are NR's here that can give you a bed for a night or two.I would if I didn't already have guests coming down.

    what on earth possessed me when i wrote this...lol.
    why I figured you to be in NSW I have no idea :roll:
    must be because you are having a 4 day weekend like my NSW friend :)
  4. ahh ok ... well I dont mind the idea of spending a few hours on the bike each day I was kinda thinking a day to somewhere hang around for a couple of days there & back again.... and as I'll either be on a cruiser or in the cage (If my bike is not back from the shop by then:( ) I'm not really looking for twisties.. I'm looking more for a nice long cruise.

    I hope that helps... cheers for the input so far
  5. Close but no prize, everyone rides a different amount in a day.

    But based on "a few hours" why not check a map and draw a circle about 3-400klms out from your place. Personally I would head over to SA and the area around Clare, lotsa wineries and nice roads.

    Whatever you decide its still a great idea, far too many people never go anywhere.
  6. Hmmm winery tour... I didnt think of that ;) please keep the suggestions coming everyone...
  7. avoca is nice, about 200k away from melb. good wineries.
  8. Beechworth and the King Valley are very pleasant.
    Gourmet food and wineries.
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  10. I'd probably head out to East Gippsland and eventually out to the South Coast of NSW towards Bateman's Bay and return. :grin:
  11. Just watch out for the Eden gendarmes between the border and the town, there's some lovely long corners and straights, and they sit just after the corners with their little box of mischief :evil:
  12. Thanks for the heads up, Paul.
    I have a radar for a third eye. Hehehe. But, it's good to have that for future reference.
  13. g, be sure to pop in to mogo and have coffee, my wife makes a mean latte or whatever you like. i'll fire up the cbr and have a run with you!
    nothing too silly though, i ALWAYS take mrsridescbr along for the ride ;)

    seriously, if you come up my way, drop in!
    i am real :LOL: just ask paul.....

    pm if you want a mob#
  14. On the boat, over to Tassie, two laps around in two days and on the boat back over!
  15. The memory is a little hazy, but, is there a coffee or chocolate specialist in Mogo? If there is may be I have been there, with the Scumbags in 2004. We had a National Ducati Rally at Bateman's Bay and one day we headed South and stopped at a fantastic coffee place. That's where I had my first Affogatto.
    Cool, I may take you up on that offer at some point Joel.
  16. above comment applies for all good netrider folk too, dont be shy now.... i'm not!
  17. Further to this guys...

    I'm heading north as I plan to visit a lil place near Bright called Harrietville for family reasons. but beyond that I plan to just head north from there

    Any sights to reccomend from there?
  18. Motorcycle expo is on this week-end but the chairman's assault on the prom ride could be modified to fit in around this!
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  20. Oh, so only the good NRs can come, huh? Fine! :demon:

    ...wherever Mogo is anyway ;)